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Change UI Accent Color Of iPhone Apps With Emphasize

I know a lot of people who aren’t really into Winterboard themes despite having a jailbroken iDevice. While theming can give your device a completely new look, it does come with a few drawbacks. For one thing, your device’s battery life might be negatively affected if the theme is a bit too flashy, and you also end up losing all the finesse that defines iOS. So, if you don’t have any serious issues with the way things appear in iOS by default, Emphasize might still manage to win you over. The tweak lets you change the color of basic UI elements in iOS. In iOS 6, the status bar changes color to match the current app’s theme. There have also been tweaks like WeatherBar in the past, which are aimed at making your iPhone’s screen appear more interesting and colorful. Emphasize goes one step further, and lets you choose the basic UI color of a third-party or system app.

Emphasize iOS Settings Emphasize iOS Colors Emphasize iOS App

Emphasize does not make any changes to the iOS UI automatically after its installation, as users have to configure the tweak through the menu it adds to the stock Settings app. The main page of the menu lists all the apps installed on your device, but the top option says ‘Default’. The default color saves you from the hassle of having to assign a separate color to each app. If you assign a particular color to an app via Emphasize, the default setting is overridden every time the said app is launched.

Photos-app-Plum Clock-app-Varidian

Apart from selecting ordinary colors like blue, pink, yellow, orange, etc., the tweak also enables users to apply the default iOS colors to apps that don’t ordinarily have it. The same color options show up when you tap the entry of any app within the Emphasize menu.

Emphasize won’t change the default colors in all sections of third-party apps, as it has been designed to replace only stock iOS colors. If an app uses those APIs though, the tweak makes the changes. Emphasize also kicks the status bar color-change into action, and the overall result is pretty neat.

Accentify is a paid tweak that has been released pretty recently as well, and serves roughly the same purpose. However, Emphasize is available for free and has been developed by the famous Ryan Petrich. The colors in Emphasize look pretty natural in iOS, and we highly recommend it to anyone who wants to spice up things without the help of Winterboard. To download Emphasize, look in the following repo of the Cydia store.


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