Newsify For iPhone Presents Your Google Reader Feed Like A Newspaper

Owing to its importance for a large number people, Google Reader has got a variety of clients on almost all major platforms. As iOS has the most apps in its App Store, compared to all other smartphone platforms, it makes sense that it has got a respectable amount of Google Reader clients as well. Mostly a service’s client is considered good if it provides all the features present in the original offering. There are many iPhone apps that do that pretty comprehensively, but the newly released Newsify goes a step further, and brings a whole new interface to Google Reader on your iPhone. This elegant app displays all the items in your Reader account as part of a personalized newspaper. Apart from that, you can manage all other aspects of your feeds with complete ease and convenience. Read More

Photo Lock Screen: Define A Unique Unlock Pattern/Tap Sequence Over An Image Of Your Choice [Android]

With your Android device holding all your personal and private information/data, you don’t want to be compromising on its security at any cost. This is precisely why your Android comes bundled with multiple device protection/locking tools, and this is exactly why all those handy alternative lockscreen Android apps are there for in the Google Play Store. Beside the default password, PIN and slider unlocking mechanism, your Android also provides you with the option to set a specific pattern that you can use to unlock your device. In the previously reviewed lockscreen replacement app, Mirage, we’ve already seen the concept of pattern-based unlocking stretched to new heights, where you are in control of defining a separate unlock pattern for various launchers, apps and the device itself. Wouldn’t it be great if you had the option to define your very own, unique unlock patterns traced over background images of your liking? Read More

Auto Launcher: Set Multiple Android Apps To Launch Automatically On System Reboot

In March of this year, we covered an Android app called Auto Start, which allowed users to pick one app of choice that they wish to be launched automatically upon system reboot. Although the app worked effectively with said feature, but the option of selecting a max of just one favorite app is something that might’ve left many users yearning for availing the liberty of pushing, say, one or two more additional apps to the auto launch list. If you’re among these users, you’d be glad to know that there’s now an app available in the Google Play Store that lets you select as many apps of choice as you like to be right in front of your eyes each time you reboot your device. Available in the Google Play Store by the name of Auto Launcher, the app saves you from the hassle of manually launching your most frequently required Android apps upon each system reboot. Auto Launcher also brings the option to set custom time interval that you want to set as the delay period before the next app is launched. Last but not the least, it also supports a feature that automatically hides the last launched app after the specified time interval. Read More

Schedule Planner: Create Tasks & Integrate Them With iOS/Google Calendar

If you have an iPhone 4S, then Siri provides you with the quickest and most convenient way of creating reminders quickly and with ease. For users who don’t have access to iPhone’s awesome personal assistant, there are many third-party apps that serve the purpose pretty efficiently, and even the stock Reminders app is not too bad. However, very few third-party apps come with the option to allow users to integrate their tasks, reminders and to-do lists with their iOS calendar, and what if you like Google Calendar better? Well, as they say, there is an app for that. Schedule Planner Pro might appear to be similar to many other reminder apps, but it holds the advantage over them owing to the fact that you can sync all your Schedule Planner reminders with both Google and iOS calendars! Update: Schedule Planner is now available on Android as well. The download link to its Google Play Store page has been added at the end of the post. Read More

AppDetective Notifies You Whenever An App Of Your Choice Arrives In The WP7 Marketplace

You can argue that Windows Phone 7 has got the best interface among all the smartphone platforms, but there is no denying the fact that the number of apps available in the Marketplace is nothing compared to the apps in Google's Play Store and iTunes App Store. We haven’t even got Instagram on the Mango platform, and Skype has been launched only recently. However, all that doesn’t mean that there is no development going on for WP7, as there are many apps that are to be released in the Marketplace in the near future. So, how will you come to know when Photosynth or Temple Run becomes available for WP7? You can keep searching the Marketplace each day, or you can use the much easier method of employing AppDetective to your service. With this handy little app, you have to specify your likes and wishlist just once, and it will notify you as soon as the official app, or even its third-party client, is launched in the Marketplace. Read More

VFX Studio For iPhone: Add Realistic Explosions, Blood Splatters, Bullet Impacts & More To Photos

Photo editing has really been made easy by the apps that are available to iOS users, as tinkering with images in a touch-based environment is far more convenient than editing with a mouse. A few apps go for thoroughness and comprehensiveness, while others favor ease of use. VFX Studio is an iPhone app that is closer to the second category, and most of its filters and effects can be applied to an image with a single touch. The app specializes in visual effects, and you can add smoke, blood or any of the available clip art to the images on your device. Not only that, VFX Studio has a decent number of editing options as well, which can be used with the added effects or the original image. Read More

File Explorer Is A Basic Android File Manager With A Holo (ICS-Themed) UI

Although a stern emphasis on aesthetics is not something that most Android users have at the top of their priority list while selecting a nifty file management solution for their device, it is something that can’t be completely overlooked either. There is no doubt that robust file management features, when coupled with an easy-to-use interface and fluid navigation options, spell a well-crafted all-round file explorer for any operating system, and Android is simply no exception. This is something that we just recently found while creating a compilation of 10 of the finest Android file managers that are available in the Google Play Store. While all listed solutions sported their own unique and, for the most part, satisfying graphical UI, none of them comes close to File Explorer when talking of an Android file management app whose layout is designed in utter compliance with the latest version of Google’s mobile OS, Ice Cream Sandwich. Before proceeding with the app review, we would like to especially thank our readers for bringing our attention to this awesome app that has been floating around for quite some time, but somehow missed the limelight; albeit only thus far. If you’re looking for an app that brings some of the basic file management features along with plenty of eye-candy, File Explorer is the way to go. Read More

Calculator2 Is A Programmable Scientific Calculator, Unit & Currency Converter For WP7

If you look at the stock Calculator on offer in Windows Phone 7, you are sure to notice that it is pretty similar to the one in Android, and is not lacking in functionality and features at all. Holding the device in portrait mode gives you a simple calculator, while tilting it sideways allows you to switch to scientific calculations. You might not feel the need for any other calculator app in the presence of the stock app, but that is only if you use your phone for calculations on occasion. However, if you are a Mathematics student or a businessman, you might want to take a look at some of the third-party calculator apps available in the Marketplace. One of the best in this category is Calculator². The app is a complete calculation suite, and acts a tool for unit conversion in addition to being a programmable, advanced calculator. Read More

DoomRecovery Brings Touch Based Custom Recovery For Sony Xperia S

The Xperia S gets a touch based custom recovery, called DoomRecovery, based on the famous ClockworkMod Touch recovery, thanks to the efforts of renowned XDA-Developers forum member and developer DooMLoRD. Credit also goes to Napstar from Team UtterChaos for adding in the touch capabilities to the recovery, Frosty666 for the vibration triggers, FreeXperia Team (Bin4ry & jerpelea) and of course, Koush.The recovery is based on the sources from the CWM 5.0.2.x but quite a few changes have been made to bring you the DoomRecovery including some really cool aesthetics. Read on after the break for a preview of the recovery running on the Xperia S and a tutorial on how to get this recovery running on your Xperia S. Read More

MP Task Manager: Android Home Screen Widget That Lets You View & Kill Running Apps

All the various applications and programs, whether on computers or mobile devices, are meant to help users with reaching effective solutions to the daily routine problems with a relative degree of ease and convenience. That said, keeping too many applications actively running in the background can cause even the most robustly built operating systems to bog down quite adversely. This is where all those task management apps come in handy. Even the Google Play Store now features quite a few quality task management solutions for your Android. While most of these apps come in the form of a comprehensive package, filled with a plethora of various other features too, if you’re looking to avail only the task management feature, and that too, right from your homescreen without having to launch any standalone apps, you must try MP Task Manager Widget. Read More

Booster: Timer-Based Task Management & Optimization Android App

Adequate and timely optimization of a mobile or desktop operating system helps the device perform at the optimum level. Perhaps, a mobile device demands a tad more attention than desktops in this regard, because of the fact that these gadgets are meant to run all day long without any respite whatsoever, and when it comes to optimizing an Android device, things are no different. This is where all the different system optimization apps available in the Google Play Store come into play. If, however, you are looking for a simple, effective and well-crafted app in this regard, take a look at Booster – an efficient and neatly designed system optimization and task management app for Android. Apart from sporting sleek and stylish looks, Booster brings the option of performing Android optimization in a couple of different ways. You can either manually set a timer (usually, at the end of the day), or avail the app’s auto-optimization feature to perform the necessary system optimization on your Android to keep it alive and kicking. Not just that; the app also features some very useful tools that can help you monitor the health status of your device’s battery, kill unwanted apps, and toggle various app features from under the same roof. Read More

645 PRO: Professional-Grade Camera App That Lets You Save Photos As Lossless JPEG & dRAW

iPhone camera apps are numerous, owing mostly to the awesome quality of photos that Apple’s hardware (the iPhone 4S, in particular) can offer. You can edit your photos, snap them in any way you want, but ultimately, it is the quality of the device's camera that has the most profound effect on the result. 645 PRO is a camera replacement app for iOS that brings the best out of the device's camera, producing results with quality that is on par with that of digital cams. It is, as the developer claims, the first app of its kind that allows you to capture dRAW (TIFF) and lossless JPEG images. Results aside, the interface itself provides the look and feel of a professional-grade camera, making the app an excellent substitute to the stock camera app for photography enthusiasts. Details regarding the apps many features after the break. Read More

ShazamTones: Find & Download Ringtones Of Any Song via Shazam [Cydia]

There aren’t many services and apps that influence our real lives instantly, but Shazam is one exception that is sure to change that. The idea of discovering any music playing around you with an app is so fascinating that you will be hard pressed to find an iPhone user who has not heard of Shazam. Another testament to the app’s popularity is the fact that there are a handful of tweaks which focus solely on Shazam, and ShazamTones is the latest to join their ranks. This Cydia tweak merges the functionality of UnlimTones (a Cydia app offering a multitude of ringtones) and Shazam. ShazamTones adds a new ringtone button to all versions of Shazam, using which you can get the ringtone for any song you might have discovered using the app. So, in essence, you can now just use Shazam to recognize a song playing in your surroundings, and then convert it to a ringtone straight away. Read More

Official Android Client Of Famous Soccer Service Released

With the intensity of the ongoing football season already reaching it’s peak, and with so many mouth-watering contests still lined up for the remaining season, you can ill-afford to miss out on all the action that is in the offering. Although there are plenty of great football apps available in the Google Play Store, few match the quality of graphics, number of features and the overall comprehensiveness that the official mobile client of has to offer. Initially released to the iTunes App Store, has finally reached the Google Play Store to provide Android-using football fanatics with the best and latest football content from all the international teams, as well as domestic leagues. Ranging from the latest soccer news to the player transfer deals, and from up-to-date soccer score sheets to the latest tweets flowing in from some of the soccer pundits, has you covered well and truly. The aspect that sets the mobile client of truly apart from its counterparts, is its ability to carve out all the latest content according to the user-specified teams, and present it right on your device’s homescreen via information-rich widgets, so that you’re never too faraway from learning about the recent activities surrounding your favorite teams’ camps. Read More

How To Easily Root Sony Xperia S On Gingerbread

The Xperia S, with it’s 342ppi pixel density, a 12mp camera packed in a beautifully crafted body, and upgradable to Android 4.0 ICS, certainly deserves to be rooted and it isn’t surprising that the device got rooted pretty quickly. This comes in from XDA-Developers forum member Bin4ry, who has uploaded custom firmware images for Xperia S running the 63 firmware or the 67. Not exactly the most convenient and preferred method of rooting, but this is all that is available for now at least. The good thing about this root, is that you don’t really need to do much in terms of commands or moving around files. Read More

How To Unlock Bootloader On Sony Xperia S

The Xperia S, with all that it boasts, has ben moving ahead quite fast in terms of development for the device by Android fanatics. In case of the Xperia S, the only way you can actually manage to install a custom ROM, or for that matter root your device, is to have an unlocked bootloader. Renowned XDA-Developers forum member and developer DoomLoRD has come up with a guide that takes most of its essence from lollylost100’s guide for unlocking the bootloader on an Xperia Arc. So what we now have, is the official way of unlocking the bootloader on the Xperia S. Read More

Get An Invisible iOS 5.1 Lockscreen Camera Slider On Any iPhone Or iPod Touch [Cydia]

As trivial as it might sound at first, the new and revamped lockscreen camera button in iOS 5.1 is among the biggest talking points in the latest iOS update. In older versions of iOS, users had to double-tap the Home button to make the camera icon appear on the iPhone’s lockscreen. In the new version of the operating system, however, the camera shortcut is always visible and ready to be used. The method of using the shortcut has changed, and instead of just tapping the button to launch it, you have to use the shortcut as a slider to bring up the camera app. iOS5.1 Camera Lockscreen is a Cydia tweak which brings this new camera button to all iOS devices, even those which aren’t on iOS 5.1 yet, but with a slight twist. If you install this tweak, there will be no button, but rather, the whole lower part of the lockscreen becomes a slider that can be used to bring up the camera. Read More

DLTTR For Android, iOS: Bulk Delete Tweets From A Selected Time Period

With literally millions of tweets flying by every passing second across its globally expanded network, Twitter has to be lauded as a truly addictive micro-blogging platform that can entice even the mildest of the users towards sharing each and every memorable moment/event of their lives with the world. Having said that, you might, at some stage of your life, come across some of your earlier tweets that make you regret sharing them, or might have gotten posted accidentally, and now you may want to delete them then and there. While the Twitter website and its official mobile clients are good at letting you delete one tweet at a time, what if you were to delete all your tweets in bulk at once? What if you wished to delete all your tweets posted in, say, just the past hour, day, week, or the entire collection of tweets that you’ve posted ever since registering with Twitter? If you’re an Android or iOS user, all you need to do is install Delete Tweets: DLLTR on your device, and delete the entire bunch of tweets that you’ve posted over the past hour, day, week, month or ever since you got hooked on to the Twitter network. The app supports handling multiple Twitter accounts at once, and cleaning the history of tweets from a selected time period with DLTTR is as easy as one-two-three. Read More

How To Unlock Any Jailbroken iPhone Baseband With SAM

For some strange reason, SAM for iPhone has been somewhat of an underdog in jailbreaking. This powerful tool has been around for quite a while, and has proved to be of use in a number of scenarios, including the activation of locked devices, fixing iMessage, FaceTime and Push Notifications (these fixes are discussed in great details here). Now, however, the usefulness of SAM has reached a whole new level, and it can be used to unlock all jailbroken iPhones, regardless of their original carrier, country or even baseband! The method for doing so might appear a little tricky, but if you follow each step discussed below, everything should work out fine. So, head past the break to find out how you can unlock your iPhone on any baseband and firmware. Read More

GiddyUp: Schedule, Share & Confirm Meetups With Friends [Android, iOS]

GiddyUp is a fun and simple way to schedule and organize meet-ups with your contacts via your Android and iOS-powered device(s). Right from scheduling a new event to informing your contacts about it to tracking progress of your invitees via real-time chat, GiddyUp offers ample assistance for keeping things relatively simple and uncluttered all the way through. All it takes to get signed up with the service is your mobile number (just like WhatsApp and Viber). Invitations/RSVP requests are sent to the expected participants via the app’s notification alerts, as well as text messages (for contacts who are not already on GiddyUp). Scheduling and informing your contacts about new events via GiddyUp is as simple as one-two-three. You have the option to create and track progress of as many events as you like via the app’s main interface. Events created using the private tag cannot be modified by anyone else other than the original creator; however, for public events, your contacts have full authority to invite as many additional participants as they like. Another highlighting aspect of GiddyUp is that you have the choice of sharing an event on Facebook/Twitter, and/or add it as a separate entry to your calendar. Read More