FlipSwitch Adds Activator Gesture-Based System Toggles To iPhone

Activator is among the most popular and useful tweaks available on the Cydia store. With the passage of time, it has grown in stature and is now almost a full platform for which many developers have come up with additional extensions and toggles. FlipSwitch might seem like just another Activator extension at first glance, but actually it is an entire toggle system in itself. Admittedly, it relies on Activator to work, but Ryan Petrich, the tweak’s co-developer alongside A3Tweaks, has made it clear that it is pretty easy to make new tweaks and toggles that are based on FlipSwitch. As a proof of this claim, SwitchIcons is a tweak that you can take for a spin. Ryan Petrich has recently developed some pretty decent tweaks like Topography and Memo Toggle, but FlipSwitch looks like a release that has the potential to really gain huge fame among the jailbreak community. It basically adds a set of system toggles to Activator, which are capable of changing a number of settings with a single gesture. You won’t see a physical manifestation of the toggles, as performing the gesture is enough. If you want to actually see the toggles, that’s where SwitchIcons comes into the picture. Read More

AltKeyboard Adds Quick Gestures For Symbols & Caps To Stock iPhone Keyboard

Keyboard alternatives like Swype and TouchPal have always been popular among the smartphone community. These replacements are associated with Android most of the time, but they have maintained a presence in some form on iOS over the past few years as well. While Apple hasn't provided an official way to replace or make changes to iPhone’s stock keyboard, the Cydia store often comes up with ways to achieve the seemingly impossible. We have already seen other tweaks that deal with the iPhone keyboard, but it might not be too much of a bold statement to say that AltKeyboard is among the most useful keyboard-related tweaks to be released in the jailbreak store for a long time. The tweak does not change the overall method of input used by the stock keyboard in iOS. This means that AltKeyboard is not another Swype-like keyboard for the iPhone. Instead, this tweak makes a very subtle change, which is the addition of gestures to the keys. You just have to flick a key to input the corresponding symbol mapped against it, eliminating the need for repeatedly changing the keyboard view, and resulting in faster typing. Read More

Enable Auto-Repeat For Videos In Official YouTube App For iPhone

Continuous playback and automatic looping of videos are features that have been in popular demand for YouTube on all platforms. The service itself still doesn't offer the feature by default, but we have seen a few third-party solutions to the issue. YouTurn for Chrome allows users to put videos on auto-repeat in their web browser but if you are using YouTube on your iPhone, there aren't many available alternatives that can do that. If you have a jailbroken device though, not many problems are impossible to solve. iYoutubeReplay adds the replay functionality to Google’s official YouTube app for iPhone, which means you don’t need to install an entire app on your device just because the official client lacks a single feature. Admittedly, the tweak is in its infancy and doesn't offer too much control over the feature it offers, but that is surely better than having no ‘replay’ for videos at all. Read More

Browse & Watch Free Online TV Channels On iPhone With Universal TV

There are already a number of TV streaming services that offer iOS clients of their own. Just.tv, Ustream and even relatively newer names like Vinson have a presence on the iPhone. You can also enjoy YouTube’s live channels on your smartphone but despite all these choices, one might argue that there is still room for an app that doesn't make it overly complicated for users to find a channel. Universal TV is a Cydia app but while using it, you might easily forget that you didn't download it from the App Store. The interface of Universal TV is pretty neat, and it supports gestures to let users easily switch between channels. The search feature is quite comprehensive as well, and can be used to browse through channels from different regions and categories. Read More

Toggle Viber Online Status Visibility On iOS Unlimited Times In A Day

A discussion of iOS messenger apps can never be complete unless you mention Viber. The app is truly cross-platform, and is well-known for its great quality voice calls and other features. A testament to Viber's popularity are the tweaks that have come out in the past to make the app even better. Previously we covered Quick Reply for Viber, which allows users to reply to messages without actually launching the app, thanks to the power of interactive notifications. Such tweaks are great if you just want to make the existing app fancier, but there is one problem with Viber that needs to be fixed before thinking about adding new features. A bit annoyingly, Viber doesn't allow its users to change their online status visibility more than once each day, which might seem problematic if you have a lot of Viber contacts that you wish to avoid. Thankfully, the Cydia store finally has a convenient solution for this problem. ViberOnlineStatusUnlimit removes this limitation from Viber for iPhone, letting you change your online status as often as you want. Read More

How To Increase In-Call Volume Up To 200% On Your iPhone 5

Quite a long time ago, we covered a Cydia tweak by the name of Volume Booster, which did a pretty good job of enhancing the maximum volume level of iOS devices. iOS has come a long way since then, but some things haven’t improved a great deal. While the bottom speakers in iPhone can play sounds at a pretty high volume, many people still complain that the in-call volume could have been a lot better. Since iPhone 5 comes with hardware that is different from any of its predecessors, a lot of users assumed that the call volume issue won’t rear its ugly head in it. Sadly, this isn't the case, and in even slightly noisy environments, users are hard-pressed to understand what the person on the other end of the line is saying, no matter how much they crank up the volume. Volume Amplifier is a new tweak that doesn't tinker with the bottom speakers on an iPhone, but only deals with increasing the in-call volume, making it possible to increase the volume by up to 200%. Read More

Get A Minimal, Two-Way Unlock Slider On iPhone Lock Screen With FXOSLock

Anyone who is really into UI customization and wants to get the most out of a jailbroken iPhone is likely to appreciate Cydia tweaks like SliderCustomizer and Axis, since they focus on very particular parts of iOS. This is why such tweaks have fared pretty well in the Cydia store. FXOSLock is the latest alternative to the stock unlock slider you get in iOS. The tweak doesn't just make minor changes to the slider; it revamps the way it works, and gives it a completely new look. The minimalists among us are also sure to appreciate FXOSLock, since the slider it offers doesn't occupy the entire bottom half of your device’s lock screen. Despite that, no existing feature is taken away by FXOSLock, and you can use the tweak’s unlocking slider to unlock your device or launch the camera straight away. Read More

Add A “Flash” To iPhone Front-Facing Camera With FrontFlash

Rumors about iOS 7 and the next iPhone are pretty abundant these days. Of all the wild ideas that have been thrown around the blogosphere, one that has particularly appealed to me is the possibility that the next iDevice might have a dedicated notification LED on its front. The mention of an LED on the device's front also brings to mind the idea of having an LED flash for the front-facing camera under low light conditions. For now, there are no mainstream smartphones that come with a front-facing camera flash. App developers are clever folk though, and they usually come up with ways to overcome any obstacle. Last November, Camera+ introduced a neat way of adding a sort of flash to the front-facing camera. It has taken some time, but a developer has finally thought of adding a similar feature to the stock Camera app. As you might have guessed, we are talking about a Cydia tweak. FrontFlash increases the screen brightness and turns the screen white momentarily while shooting a photo or video, resulting in improved lighting in dark conditions. Read More

Browse & Upload To Instagram From iPhone Home Screen With InstaVelox

As we predicted in our compilation of the best add-ons for Velox, the steady flow of the tweak’s amazingly useful widgets isn't looking to dry up any time soon. Velox offers a great way of controlling different iOS features from the SpringBoard, but it can also go beyond that and let you use almost entire apps without actually going away from your phone’s Home screen. These app-related Velox add-ons have managed to attract a lot of users and for that reason, the release of InstaVelox is pretty big news. This widget focuses on one of the most popular apps available in the App Store: Instagram. With InstaVelox, you get to access just about any part of your Instagram account right from the app’s icon. It is not even necessary that you use the account configured on the Instagram app itself, as InstaVelox works independently from that. You cannot upload new images using the widget, but everything else is possible with InstaVelox. Read More

Get App-Specific True Multitasking On iOS 6 With Background Manager

True multitasking has been the Holy Grail of iOS for quite some time now. Among all major smartphone platforms out there these days, Android is the only OS that offers true multitasking. In iOS, you get the impression of multitasking, but the apps restart from scratch if they stay in the background for too long, or if the App Switcher has too many apps in it. In the past, we have seen tweaks like Backgrounder and InfinityTask that bring true multitasking to iOS, but the new Background Manager has clearly demonstrated that there is still room for a tweak that refines the concept and offers a certain level of control over true multitasking. Background Manager lets you choose different settings for each app, or configure true multitasking for all apps at once. The tweak even has options to let users keep an app running when the phone is rebooted or the app is manually killed from the App Switcher. Read More

Get Gestures For Quick Calls, Texts & Emails From iPhone Contacts App

Thanks to its support for iCloud, Gmail, Hotmail and other similar services, the contact management in iOS is pretty good. You don’t have to worry too much about importing contacts to your iPhone manually, and the stock Phone app integrates the address book quite nicely as well. There are a few things, however, that might entice some users to shift to third-party contact managers for iOS. ReachFast Contacts is a pretty decent example of an app that offers something that is unavailable in iOS by default: gesture control. Admittedly, it only takes a few extra taps to make a call from the stock Contacts or Phone app, but if you have access to the Cydia store, it is now possible to have the best of both worlds. QuickGestures lets you make calls, send a text or start composing an email right from the stock Contacts app simply by performing different gestures on each contact’s name - no extra buttons added! Read More

Manage Notifications For Each iPhone App From Home Screen With Badger

Some Cydia tweaks end up being bit disappointing after a lot of hype has been created around them, but Velox did not prove to be such a flop. People were talking about it well before its release and now that it has been available in the jailbreak store for a few weeks, the large number of available Velox add-ons are a testament to its growing popularity. While most people have been focusing on its ability to display interactive widgets on the iPhone SpringBoard, there is something else the tweak can do: letting you view and dismiss notifications for any app simply by performing a few gestures on the app’s icon. If you like this feature but don’t want all the extra (albeit awesome) baggage that comes with Velox, Badger might be worth a shot. This tweak is a notification manager that offers a ton of customization options, and can work with any app that has pending notifications. It’s like having a separate Notification Center for each app. Read More

Use Any Photo Or Color As Background For iPhone Notification Banners

BannerImage has not been around in the jailbreak store for too long, but many people are already comparing it to the FlagPaint tweak. The comparison is justified to a large extent, since both tweaks are designed to let users change the appearance of notification banners, but we have to point out that BannerImage takes things to the next level. While FlagPaint renders quite good-looking results, it gets a bit monotonous after a while, since there are only so many colors or styles you can apply to your banners with it. With BannerImage, on the other hand, you get all that, plus the ability to use any image from your iPhone’s camera roll as the background for the banners. Although the newer tweak’s controls don’t look as refined as FlagPaint’s, we have to say that the customization options are certainly better. Read More

Here Are Some Great Velox Add-Ons To Spruce Up Your iPhone Home Screen

Velox hasn’t been in the Cydia store for even a month yet, but the tweak has made a huge impact on the jailbreak scene. Everyone expected a few add-ons to come out for Velox but nobody had the idea that in less than a month, the Cydia store would be bursting with extensions for the tweak. Velox already works with most of the stock apps but thanks to these third-party add-ons, you can now get a modified versions of your favorite Velox widgets for even the third-party apps installed on your iPhone, and make the tweak handle them. With so many of these add-ons available in the Cydia store, it has become a bit of a nightmare to find the exact extension you want. Searching in Cydia only yields a rather confusing mix of Velox-related themes and add-ons, so we decided to compile a list to help users who want to get the most out of this awesome tweak. Read More

Remotely Track & Control Your Lost Or Stolen iPhone With inner

Anyone who takes security seriously, or has had a mobile phone snatched from them in the past, might already be using apps like Prey on their smartphone. Prey is arguably the most popular anti-theft solution available on iOS and Android but if you own a jailbroken iDevice, there are also some less feature-rich yet effective alternatives to the Prey app out there. ICaughtU might not track your stolen device for you, but it can be used to get a photo of the thief. There is certainly a lot of potential in Cydia apps when it comes to countering phone theft, and inner demonstrates that quite clearly. This app has a ton of features, which make sure that every base is covered in case your phone gets stolen. inner can spring into action automatically when an unauthorized SIM is placed in the device, and also allows you to send commands to your phone remotely using the app’s desktop companion. Read More

Export All Media Files Sent Or Received In iOS Messages App From One Place

Just the other day, while testing the tweaks that allow users to attach long videos with their iMessage and MMS, I realized that for anyone who texts a lot, finding media files in the Messages app is a real headache. Even the search feature in the stock Messages app is limited, and only works for parts of threads that have been loaded manually. In this situation, a section maintaining a collection of all media files saved in the Messages app might have been really useful. Since no such feature exists in iOS, the Cydia store has a pretty decent solution up its sleeve. MediaExport is a Cydia app that shows photos and videos saved in all of your message threads. You can then save these files to the camera roll, or share them using the service of your choice. Read More

What Is Cydia Substrate For Android & How To Install Winterboard On It

The Cydia store has always been there for the rescue of many iOS users when their Android-wielding friends start mocking the iPhone for its lack of customization options. Admittedly, even a host of tweaks and themes cannot match the level of modification a custom ROM or root-level tweaks and mods for Android can offer, but having a collection of such root-level tweaks that can be applied to the device without having to flash files from recovery does have its advantages. So, some might find it bit absurd that Saurik has released Cydia Substrate and Winterboard in the Google Play Store, it can potentially take Android customization to a whole new level! In what follows, we'll take a more detailed look at Cydia Substrate, and show you how to install it on your Android device, and get Winterboard (or any other extensions, as they become available) up and running afterwards. Read More

Get Highly Customizable Grabber-Like App Shortcuts On iOS Lock Screen With Axis

Lock screen launchers for iOS are pretty popular among the Cydia community these days, but with tweaks like Atom, there is always the possibility of inadvertently launching apps due to lack of proper preventive measures. To avoid this, a lot of people prefer Grabby - the popular tweak that adds four camera grabber-like app shortcuts to the lock screen. While Grabby is great, there are a few areas where it might have been a little better, or at least that is what trying out Axis has made us realize. Axis is pretty similar to Grabby, but offers a ton of customization options that aren't there in any of its competitors. To make the shortcuts look good, there are plenty of icon choices available for each shortcut. You can pin any app that is installed on your iDevice, and most of the popular ones have custom icons of their own to help users spot them at one quick glance. Axis also lets you pin one app more than Grabby to the lock screen, which offers four slots. Read More

Use Google Search’s Text-To-Speech Engine To Command Siri With Googiri

Ever since the release of Google Now for iOS, Siri must be feeling a bit insecure for the first time, as prior to that, even the best third-party personal assistants have struggled to give it any real competition on the platform. Although Google Now is more feature-rich, Apple’s own talking assistant enjoys better integration with the OS, and has the ability to create reminders, launch apps and perform other similar system tasks. On the other hand, Siri’s speech recognition isn't something to write home about. People have often suffered placing awkward calls to their contacts while trying to create a simple reminder. Won’t it be just perfect if you could have Siri's features accessible through the speech recognition prowess of Google Search? Googiri is a new Cydia tweak that makes this dream come true. By saying ‘Siri’ before any request made to Google’s voice search, users can get the results of their queries from Siri. You can even choose to stop using Google’s search altogether, and completely switch to using its text-to-speech engine with Siri. Read More

Autopano: Capture Cycloramic-Like Hands-Free Panos On iPhone 5 Using Any Panorama App

Any iOS app that interacts with the user’s surroundings in some way is sure to garner appreciation. Cycloramic and Wave&Pose are two fine examples of apps that deal with photography in a novel way that is both entertaining and useful. Cycloramic has been one of the most popular apps among users of iPhone 5. It lets you capture panoramas without having to exert any effort at all, as all you have to do is place the device on a flat surface, and let the app work its magic using certain vibration patterns. Though Cycloramic has a camera of its own, and many people are partial to the stock Camera app’s panorama mode, or prefer another  third-party app for this purpose. Thanks to a new Cydia tweak, users can now capture hands-free panoramas with any app they want. Autopano for Notification Center makes an iPhone 5 vibrate just like Cycloramic, but it lets you use these vibrations with any panorama app of your choice.

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