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Get ICS Tablet UI Mod For Samsung Epic 4G Touch

We already have ICS running on the Epic 4G Touch, but there’s nothing quite like the UI of an ICS tablet. You might have seen this before on the Galaxy Nexus and it certainly did look sweet running on that huge screen. Now the Epic 4G Touch may not be as huge as the Galaxy Nexus, but a 4.3” Super AMOLED screen will not disappoint either. The tablet mod is only meant for ICS based AOSP ROMs such as CM9 and AOKP and comes in from XDA-Developers forum member Xylograph. If you already have such a ROM setup on your device, you simply need to flash the mod over the existing ROM, however, you will need to take care of a few more things before proceeding with that. Read on after the break, to learn more about the mod and how you can have it running on your Epic 4G Touch.

Below you can see a few screenshots of the mod, running over an AOSP ROM. (Click on the image for a larger preview.)

Tablet UI Mod image Tablet UI Mod

Images courtesy of the developers

Before I list down the requirements and the instructions, it is important you understand that if you’re flashing the Mod over CM9 or AOKP build 33 without doing a complete wipe, you may experience FC’s or other errors. Hence, it is advised you do that before you proceed with the installation. The guide will assume that you already have CM9 or AOKP running on your device.

Disclaimer: Please attempt this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips won’t be responsible in case your device bricks or any other damage occurs due to this method.



  1. To begin, download the mod according to your build and copy it to the root of your SD card.
  2. Put the phone in Download mode and run ODIN.
  3. Make sure Re-partition is unchecked, and click on PDA to select the kernel (TAR) you had downloaded.
  4. Connect the phone to the PC via USB and once ODIN shows the device as connected, hit the Start button.
  5. Once the kernel is flashed, the device will reboot so hold the Power and Volume Up button together to boot into recovery mode.
  6. Wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache and wipe dalvik cache.
  7. Navigate to install zip from sd card > choose zip from sd card and select the Tablet UI mod.
  8. Once the mod is installed reboot the device.
  9. Download ROM Toolbox from Google Play and use it to set the LCD density to 128, and reboot the device again.

The mod should now be working on your phone, but we have missed out Google Play and it’s tablet UI. Be advised that this hacked Google Play is originally meant for the Galaxy Nexus so it may, or may not work. For that purpose, download the Hacked Google Play app rename it to Vending.apk. Using root explorer or ES File Explorer navigate to /system/app and set Read/Write permission within that directory. Rename the original vending.apk to Vending.bak and check the permissions. Replace the original with the hacked one and set the permissions as noted with the original app. Reboot and you’ll be all done.

For updates and queries, head over to the forum thread at XDA-Developers.


  1. Slight correction, Epic Touch 4G is not the Galaxy [/strike] in terms of screen size, it actually has a 4.52″ screen, not 4.3″. 

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