Export All Media Files Sent Or Received In iOS Messages App From One Place

Just the other day, while testing the tweaks that allow users to attach long videos with their iMessage and MMS, I realized that for anyone who texts a lot, finding media files in the Messages app is a real headache. Even the search feature in the stock Messages app is limited, and only works for parts of threads that have been loaded manually. In this situation, a section maintaining a collection of all media files saved in the Messages app might have been really useful. Since no such feature exists in iOS, the Cydia store has a pretty decent solution up its sleeve. MediaExport is a Cydia app that shows photos and videos saved in all of your message threads. You can then save these files to the camera roll, or share them using the service of your choice. Read More

What Is Cydia Substrate For Android & How To Install Winterboard On It

The Cydia store has always been there for the rescue of many iOS users when their Android-wielding friends start mocking the iPhone for its lack of customization options. Admittedly, even a host of tweaks and themes cannot match the level of modification a custom ROM or root-level tweaks and mods for Android can offer, but having a collection of such root-level tweaks that can be applied to the device without having to flash files from recovery does have its advantages. So, some might find it bit absurd that Saurik has released Cydia Substrate and Winterboard in the Google Play Store, it can potentially take Android customization to a whole new level! In what follows, we'll take a more detailed look at Cydia Substrate, and show you how to install it on your Android device, and get Winterboard (or any other extensions, as they become available) up and running afterwards. Read More

Get Highly Customizable Grabber-Like App Shortcuts On iOS Lock Screen With Axis

Lock screen launchers for iOS are pretty popular among the Cydia community these days, but with tweaks like Atom, there is always the possibility of inadvertently launching apps due to lack of proper preventive measures. To avoid this, a lot of people prefer Grabby - the popular tweak that adds four camera grabber-like app shortcuts to the lock screen. While Grabby is great, there are a few areas where it might have been a little better, or at least that is what trying out Axis has made us realize. Axis is pretty similar to Grabby, but offers a ton of customization options that aren't there in any of its competitors. To make the shortcuts look good, there are plenty of icon choices available for each shortcut. You can pin any app that is installed on your iDevice, and most of the popular ones have custom icons of their own to help users spot them at one quick glance. Axis also lets you pin one app more than Grabby to the lock screen, which offers four slots. Read More

Use Google Search’s Text-To-Speech Engine To Command Siri With Googiri

Ever since the release of Google Now for iOS, Siri must be feeling a bit insecure for the first time, as prior to that, even the best third-party personal assistants have struggled to give it any real competition on the platform. Although Google Now is more feature-rich, Apple’s own talking assistant enjoys better integration with the OS, and has the ability to create reminders, launch apps and perform other similar system tasks. On the other hand, Siri’s speech recognition isn't something to write home about. People have often suffered placing awkward calls to their contacts while trying to create a simple reminder. Won’t it be just perfect if you could have Siri's features accessible through the speech recognition prowess of Google Search? Googiri is a new Cydia tweak that makes this dream come true. By saying ‘Siri’ before any request made to Google’s voice search, users can get the results of their queries from Siri. You can even choose to stop using Google’s search altogether, and completely switch to using its text-to-speech engine with Siri. Read More

Autopano: Capture Cycloramic-Like Hands-Free Panos On iPhone 5 Using Any Panorama App

Any iOS app that interacts with the user’s surroundings in some way is sure to garner appreciation. Cycloramic and Wave&Pose are two fine examples of apps that deal with photography in a novel way that is both entertaining and useful. Cycloramic has been one of the most popular apps among users of iPhone 5. It lets you capture panoramas without having to exert any effort at all, as all you have to do is place the device on a flat surface, and let the app work its magic using certain vibration patterns. Though Cycloramic has a camera of its own, and many people are partial to the stock Camera app’s panorama mode, or prefer another  third-party app for this purpose. Thanks to a new Cydia tweak, users can now capture hands-free panoramas with any app they want. Autopano for Notification Center makes an iPhone 5 vibrate just like Cycloramic, but it lets you use these vibrations with any panorama app of your choice.

Read More

SubIc0ns Adds A Gesture-Enabled Side Bar Of App Shortcuts To iPhone

There can be no denying the fact that Cydia tweaks that are loaded with features usually end up garnering a lot of attention and popularity, but an average user is rarely after all the extra baggage that comes with these feature-rich tweaks. Cydia packages that stay on our iPhones for long periods of time usually focus on providing just one or two features to users, and this is why SubIc0ns might have a chance of gaining popularity despite the presence of the seemingly better Deck tweak in the jailbreak store. Deck lets users place a bunch of system toggles and app shortcuts on the SpringBoard, but SubIc0ns focuses just on apps, and that too in a really uncomplicated manner. The tweak is really simple, and doesn't come with too many configurable options, making it something a lot of users will feel comfortable with. SubIc0ns can be invoked using any Activator gesture of your choice, making sure that the shortcuts collection remains accessible even on the lock screen or within apps. Read More

View Contact Photos Beside Each Text In iPhone Message Threads

Seeing contact photos in text message threads and conversations is common on services like Viber, Whatspp, and KIK, as well as the built-in Messages app on Android, but it’s not the case with the stock Messages app on iOS. With tight Facebook and Twitter integration for updating contacts (which includes updating their photos), photos in message conversations should have been included by default in iOS 6. You needn't give it a second thought if you're jailbroken, though, as there is a new jailbreak tweak for that! Check it out after the jump. Read More

Add Sorting & Better Batch Selection Options To iPhone Photos App

You can easily switch to using a third-party camera app, or decide that the handful of editing options available in iOS aren't enough and download a third-party photo editor, but the stock Photos app in iOS is something that you just can’t avoid. So, tweaks that deal with the Photos app are pretty important, even if they offer a relatively small feature, like the removal of photos synced with iTunes. To really supercharge the stock image gallery in an iDevice though, we haven't come across a better one than Photo Organizer. This tweak adds a whole bunch of options to Photos app, and that too without asking you to pay anything. Now a paid version of the tweak is also available in the Cydia store, but you won’t be disappointed by Photo Organizer Pro since it offers some features that make the investment worthwhile. You get to sort your albums using a variety of filters, and also bypass iTunes completely by importing pictures to any album using iFile. Read More

How To Share Videos Longer Than Max Limit From iPhone Messages App

iMessage is among the very few iOS features that is liked by almost all users of the platform. A few Cydia tweaks do offer ways of adding some new features to iMessage, but all the existing ones seem to have been implemented to perfection by now. Well, almost to perfection. There is a minor restriction that you might or might not notice even if you use iMessage pretty frequently. While trying to share a video using the service, it is only possible to send clips that are not too long. Even before iMessage, the same problem existed for MMS, and hasn’t gone away despite the emergence of 3G and LTE. So, it’s about time you got the option to send media files of any length via iMessage or MMS. As is often the case, the Cydia store has a solution for these issues. iMessage Unlimited Media Send and Carrier Unlimited Media Send are available as two separate packages in the jailbreak store, but serve the same purpose of letting you bypass the length limit for media sharing on iMessage and MMS respectively. Read More

Get An Equalizer In The Stock iPhone Music App With ipEQ

It is no big deal for a third-party iOS music player to offer ton of options or let you apply filters to tracks in your personal collection, because most people end up sticking with stock apps on their iPhone since they are generally much easier to use and play nice with the entire system. So, it is always great if a way of enhancing existing iPhone apps comes along. This usually happens thanks to the Cydia store, since Apple is not likely to ever allow an App Store release to make changes to a native iOS feature or app. We have seen some pretty decent tweaks dealing with the stock Music app in the past, but ipEQ might be the most exciting of the lot. This new Cydia tweak adds a collection of sound filters to the iPhone Music app, letting you listen to your favorite songs with a twist. Read More

Get A More Info-Laden Weather Widget In iPhone Notification Center

Much has been written and said about how useful jailbreaking iOS devices is, and even a bug in evasi0n is now turning out to be a blessing in disguise. Prior to the iOS 6 jailbreak, the stock Weather app was rarely discussed, since it always got the job done without exactly being brilliant. As soon as evasi0n caused the crashing issues for Weather, a flurry of tweaks and apps belonging to this genre started appearing all over the place. Recently, Yahoo! released a weather app of its own, heating up the competitive air even further. Having said that, it’s not like there weren't any good weather apps around for iOS prior to evasi0n. Weather Underground is a pretty good example of an excellent weather app for iPhone, but it has a shortcoming that puts it at a disadvantage when pitted against the stock Weather app. No third-party app in iOS can have a NC widget of its own, which means that you have no choice but to launch the app if you want to see what the current temperature and other conditions are. Not anymore! WeatherUnderground For Notification Center might only be a third-party widget, but it has all the information you are ever likely to want in the NC. Read More

Use Gestures To Share Current Song Or Video Title From iPhone With I’m Listening

Many Cydia tweaks and widgets that deal with music playback offer scrobbling options almost as an afterthought. The previously covered Now Playing for NC had sharing options, but focused mainly on letting users control songs in an efficient manner. It’s a similar story for NCMusicGestures. The new I’m Listening, however, focuses on scrobbling only. Having said that, you won’t feel that the tweak lacks feature, as it has everything you are ever likely to need in order to share your musical taste with the world through social media. Not only will you find a bunch of social networks in the tweak’s sharing menu, there is also the possibility of defining custom messages for each destination. Another great thing about I’m Listening that is rarely present in other apps or tweaks of this kind is its compatibility with the stock Videos app. To make things absolutely perfect, there are multiple ways of invoking the tweak’s sharing menu, and some of them are gesture-based as well. Read More

MiniPlayer Is An Always-On-Top Floating Music Widget For iPhone

Looks like the developers over at the Cydia store are looking to fill the Home screens of all iPhone owners with interactive widgets today. The much-anticipated Velox came out earlier, and a unique (albeit less feature-rich) tweak by the name of MiniPlayer is sure to ‘wow’ a lot of people as well. Apple revamped the iTunes interface in its latest version 11, but the feature that has garnered the most praise is the mini player widget. The widget is great for controlling music if you are using multiple applications simultaneously, or are just too lazy to go to iTunes to merely pause playback. The MiniPlayer tweak brings the same widget to iPhone, letting users keep an eye on their playback even if they are playing a game or using an app on their device. The widget can be hidden when you are not using it, making it perfect for everyday use. Read More

Velox Adds Widgets & Notification Popups To iPhone App Icons [Review]

Remember MusicWidget (Velox style), the tweak we covered almost a month ago? As mentioned in that review, Velox was always meant to be the real deal, with MusicWidget providing just a tantalizing glimpse of things to come. Well, the wait is finally over, and Velox has finally been made available to the jailbreak community, in what might prove to be a bigger release than even MessageBox. Velox is one of the very few tweaks that has the potential to revolutionize the way people use iOS. There are plenty of widgets already available in Cydia, but Velox provides the neatest way to access the most useful options related to any iPhone app on the go. You can send messages, check your Facebook feeds, manage notifications and control music without opening any app at all! Read More

Make Any iOS App Go Full-Screen By Hiding Title Bar & Toolbar With FullScroll

By now, most of the popular iOS apps have been updated with display optimization for iPhone 5, but long before that happened, Cydia store started offering plenty of options to forcibly maximize apps to get rid of the letterboxed view on your device’s larger display. Though what if you want your apps to take up even more of your screen? How about a new tweak that adds a full screen mode to iOS apps. FullScroll isn't aimed at owners of iPhone 5 only, as it doesn't have anything to do with letterboxing. FullScroll has the ability to make any app full screen, in a way that is reminiscent of the new full screen mode recently added to Chrome for iOS. Whenever you scroll down in an app, FullScroll makes the toolbar and title bar go away, letting you get both back any time you swipe upwards. Read More

CloudLover Offers A Quick Way To Access iCloud Tabs In Safari For iOS

When Google Chrome brought tab syncing to iOS last summer, it was pretty clear that Apple would have to add the same feature to Safari, or risk seeing it become the second best web browser on their own mobile platform. iOS 6 did add tab syncing to the stock iPhone web browser, making use of iCloud for the purpose. A bit unexpectedly though, this particular feature didn't get too much attention, even from Apple. Instead of adding a new iCloud button to the browser’s main screen, the option is hidden inside the bookmarks collection of Safari. For all avid users of iCloud, or anyone who owns more than one Apple devices, the extra taps to reach synced tabs are sure to seem pretty annoying. As is the case with most annoyances in iOS, the Cydia store has a solution. CloudLover doesn't add an iCloud tabs button to Safari, but it does something even better. The tweak lets you configure a  gesture against two of Safari’s existing buttons to access your synced tabs in the blink of an eye. Read More

Get System Toggles Under iPhone Lock Screen Slider With LockBar Settings

More and more Cydia developers have recently started adopting the policy of releasing a beta version of their upcoming tweak in the form of DEB files before making it available as a release on the Cydia store. A few days back, MessageBox took that route, and now, LockBar Settings is available for manual download as well. We have to admit that LockBar isn't as highly anticipated as MessageBox was, but the features it offers can really become an essential part of your daily routine. With LockBar Settings, iOS users get to place four of their most frequently needed system toggles on their device’s lock screen. Much like LockscreenToggles, the new controls added to the lock screen by LockBar only become visible when you invoke them. In fact, it is even possible to require an extra tap for their actions to ensure that a toggle is never hit accidentally. Read More

Set Google Search App To Open Directly To Google Now On iPhone

Soon after its release, the Google Now feature of the Search app met a bump along its otherwise smooth road on iOS. Since Google Now requires constant access to your current location in order to function properly, speculations were rife that the feature is a real battery-killer. Though Google was quick to quash these rumors, refuting all such claims in a statement released just a few hours ago. So now that they don’t have to worry too much about their precious battery life, a lot of people are sure to start using Google Now quite heavily. However, you have to remember that Google Now is only a part of the Search app in iOS, and doesn't enjoy the level of system integration that it has in Android. StartToNow is a Cydia tweak that might be considered the first step towards ingraining Google Now in iOS. Admittedly, it only makes sure that Google Now becomes the default view for the Search app, but this means you have to perform less taps to get to everybody’s favorite and immensely useful new virtual assistant by Google. Read More

Open Yahoo! Weather From Stock iOS Weather App Icon Or NC Widget

Whenever a Cydia tweak lets you replace a stock iOS app with a third-party one, it is usually a sign that the third-party app has got things right. We saw this happen after Google Chrome was released in the App Store, and now a similar option is available for the new Yahoo! Weather app as well. As we pointed out in our review of the new app a few days back, the Yahoo! app offers a lot more than the stock Weather app in iOS. It has beauty, shows you some amazing details regarding current weather conditions, and even lets you see the latest satellite maps to get an even better idea of the weather conditions for any region. Despite all this awesomeness, there are a few things that might have stopped some users from completely switching to Yahoo! Weather. The biggest problem is that the Notification Center widget still directs users to the stock iOS app, but if you have a jailbroken iDevice, this issue can now be resolved thanks to the Yahoo! Weather Is Better Cydia tweak. Read More

Capture Screenshots Of Scrollable iOS Screens & Individual UI Elements

Taking screenshots on iOS is no big deal; you just push the Home and power buttons simultaneously, and the current view is captured with an on-screen flash. Since this is such a straightforward feature of the platform, not many developers over at the Cydia store have felt the need to tinker with it much. We have seen tweaks like Screenshot Dam, IsMyFlash and SSCapture in the past, but they leave the basic characteristics of iOS screenshot feature untouched, or just stop at giving the feature a makeover. Capture View is different though, as it adds a whole new dimension to screenshots capabilities of the iPhone. With this tweak, users can capture a single element of a long list of options, or even capture a complete scrollable list in one shot. Read More