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How To Individually Delete iTunes-Synced Photos From Within iPhone

Even if you are a die-hard fan of iOS, there’s no denying that the stock Photos app in iPhone is not one of Apple’s best creations. For one thing, the app is not very feature rich, and has received only a few basic editing options pretty recently. Apart from that, managing your albums and the images within them can get a bit messy at times. Deletion capabilities for iCloud photos were added a long time ago, and the Camera Roll is quite neat, but if you have albums imported using iTunes, good luck trying to do anything with them! For some reason, iOS does not allow users to delete albums or the photos in them if they are synced with iTunes. Not everyone wants to connect their iPhone to a computer merely to get rid of a few annoying pictures, and it seems a bit counter-intuitive to do that as well. While we can only hope that Apple decides to change this in iOS 7, jailbreak users can address the issue right now, thanks to new Cydia tweak, iMageSynced Remover.

iMageSynced Remover Before iMageSynced Remover Settings iMageSynced Remover After

The tweak works exactly as a fix for an iOS feature should; it doesn’t ask users to go through a lot of complicated configuration steps, and has no unnecessary options. The iMageSynced Remover menu added to the stock Settings app just has a single option, which lets users enable or disable the tweak. This option ensures that you can keep anyone else from deleting your photos by keeping it disabled and enabling it when needed, if you want.

Once iMageSynced Remover is enabled, you can delete images from any album just the way they can be removed from a local album or the camera roll. Just select the undesirable photos by entering ‘Edit’ mode, and use the newly added ‘Delete’ button to get rid of them. A bit disappointingly, iMageSynced Remover does not add the option to let users delete entire albums in one go, so you will have to remove images by individually selecting them within the album. Even if the album becomes empty, it maintains its entry in the Photos app. However, the Photo Organizer tweak can help you with that.

iMageSynced Remover is sure to become a favorite of anyone who doesn’t really like iTunes, or at least doesn’t want to resort to it each time they want to delete their synced photos. iMageSynced Remover is a free tweak, and works with iOS 6 and above. Give it a go by heading to the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store.


  1. what happened though once you sync with itunes? Wont be removed from the itunes library as well? Unfortunatelly this is the reason why apple does not allow this delete option. The whole sync idea is the problem, not the absence of delete option.

  2. What’s more annoying to me, is reading through an article to find out it’s about cydia. Can’t Addictive Tips start a Cydia category, so I can ignore these? I’m not interesting in jail-breaking my phone.

    • ‘Cydia tweak’ and ‘jailbreak users’ is mentioned in the intro paragraph itself, which is visible on the home page (or iOS category) so one doesn’t need to open and read through the entire post to see it’s that. =)

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