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Turn Your iPhone’s Screen On & Off With A Wave Gesture Using WaveOff

Apps like TuneMob and LookAway Player have brought some of the most sought-after Galaxy S4 features to iPhone, but that amazing device from Samsung has a lot more up its sleeve than these. It makes great use of its proximity sensor, offering the ability to control the display by simply waving your hands in front of the screen. If your device is in sleep mode, you can wake it up by moving your hand across the screen. WaveOff is a new Cydia tweak that does something similar for iOS. With WaveOff, you can easily turn the display off by moving your hand across the proximity sensor above the screen. This can be great for situations when your hands are wet or dirty, and you just have to continue reading that lengthy mail you just received. It isn’t possible to control anything that’s on the screen though, and the tweak doesn’t actually lock your device. That said, it is still useful in its own little way.


WaveOff is a really easy tweak to configure; you just have to install it to your iPhone from the Cydia store, and it springs into action automatically. For the first run, unlock your device and then slowly move your hand (or any other appropriately sized object, for that matter) in front of the proximity sensor located to the left of the speaker. The screen should go off immediately. To turn it back on, you can either use one of the conventional methods (like hitting the Home button), or wave your hand in front of the screen once more.

Since the tweak does not actually lock your device, whenever the display is brought back to life, you are right where you left the screen. There is a little problem with that though: if you keep the display turned off for a relatively longer period of time and the device gets locked, the waving gesture won’t work. You will have to manually wake your device, and then unlock it. It’ll be nice if the developer behind WaveOff makes it possible to use the tweak as an alternative to the default lock/unlock mechanism, preferably added as an option that users can toggle at will.

WaveOff is a simple tweak, and does not come with any configurable options. There is no new menu in the Settings app, and no icon appears on the SpringBoard either. You can grab WaveOff for $0.99 by heading to the BigBoss repo of the jailbreak store.

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