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Get The Latest Android Market App (v3.0.26) Before Official Update

After announcing it’s revamped Android Market mobile client a little less than a day ago, it seems Google has begun to distribute the update among selective Android users. An APK of the app has already been leaked to the web and is up for grabs for those of who don’t want to wait until the official update reaches your regional variant of the Market. Apart from the much sought after support for books and movie rentals, the latest Android Market app packs a completely new user interface. Join us after the break for an overview of the client and download link to the aforementioned APK.

Now, you might not agree with me but I believe the brand new look of the latest Android Market client is nothing less than praiseworthy. The interface is very neat and well-structured; all in all a truly professional effort, to say the least. The old Android Market features have been superbly amalgamated with the rich graphical looks and advanced download options of the new one. But aesthetics aren’t the only thing that have received an overhaul. The way the new Market arranges all items within a category or sub-category feels much easier and faster to browse through. You can sift through the hottest Apps, Games and Books right from the app’s home screen. You can easily shift between featured, top free, top paid, top grossing, top new free and trending apps from a category of your choice simply by swiping left or right across the screen.

Market pages for apps have also been revamped for the better. Screenshots are now neatly arranged at the top of the page in a horizontal-scrolling preview bar. The Recent Changes section has been separated from the app description, which means you don’t have to tap the More button under Description to view the changelog for updated apps.

Other handy new features added to the client include support for multiple Google accounts and the option to share links to Market apps with your friends through a host of advanced sharing options such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, messaging etc.

Along with the option to purchase books, the Movie Renting feature is a welcome addition for movie enthusiasts as they can rent their favorite movies for as low as $1.99. The new Android Market covers all the necessary bases for your movie information needs as you can have a glance at the detailed synopsis, cast, crew, movie previews, reviews and recommendations pertaining to each listed movie. Also, you have the option to pin your favorite movie picks so that you may watch them while offline.

It has to be admitted now that with such an intuitive and graphically apt Android Market, Google have eventually silenced their critics with a hefty but ‘graceful’ blow. Android Market app is fully compatible with Android 2.2 and higher. Check out the video promo of the latest Android Market App below and then head onto the download link to try it out on your device.

Remember, you must have a file explorer installed and the Unknown sources option within Applications > Development Settings enabled to install the new Market using the downloaded APK.

Download Android Market 3.0.26 [Mediafire Link]

Update: Android Market has now been renamed to Google Play Store. Read about it and download the new APK here.


  1. /my market application does not open. and my emails are blocked . what to i do. email me at lungambanjwa@gmail.com thanks

  2. I updated my market and now it wont work. So I turned my phone off then back on and now I don’t even have a market? Its gone. Disappeared?? HELP! How do I fix this??

    • Mine too!! It’s just gone! Post back when or if that changes for yall please!

    • Same thing happened to me! HELP!it just disappeared out of no where n this thing named Google play came to replace

    • I had the same issue this morning, but thankfully, reinstalling the APK of the latest version of Android Market did the trick. I guess side-loading any version of the Android Market/Google Play Store should do. Best of luck to all!

    • Play Store is the new Android Market. You can read more about it here: https://www.addictivetips.com/mobile/download-google-play-store-apk/

  3. In the next update I would like to see this APP movable to the SD Card to save space on the Phone
    Sent from my HTC

  4. Droid incredible 2 I’m having problems opening my adroid market app I want to download things for my phone. Please someone help. Everything else on my phone is working perfect. I can’t open the app at all. I took the battery out I restarted my phone and I don’t want to reset it to factory settings cause everything important will be erased. Please someone help…

    • Ditto, my market app was somehow uninstalled, and I can’t find any way to reinstall it. The weird thing is, it can’t be manually uninstalled. I need a solution.

  5. Will this work in the UK, I’ve heard the ebooks and movie service is only for the US at the moment, but surely I’ll still be able to run the App side of things, right? For info I’m running an i9000 international SGS on 2.3.4 running the SimplyHoney 3.9 ROM, JVQ and multi CSC.

  6. I got a update notification for one of my apps in “My Apps” but I can’t find the option to update them in the market!!!

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