Quickly View Comparison Between Two Documents [Word 2010]

Word 2010 includes an intuitive way of comparing two documents, though synchronous scrolling option is always present to view two documents side-by-side with synced scrolling. The build-in Compare feature offers you in-depth analysis of two documents which are being compared.

To compare documents, head over to Review tab and under Compare options, click Compare.

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This will bring up Compare Documents dialog, Specify original & Revised documents. For configuring more comparing settings, click More and enable appropriate options. Once settings are configured, click OK to let is compare two documents, it will provide a long range of options along to take a through look at the content.

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Compare feature has a very straight-forward usage, you can pick two versions of documents and compare them up to analyze the differences.

  • thwap

    thanks, this helped me.

  • PaulC

    Stumbled across the feature recently – love it.. only problem is when I used it last I closed some of the panes down individually and now “Compare” won’t display as shown in your 2nd screen grab. 🙁 Can’t get the before and after panels showing on the right anymore Anyway to restore the default? (Hope I’m missing something stupid!)

    • bj

      In the Review tab — Compare section dropdown arrow — click show source documents

    • CDF

      I just had the same problem. The documents were contracts and the text was locked/not selectable, so the compare option was disabled. I was able to view the documents side by side but I could not use the compare feature to see the specific differences in the two contracts…