Google Play Store Android App Updated; Lets You View Downloaded Apps History, Filter Reviews

The Google Play Store (formerly Android Market) has always been a lot more to Google than just being an app store. Its features are continuously on the improve and has seen considerable amount of new options, settings and a revamped interface for the past few months. Just a few days ago, Google gave a new name to its Android Market (Google Play Store now) and we posted an overview of the new Google Play Store (highlighting new features of the app and what has changed previous Market). Today, Google has started to roll out an updated version of its Google Play Store client for Android (version 3.5.15), which will add in two extra options for managing applications, and some other tweaks here and there. Not only does the app not feel more fluid now, but load times for app lists have also been reduced greatly. The most major changes include improvements under the My Apps tab and addition of the option to filter app reviews. Read on for further details.Read More

Download APK Of Google Play Store (The Rebranded Android Market) Now!

Just a couple of hours ago, Google announced Google Play Store – the rebranded version of your beloved (now previously) Android Market. More than anything else, the move can be cited as an attempt to provide Android users with a unified platform to explore all the apps, games, books, movies and music featured by Google under one roof. The new-look interface of the web variant of the new Google app store looks pretty impressive. However, from the mobile client’s perspective, nothing much has changed apart from the icon and, of course, the name of the app: Google Play (that has already created quite a hullabaloo among Android users and critics alike). Although Google has already started rolling out Google Play Store to Android devices (running Froyo and higher) over-the-air, there are quite a few users who might not have received the update yet. If you’re among such users, you don’t have to wait any longer as we bring you the APK of the brand new Android Market aka Google Play Store.Read More

Fireplace Market: Cydia & Bazaar-Like Alternative App Store For Android

As we’ve seen over the years, numerous Android apps – mostly those requiring root access, and third-party clients for certain services - have been removed from the Android Market for various reasons. These include the popular screenshot capturing tool ShootMe, a number of third-party Steam clients, such as, Steam for Android, the notorious Wi-Fi Kill, Superuser, Set CPU and various others. Although APKs of most of these apps can still be found on the internet, it takes some time and effort to manually search for, download and install these apps to your device. Introduced by XDA member spxc and team, Fireplace Market is an alternative Android app store that aims to house third-party apps that either require root access on your device, and/or have been removed from the Market - like Cydia for iOS, or Bazaar for Windows Phone 7. An Android client of the app store has just recently been released, and is available for download. Using the app, you can access, search for, and download featured apps from the store right on your device. Needless to say, the app itself works only on rooted devices, and is still far from complete. Details to follow.Read More

Official Android Client Released For App, Theme & Ringtone Store Mobile9

Even before smartphones and tablets took the mobile world stage by storm, users of feature phones and dumb phones had the option of resorting to a mobile app store of sorts to download content compatible with their devices. Although not as rich as the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store, most of these app stores offered adequate material for users to satiate their hunger for almost all sort of stuff, including wallpapers, GIFs, screensavers, ringtones, apps, games and utilities etc. During those times, Mobile9 has held the the distinction of being one of the most visited online app stores courtesy of the extensive collection of quality apps, games, eBooks, themes, ringtones et al that it offers to users of almost all popular mobile platforms and eBook readers. The app store now has an official Android app, providing users with yet another alternative to the Android Market mobile client. mobile9 Market+ sports a neatly designed interface, arranges apps under several categories, and provides advanced filtering options.Read More

Install / Download Incompatible Apps From Android Market [How To]

The Android Market is beginning to look down on older Android devices, or in some cases, the fragmentation of the devices, has increased the occurrence of the "This item is not compatible with your device.” message these days. Most of the times, you are wondering how and why is your device incompatible with a relatively simple app! Hats off to James Cushing from RootzWiki who recently devised a method that lets you trick the Market into thinking that you're using a device you don't otherwise have.Read More

AppRank: View Personalized Market Stats & Rankings Of Android Apps

A couple of months ago, we covered an Android app called AppLovin that allowed the users to see what apps and games are currently being used by their friends. Although the said app gives you a good idea of the taste and preference of your friends in terms of Android apps, it reveals very less about the popularity of certain apps at a comparatively larger (or, if you like, at a global) scale in the Android Market. If you’re looking for an app that provides you detailed and updated information about some of the hot-running and trending apps on the Android Market in terms of ranking, number of downloads, region, price, availability or grossing, then AppRank should catch your attention.Read More

Android Market 3.3.11 Adds Automatic/WiFi-Only App Updates & More

A new version of the official Android Market app (v3.3.11) seems to be in the pipeline and good news  is, its APK is now available for download on the web courtesy of a leak from Android Police. While the interface of the updated Market retains more or less the same old looks (icons and fonts seem much denser), it’s on the app’s settings front where some very major (and much-awaited) changes have been made. The new Market adds better control over app downloads, as users now have the choice to auto-update all apps at once, update apps over Wi-Fi only and configure the Market settings to automatically add shortcuts of each newly installed app to the homescreen. To add to the long list of updated features, the latest version of Android Market now displays star ratings of each app in a bar graph (the same way the website does) and allows you to search for apps via voice commands. While said version of the Android Market seems to be working fine with smartphones, it seems it isn't too friendly with Honeycomb tablets (far too many glitches).Read More

Tablet Market – Home To Honeycomb Tablet Apps & Games [Android]

Searching for Android apps and games designed specifically for Honeycomb tablets can prove to be quite a hassle. Honeycomb-optimized apps are scarce on the Android Market and there isn't exactly a separate section for them. Introducing Tablet Market – a free app bowser for Android that serves the purpose of finding and displaying all the updated free and paid apps as well as games for Honeycomb tablets. The app itself works on both Android phones and tablets.Read More

AppPlus Brings You Latest Price Drops Of Apps In The Android Market

How do you bargain for your favorite apps that are available in the Android Market with a rather extravagantly higher price tag (at least in your books)? Well, you don’t have a shopkeeper to argue with nor can you force the issue on your own. It’s either you go on with the purchase by paying the current price or rather wait for the prices to drop. But how do you know when the price of your favorite app drops? That's where AppPlus comes in. AppPlus is a free Android app that lets you keep a close check on the latest price drops of various apps in the Android Market. Details after the break.Read More

APK of Android Market v3.1.3 Leaked; Adds Google +1 Button, PIN & More

The latest version of Android Market App (v3.1.3) has been leaked on the internet, an APK of which is now available for download. The news of one of the most feverishly visited mobile application stores getting updated comes from rather unexpected corners but now that it’s available (as an APK), at least we can find out what does it have in ‘store’ for us. We managed to grab its APK for testing purpose and we must say that the latest/updated version of Android Market adds a couple of very handy features. Details and download links after the break.Read More

How To Downgrade Android Market 3.0.26 To Old Market [Tip]

If your Android Market got updated to the latest 3.0.26 version with a whole new UI revamp and many feature updates but you're either missing the old Market or want it back because some hacks no longer work with the new one, you can easily revert it back to the old one, and we're gonna show you how. So read on after the break for our full method on easily downgrading your Android Market to the previous version.Read More

Get The Latest Android Market App (v3.0.26) Before Official Update

After announcing it's revamped Android Market mobile client a little less than a day ago, it seems Google has begun to distribute the update among selective Android users. An APK of the app has already been leaked to the web and is up for grabs for those of who don't want to wait until the official update reaches your regional variant of the Market. Apart from the much sought after support for books and movie rentals, the latest Android Market app packs a completely new user interface. Join us after the break for an overview of the client and download link to the aforementioned APK.Read More

1-click Recovery Flasher Installs Custom Recoveries On Android Phones

If you’re an experienced Android user or even an aspiring one, you would know that you have got to have a rooted Android device to experience the OS to the fullest. What follows next is a custom recovery and while for some it’s as easy as installing via ROM Manager, some devices require a cumbersome effort on part of the user and there’s a high chance of messing up. While ROM Manager lets us install ClockworkMod recovery onto most of our devices, some devices are left out while some users want a different custom recovery. It is for this purpose that RootzWiki forum member adlx has released an app that lets you flash custom recoveries compatible with your device from an online library.Read More

Google+ App For Android [Review]

Ever since the advent of social media (back in the age when Friendster and MySpace ruled) the social networking industry has enjoyed rapid growth. Most of the people reading this post must know that a Tweet doesn’t have much to do with the chirping of a bird and the word “Wall” is sure to make you think of Facebook. That’s the kind of influence social networking holds over our daily lives these days. Seeing the success of social networking, how can the giants of Internet refrain from entering the fray? Yes, you guessed it, Google is launching a new project called “Google+” that’s all about social interaction.Read More

Brightness Motion For Android Controls Screen Brightness With Motion Gestures

Brightness Motion for Android is a tiny yet handy tool for gaining complete control over screen brightness. The app basically allows you to increase / decrease brightness of your Android phone’s screen using motion gestures. The appealing factor of this utility app is it’s accessibility within all apps and screens. You can easily enhance or decrease your screen’s brightness in any app installed on your phone. This will not only help you in saving your phone’s battery, but will also allow you to gain the perfect contrast while playing Games.Read More

Yahoo! AppSpot Brings Personalized App Discovery For Android & iOS

As Android keeps making steady progress as a stable mobile operating system, and reaches out to a far greater global audience, more and more developers are showing keenness in creating apps belonging to different genres. This has already resulted in a pretty much saturated app market that has multiple options from every known genre to offer to the users. Quite clearly, this beckons for a user-friendly and well-crafted app discovery tool that can help you find the required apps with minimum fuss. Although the Android Market and AppBrain serve this purpose quite remarkably, one can feel the need for an even more convenient mobile solution in this regard. Yahoo! has just released its very own mobile app discovery client for Android and iOS. AppSpot provides “personalized app recommendations” from the Android Market and App Store on a daily basis. The app provides suggestions according to the apps installed on your device. It features a search bar that posts queries to Yahoo! App Search (the online search portal for mobile apps released alongside AppSpot) and a built-in barcode scanner. The Android variant comes packed with a 4 x 2 widget that allows you to scroll through and access all of the day’s recommended apps from your home screen.Read More

Miro 4 Adds iTunes Like Syncing And Media Manager For Android Devices

Do you hate not having any iTunes like media manager for your Android device? You will probably find a dozen media managers claiming to sync your Android based phone or tablet but none stands as close to iTunes as Miro 4. The next version of Miro (version 4) is a freshly developed open source desktop media manager with features to browse, play, manage, and download media files and podcasts. The biggest feature being that now it can sync with a range of Android phones. What makes it stand out from rest of Android media managers is that it offers iTunes like user interface to not only manage your media files and podcasts but also to sync iTunes library and other defined media folders in somewhat similar fashion. In a nutshell, Miro 4 for Android devices is what iTunes is for iOS devices.Read More

1-Click Cleaner Clears Cache And History On Unrooted Android Devices

How would the most basic need of removing all cache files and history be met on an unrooted Android device? One way is to go around through the app manager clearing all caches for every app one by one.If you have around 200 apps on your device, good luck cleaning them all! As for the browser history, if you have more then one browser for different needs, that’s a pain too. Clearing message or call history is easy, but why not have an app that can do it all for you in one click, or at least from one screen? There are lots of apps out there for such needs, but wait, those are all for rooted devices! 1-Click Cleaner is an exception and just the app all unrooted Android devices were in dire need of. More on this awesome app after the jump!Read More