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Tablet Market – Home To Honeycomb Tablet Apps & Games [Android]

Searching for Android apps and games designed specifically for Honeycomb tablets can prove to be quite a hassle. Honeycomb-optimized apps are scarce on the Android Market and there isn’t exactly a separate section for them. Introducing Tablet Market – a free app bowser for Android that serves the purpose of finding and displaying all the updated free and paid apps as well as games for Honeycomb tablets. The app itself works on both Android phones and tablets.

Tablet Market-01Tablet Market-03

As mentioned earlier, although Tablet Market helps searching for apps exclusively optimized for Honeycomb tablets, it can be installed and run on Android phones as well. With Tablet Market, you can easily search for all the apps and games that are specifically optimized for Honeycomb devices. Tablet Market’s homescreen lists top Honeycomb apps/games along with a button for ALL TABLET APPS. Tapping this button leads you to the app’s built-in browser from where you can browse and find apps and games listed under relevant categories. Just select your preferred category and once you find an app/game you wish to download, just tap its title to head over to its Android Market page. For the convenience of the users, the app also lists some of the most downloaded as well as popular apps. To access this list, all you need to do is hit the dropdown beside the home button, and select the app that you want to download.

Tablet Market-05

Quite simple, isn’t it? Given the minimal amount of options that are (or rather were) available to Honeycomb users for finding apps/games optimized specifically for their devices, Tablet Market can be cited as nothing less than a fresh breath of air. Users interested in helping the developer with improving his product with several other handy features have the option to go for the $1.55 version of the app. Apart from being available as a donation version, the paid variant of Tablet Market for Android also removes the on-screen ads that users have to bear with the free version.

Download Tablet Market For Android (Free)

Download Tablet Market Pro For Android (Paid)

Update: Tablet Market is no longer confined to listing just the Honeycomb specific apps. Instead the app now aims to serve as your one-stop shop for finding all apps that have been exclusively designed for Honeycomb tablets, Ice Cream Sandwich and even the latest variant of the latest Google Operating System, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.


    • I have this app on my Iconis A500, its a bit buggy at times but ok. Yes, these apps are supposed to be Honeycomb optimised but I do find that a lot on the apps either dont work properly & will force close, wont even download sometimes or will not even load ! So who knows, buts its useful all the same. Gets me why people complain when something is FREE.

  1. Hi Kevin.. All the apps listed are optimised for tablets or honeycomb specific. The app has also Had a recent update which means you can browse by catagory. It definatly doesnt suck as you can directly install any app with one click.

  2. This app really sucks. It has a bunch of apps that are not even optimized for tablets. There’s no difference between this app and the lists of apps found on the forums. pass….

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