Ditto Extension For Windows Clipboard Creates Database Of Copied Items

Ditto-cp open source clipboard manager (also available as portable version) copies and saves content from the clipboard to provide a history of the copied text. It works from the system tray and does not require any complex settings. Since we have covered many clipboard managers in the past like ClipCube and Clipboard History,  the question might arise about the utility of Ditto as compared to other reviewed apps of it’s kind? What makes Ditto quite useful and different from other applications is that it provides many detailed options to configure even minor aspects like opacity, copy timeframe of content, etc. Another unique feature of Ditto is that it allows saving clipboard text in the native .dto format, which can be later imported. This allows creating database of the saved clipboard over a period of time. Read More

Diodon Is A Lightweight Clipboard Manager For Ubuntu Linux

Diodon is a lightweight clipboard management app for the Gnome/GTK+ desktop. It is fully compatible with numerous Ubuntu versions including Ubuntu 10.04, 10.10 and 11.04. It is a better lightweight alternative to Parcellite, with advanced configuration options to set clipboard size and custom hotkey support. It allows setting a size cap for the copied data to ensure than clipboard history does not consume a lot of system resources. Having said that, it is worth mentioning here, that Diodon is fully capable of managing a large amount of clipboard history without hogging system resources. Read More

Clipboard History For Mac Holds Rich Clipboard Items To Paste Them In Any Order

Since many clipboard managers available for Mac impose a limit on number of items that can be saved in their stack, there might be a case when you want to have an enormous clipboard item list for one really long work session.  Clipboard History for Mac (free for limited time) is a clipboard manager which can save almost unlimited number of clipboard items whilst allowing users to paste them in any order they want, anywhere. Since hotkey support seems to be essential for clipboard managers, it also allows registering hotkey combination, so you can instantly paste the saved clipboard items in any application window. Additionally, it supports widely used clipboard data types, such as, text, images, plus a combination of both data types, including, rich text documents, HTML, and PDF. You can even navigate through clipboard items, search saved clippings, preview selected items, and finally save important ones to any local location. Read More

Clipboard History Brings Up ‘Clipboard Items Stack’ To Paste Text Anywhere

An application which can stack up clipboard items will help you to quickly paste selected items from clipboard. Windows native clipboard manager lacks this feature of holding text and gets quickly replaced whenever a new text snippet is copied. Clipboard History holds previously copied items so you can easily paste them in required workspace. Comparing with previously featured clipboard manager – Clipboard History (with same name), it comes with a long list of configurations to customize the way you copy and paste text. The application was developed to fulfill basic text copying needs, therefore, it can stack up only 20 text items. It comes with a registered hotkey – Caps Lock, to instantly bring up all the items which are residing in the clipboard manager. You can change the default hotkey and choose the most suitable key for pasting the text. Additionally, it allows you to edit and delete selected items from clipboard history for adding more items in the clipboard items list. You can save the most frequently used text snippets as stickies, so you can use them whenever you want. Read More

Assign Hotkeys To Clipboard Text Items With CopyTexty

Clipboard managers are responsible for holding text, image, links,etc., for only a limited amount of time. If you’re planning to perform copy-paste operations extensively, you might want to save clipboard items for, perhaps, a couple of days in order to quickly use them later. Well, this can be achieved by pasting the text in a plain text editor in order to copy the text again to any window but CopyTexty offers a better solution. It’s an application written to reduce the time and effort involved in such scenarios. It lets you save the clipboard item in its database with a facility to register a hotkey with it, so you can paste the inserted clipboard item in any window by using the defined hotkey combination. Read More

AutoClipX – Copy And Paste Text With Single Mouse Click

Many Windows users rely on third-party clipboard managers which help them quickly perform extensive copy & paste operations by providing a list of useful features like, holding text, images, file/folder links in a stack for defined amount of time. Before selecting a clipboard manager, you should check that which tool provides the fastest way of managing clipboard items. Out of all the clipboard managers which we' have featured at AddictiveTips, AutoClipX offers the quickest way. How? It lets user perform copy & paste operations with a single mouse click. With this app, you won't need to right-click the text and select Copy option or use Ctrl + C hotkey combination to move the text to clipboard, just highlight the text and it is copied, now head over to window, and click the middle mouse button to paste the copied text. AutoClipX is highly configurable. You can change the default paste key, register hotkeys to enable / disable copying behavior, and set delay time (before text is copied to clipboard and to clear clipboard). Read More

ClipSize – Clear Clipboard Data And Monitor Size Of Clipboard

Recently we reviewed ClipCube which copies data from the clipboard. ClipSize is a small utility that does just the opposite. It allows clearing the clipboard, as well as showing the memory being utilized by it. This can be quite helpful for users who have limited memory for their systems and use memory intensive applications such as video editing, graphic designing and desktop publishing software. Read More

Manage Windows Clipboard While Using Ctrl+V With ShapeShifter

Last year, we covered an awesome clipboard manager called Clippy which shows clipboard items over system tray notification area. While it can keep multiple items, type of clipboard items are also shown on the main interface, allowing users to pick out one which they want to use. ShapeShifter is another clipboard manager which has been developed in somewhat similar way. With having an ability to show type of clipboard item with original source, you will also get to see complete details of first item in Windows clipboard stack. Read More

Free Clipboard Viewer Separates Clipboard Item Into Different Formats

Windows Clipboard Viewer is a simple utility which is developed to let user view single clipboard item in multiple formats. The application is backed by the idea of taking a good look at item residing in Windows clipboard, so you can further copy or move selected part of the clipboard content. It will list all standard formats which are supported by Windows system, ranging from plain text, image (including bitmap), rich text, metafile, color palette, WAV, HTML and many other formats. It is further possible to manage each type of format separately. Since it places each type of format into respective category, you just have to sift through the listed formats to use the clipboard item. Read More

NoCap Uploads Files, Images, And Text From Desktop For Quick Sharing

Earlier, we have reviewed a handful of file uploading applications such as, FluffyApp and Click & ShareIt, the FluffyApp is the counterpart of Mac’s eminent CloudApp whereas Click & ShareIt lets user upload and share files, images, and record voice on the fly. NoCap comes with absolutely no caps and catches, without relying on its native server for storing and sharing data, it supports famous file sharing and uploading services including, Imgur, Imagebin, Postimage, SendSpace, and Slexy to upload images, text, screenshots, and any type of files in a snap. Additionally, it enables one to enter the FTP server details to upload files directly. The application seems quite similar to FluffyApp, as it also allows user to take and share screenshots whilst using build-in URL shortening service - is.gd. Read More

Create And Manage Smart Clipboard Collection With Clipboard Master

We have previously covered handful of clipboard managers, such as, ClipCycle, Get Plain Text, and Clippy, comparatively the latter being the best out of lot, as it offers both management and usage of clipboard items including text, images, URL, etc., from system notification area. Clipboard Master is another useful clipboard manager which brings a new concept of collecting clipboard items. Despite being merely a simple clipboard manager, it also allows you to save frequently used mail/letter salutations, HTML links, date/time stamps, so you don’t need to access or write them manually. Read More

Copy Multiple Items To Windows Clipboard With ClipCycler

Having a clipboard manager is almost essential to the kind of work we do. This holds true for almost any user handling text, and hence a good, free clipboard management program is essential. ClipCycler is a free, open source application with a memory footprint of under 500kB that lets you cycle between various clipboard texts with keyboard shortcuts. Read More

Copy Only Plain Text With Get Plain Text Clipboard Extender [Windows]

We previously covered an advanced clipboard manager called PureText, which converts rich text into plain text. It comes with advanced options but not everyone wants fancy features and cluttered system tray. Get Plain Text is a portable clipboard extender which extends the functionality of Windows clipboard manager by providing user an option of pasting only plain text. It is merely an extender and doesn’t offer any interface with countless options or system tray notification icon. Read More

Clippy: Portable Clipboard Manager For Windows 7

Clippy is a portable clipboard manager. The application pops up from the system tray to display multiple items which were recently copied in its clipboard window. Any text that is copied will become visible in its semi-transparent application window. If you click an item in its clipboard, it will automatically save as copied text that can be pasted using hotkey Ctrl + V on any text editor. Other features are taking screenshots and quick Google search of any text in its clipboard. Read More

PureText Converts Rich Text In Clipboard To Plain Text

There are instances when you have to copy rich-text from one source and paste it as simple text in another source. For instance, you could be looking to archive an interesting story covered by a popular online magazine by copy/pasting it as simple text in MS Word. In such cases, it can be difficult to manually remove rich-text from the content, especially if it’s heavily formatted. A better solution is to use PureText, a portable application that lets users paste any text copied to the clipboard as simple, plain text. Read More

Record And Store Clipboard Information Smartly [Mac]

If you are someone who uses copy / paste function enormously in Mac, you need an efficient clipboard tool which can help store, record , and manage all clipboard information. Many tools have been made to manage Mac clipboard, yet most of them lack aesthetics. Pasteboard Recorder2 is a small utility that records and stores your clipboard information smartly. It automatically displays the Mac clipboard contents including text, image, and urls on the main interface which lets you select specified entries for re-use. It can record more than 120 entries allowing you to store them in a specified file. Read More