How To Set Tabs Aside In Microsoft Edge In Windows 10

The Creators Update for Windows 10 is going to bring a lot of new features to the desktop. One rather exciting feature that's coming to Windows 10 is the 'Set tabs aside' feature in Microsoft Edge. The feature essentially lets you unload and set aside tabs. You can recall them later any time you want. It's akin, in part, to bookmarking a link, but is meant to help you save and continue browsing sessions. It's pretty awesome; you are rarely going to have to worry about opening too many tabs ever again. If you're researching something, you can keep adding the good links to the tabs you set aside and visit them later. Tabs that have been set aside persist even after you exit Edge. Here's how you can set tabs aside in Microsoft Edge. Read More

How To Remove The Profile Picture From Your Microsoft Account

Windows 10 insists you connect your Microsoft account with your PC. It nudges you to do so often and locks you out of using certain features if you don't. When you eventually cave into Windows 10's insistence, you are given the option to add an image to your account. This image greets you on your lock screen and appears in the Start menu. And it also appears everywhere else you use your Microsoft account. The image is added via the Settings app but there is no way to remove it. That doesn't mean it can't be removed; it just can't be done from the Settings app. You need your browser to remove the profile picture from your Microsoft Account. Read More

How To Tint Your Screen A Warmer Color In Windows 10

Last year, an app called Flux was released for iOS. It tinted your screen a nice warm color so that looking at your phone at night didn't hurt your eyes. The tint color also made sure a bright screen didn't chase your sleep away. The app was so popular, it was promptly pulled from the App Store and Apple soon incorporated the feature in iOS. Windows 10 has just done the same thing by adding a feature to natively tint your screen a warmer color. Here's how it works. Read More

How To Group Tiles On The Start Menu In Windows 10

The next major Windows 10 update is called the Creators Update and it is expected to drop in April 2017. This update comes with awesome features for the Surface Studio and Surface Books. The update also has lots of minor improvements and features geared towards the PC users. Of these feature, one noteworthy feature is the ability to group tiles on the Start Menu. The app tiles on the Start menu are a neat way to launch an app and now you can group as many tiles as you want. They can be named to whatever you like. Here's how you can group tiles on the Start menu in Windows 10. Read More

How To Back Up And Restore The Start Menu Layout In Windows 10

The Start Menu lets you pin apps so that they are easier to access. You can group them together and manage the size of the tiles as well as the width of the Start Menu. It might take a little time to set it up but it's worth it. Pinned tiles on the Start menu make it exponentially easier to access apps and folders you use often. After devoting so much time arranging tiles on the Start menu, it would be a shame if something were to happen to it. A fresh Windows installation or a bad update can rearrange the tiles on the Start menu. The good news is, your Start menu tile layout is something you can back up if you know where the files are. Here's how you can back up and restore the Start menu layout in Windows 10. Read More

How To Prevent Chromecast From Being Hijacked On A Shared Network

Chromecast is a budget-friendly device that makes an ordinary TV or monitor far more useful. Because it is budget friendly, you will often find it in use in dorms and hotels where the WiFi is shared. The thing about a Chromecast is that when it's connected to a shared network, everyone on that network can cast to it. If you're in college and have your Chromecast connected to the dorm's WiFi, anyone else connected to it can easily hijack it and cast content of their choice. To prevent Chromecast from being hijacked on a shared network, you have to create a private network, turn it into a hotspot, and connect your Chromecast to it. It may sound complicated and if you Google the process you might think you need to buy an extra router. There's an easier way. Read More

How To Change The PowerShell Execution Policy

PowerShell is pretty powerful tool and as Peter Parker will tell you; with great power comes great responsibility. This powerful tool can be used to harm your system if you aren't careful how you use it. Specifically, harmful PowerShell scripts, if allowed to run, can break something. This is precisely why PowerShell restricts running scripts. It has several layers of security that can be applied which restrict all scripts or just unsigned and unverified scripts. If you're unable to run a PowerShell script that you are sure is safe, then you need to change the PowerShell execution policy in order to do so. Here's how. Read More

How To Open PowerShell In A Specific Location In Windows 10

PowerShell comes pre-installed in Windows 10. You can access it from the Power User menu or you can search for it via Cortana. Both Windows 7 and 8 did not have PowerShell by default. Although Windows 10 has PowerShell, it hasn't integrated it the same way as it has Command Prompt. You can open a Command Prompt window anywhere, in any location/folder, by holding down the Shift key and right-clicking inside it. The context menu will have an 'Open Command window here' option but nothing similar exists for PowerShell. Here's how you can open PowerShell in a specific location in Windows 10. Read More

Fix ‘Unknown Or Invalid Marker’ Error When Opening An Image In Photoshop

Photoshop supports just about all popular, and a few obscure image file formats. For files that Photoshop can't open or edit, Adobe has developed Illustrator. Between these two apps, you'd be hard pressed to find an image you can't open and edit. The thing is, that a file must open in order for you to edit it. Photoshop at times fails to open PNG, JPG, or GIF files and generates the, 'unknown or invalid marker' error. This error appears for perfectly normal files that open in your browser without a problem. The 'Unknown Or Invalid Marker' error is caused by an incorrect file extension being used with the image. The error message alone doesn't offer much help but the fix is very simple; correct the file extension. Read More

How To Find The Dimensions Of A Layer Or An Element In Photoshop

Photoshop lets you draw shapes. You can freely draw shapes or your can enter their exact dimensions. Geometric shapes are hardly ever a problem but the same doesn't hold true for non-geometric shapes. Photoshop has quite a few drawing tools so you will most likely have lots of different layers and elements in a single file that aren't geometric. At times, you might need to find out the dimension of everything in a layer or just the dimensions of a single element. It's pretty easy to find out if you know where to look. Read More

How To Make The Windows 10 Taskbar Translucent

Windows users have been modifying and tweaking the OS's interface since forever. Microsoft has always been very flexible about allowing users to do whatever they like to the OS. Developers, likewise, rise to the challenge and ensure that if you want your cursor to look like a tiny dinosaur, it should be possible. Windows 10, in some regards, has been slightly restrictive with the customization options. Translucent Taskbar is a little app that makes your Taskbar translucent. The app is very barebones but it works perfectly. Read More

How To Turn Your PC Into A Chromecast Receiver

Chromecast is a very affordable way to turn a normal TV into a smart TV. The $30 device lets you get more use out of a monitor and a television set without needing a cable set-top box. Just imagine being able to stream Netflix to your otherwise ordinary TV from your phone. The initial versions of the Chromecast firmware had a small exploit that allowed developers to modify it and run it such that an ordinary PC could be transformed into a Chromecast receiver. Google quickly plugged that exploit and it is no longer possible to develop an app like that. The good news is, for all good intentions, Google has released an app that lets you turn your PC into a Chromecast receiver. It is called Google Cast for Education and its meant, primarily, to be used in the classroom. Read More

How To Set WinRAR To Automatically Delete An Archive After Extracting It

File compression and extraction apps are essential for any PC or Mac. WinRAR is one of the more popular of these apps on PCs. macOS normally automatically extracts a zipped file when you download it so Mac users are less likely to need an extraction app but WinRAR does so much more. In addition to letting you create and extract archives, it lets you password protect them, and supports a reasonably large list of archive formats. When you extract an archive, by default, it leaves the archived itself as it is. If you find this leaves you with a mess of zipped files in your Downloads folder or your desktop, you can set WinRAR to automatically delete an archive after extracting it. Here's how. Read More

Use The Tab Key When Renaming Files In Windows

A while back, we showed you a neat little trick for batch renaming files in Windows. The trick works when you want to rename files in a sequence e.g. [File name][No]. All you have to do is select all the files in a folder and rename just one. This method is for when you want all the files to have the same name. When you want to rename files such that each has a different name, this trick won't do you any good. Instead, you will have to select each file individually, select the rename option, and then enter a new name for the file. To make it faster and slightly less repetitive, you should use the tab key. Read More

How To Make Sense Of Data Exported From The iOS Health App

The Health app in iOS collects different types of data, either directly or through third-party apps. If you have an Apple Watch, the Health app data is likely richer. The Health app's data can be transferred between iOS devices and you can export it. When you export data from the Health app, it is exported in two XML files. The app zips them and lets you choose how you want to save it. It's all very easy up until this point. When you extract the zip file, however, it's hard to make sense of the XML files inside. Often, you might not know which app can read the XML file and how to make sense of the data inside it. We're going to break it all down for you. Read More

Twenty Best Windows Tips & Tricks Of 2016

Happy New Year folks! It's the end of one year, and the start of another. What better way to ring in the new year than to look back at some of the best Windows tips we covered in 2016. The Windows 10 Anniversary Update came out last year, and Microsoft ended the free Windows 10 upgrade. A few new features were introduced in Windows 10 with this update and Windows Updates broke a few things. For the most part, Windows 10 improved in stability in 2016. Here's a look at the best tips and tricks we covered for Windows in 2016 Read More

How To Set A Maximum Volume Limit In Windows

Smartphones have a built-in check on how loudly you can listen to music. The OS warns you that it might be dangerous for your hearing when you try to increase the volume beyond a certain point. You can choose to ignore it and increase the volume anyway but the warning is still there. Desktop operating systems don't have such a warning and parental controls don't extend to limiting the volume. Quiet On The Set is a free Windows app that lets you set a maximum volume limit. The app prevents a user from increasing the system volume beyond the limit that has been set. The user will still be able to increase the volume in apps like Videos, Windows Media Player, and VLC player. Read More

How To Fix iPhone Not Showing In File Explorer In Windows

There was a time when you could expect an Apple product, whether it was a phone or an OS, to work exceptionally well. That time is gone and it's possible it left with Steve Jobs. Apple's latest products have had an unusual amount of bugs. We know iPhones aren't self-combusting but they haven't been working all that great. iOS has its fair share of bugs and it also has some odd issues when working with non-Apple devices and software. Case in point; the iPhone not appearing in the File Explore in Windows. Users running iOS 10 trying to connect their iPhone to a Windows 10 machine have been seeing this for quite some time now. Since an Apple product and a Microsoft product are involved, there's no one to actually claim responsibility for it but here's a quick and simple fix. Read More

What Are The Camera Roll & Saved Photos Folders In Windows 10

Libraries in Windows are a long standing feature, and they're pretty useful. The libraries have mostly been left untouched as Windows went from one version to the next. In Windows 10, the Pictures library has three new folders; Camera roll, Saved Pictures, and Screenshots. The Screenshots folder is self-explanatory and ties right in with the screenshot feature added in Windows 10. The screenshots you capture via the Win+Prnt Screen short are saved to this Screenshots folder. The 'Camera Roll' folder is something you can expect to find if you've connected a digital camera, or an smartphone to your PC but that's not where it comes from. The 'Saved Photos' folder and what it's for is anyone's guess. These two folders are created by the Camera and Photos apps respectively. Here's what they're for and how you can move them to a different location. Read More

How To Project Only A Part Of Your Screen In Windows

Windows lets you project your screen to a second display. The feature has been a part of Windows for years with support for both connected and wireless displays. When you project your screen, you project all of it. You cannot limit it so that only a portion of it is projected to the connected display. Out of the box, Windows has no solution for this particular need but VLC player does. It lets you display your entire screen or just a small portion of it to a second display. Here's how to get it up and running. Read More