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Simple Run Blocker Lets You Restrict Access To Apps On Windows

Your computer gives you full control over how your kids may access certain applications and websites. Windows comes packaged with different built in parental control features that can restrict access to a bunch of files and programs, but you can also do the same using third-party apps. If you want to stop certain applications from being accessed by anyone who uses your computer but would like to do so in the least complex way possible, then Simple Run Blocker is what you’re looking for. It allows you to block any user application via simple drag and drop of its executable file over the Simple Run Blocker’s window, and enables you to either whitelist or blacklist required apps in a blink of an eye.

Simple Run Blocker sports an ultra lightweight design. It’s also portable which means you don’t need to worry about any installation setup either; just extract its EXE file from the downloadable ZIP archive and fire it up. Once launched, you’re presented with its barebone UI. Simple Run Blocker allows you to block the required applications via adding their EXE files in to it. Whenever a user runs that app, for instance, the program forces a restriction error leaving the user with no other choice than to close the program. It’s very easy to use and works exactly as advertised by the developer.

Simple Run Blocker v1.0

The procedure of adding the programs into Simple Run Blocker is quite easy. To do that, you can either drag the program’s application icon over Simple Run Blocker (which basically adds its pertaining EXE file), or alternatively, click the Add button and select the application from the file browser. Programs can be added or removed on the fly, as well as marked and unmarked from being restricted.

The next step is to choose the restriction type from the small drop down menu. This is where things get really interesting as Simple Run Blocker enables you to block only a certain list of applications, restrict all applications except specific programs, and/or disable both rules altogether. Once you’ve selected the appropriate option according to your liking, you can click the small check mark button for the changes to come into effect.

Simple Run Blocker Type

Now whenever a user tries to open a restricted application (or all other applications on a computer sans the whitelisted items), a dialog window pops up telling them the ‘operation is cancelled due to certain restrictions in place’. And this dialog window can be closed by clicking OK.

Simple Run Blocker_Restrictions

Simple Run Blocker is available as a free download and works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 / 8.1.

Download Simple Run Blocker

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