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VFX Studio For iPhone: Add Realistic Explosions, Blood Splatters, Bullet Impacts & More To Photos

Photo editing has really been made easy by the apps that are available to iOS users, as tinkering with images in a touch-based environment is far more convenient than editing with a mouse. A few apps go for thoroughness and comprehensiveness, while others favor ease of use. VFX Studio is an iPhone app that is closer to the second category, and most of its filters and effects can be applied to an image with a single touch. The app specializes in visual effects, and you can add smoke, blood or any of the available clip art to the images on your device. Not only that, VFX Studio has a decent number of editing options as well, which can be used with the added effects or the original image.

VFX-Studio-Effect-Categories VFX-Studio-For-iPhone

Using the app is really easy, and you can load existing images from the camera roll, or snap a photo right from within the app. Both these options are provided on the main screen of VFX Studio. Once the image has been loaded to the app’s viewer, it is ready to be edited. You can bring up the effects bar in the app by hitting the small tools icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. From this menu, the option to add fx can be accessed. The visual effects on offer in VFX Studio are neatly grouped into distinct categories. The available effects are fairly realistic if you use them appropriately, and can be added to the edited image with a single tap.

You can add as many effects as you want to an image, with each effect supporting individual editing. The flatten button in the app will merge all the effects and original image into one layer, and thus, you can make changes to the whole thing in one go. From the right-hand bar, it is possible to adjust the image’s different aspects. The brightness, opacity, hue and saturation can be adjusted from this menu. To change the orientation of the selected area or effect, there are the flip and flop buttons. If you think you are done editing a layer, it is possible to lock it, and commence editing the remaining layers and visual effects. Using the clone feature of VFX Studio, an effect can be copied multiple times and placed anywhere on the photo.

VFX Studio has recently gone free for a limited time, and for its uniqueness, certainly merits a download.

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