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Modern Reader Is Metro Based PDF Reader Built Into Windows 8

The developer’s preview of Windows 8 was released to the world yesterday and it is available for anyone looking to give Windows 8 an early try. Even if you aren’t a developer, the many features showcased at the keynote conference are enough to tempt you to take it for a quick spin. The build of course isn’t what the final version will look like and lacks some features like the app store showcased at the conference, and the native PDF reader. Although not previewed at the Build Windows keynotes conference, a native PDF reader had been confirmed to be part of Windows 8. The native PDF reader; named Modern Reader, effectively negates the need to download bloated  Acrobat’s Acrobat reader (or any other third party reader).

The PDF reader will function in full screen and has basic functionality allowing you to view two pages side by side in an open book type layout. The interface and design is predominantly Metro UI.

modern reader windows 8

Modern reader will allow you to zoom in on web pages, skip to a a particular page and bookmark pages. Document navigation is carried out easily from a slide out panel on the right (not to be confused with Windows 8 Charms). A Back button appears in the upper left corner that allows you to return to the previous page you were viewing.

windows 8 modern reader

If you were among those who find it annoying to have to download an application just to view your PDFs, Windows 8 and Modern Reader should bring an end to your annoyance.

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