PicMonkey: Online Photo Editor With Skin Retouching, Customizable Filters & Blur Effects

Desktop image editors or online ones aren’t hard to find, but online image editors are usually limited in the number of features they offer. They usually allow you to perform only conventional functions like cloning a part of the image, cropping and resizing it, and adding frames or a few filters. PicMonkey is a web app that does all of this, and more. In addition to the wide range of filters it allows you to add to images, you can also edit the filters and change their intensity. The app has basic editing options, color effects, skin retouching effects, text and shape effects, frames and patterns that can be applied to an image. You can apply more than one effect at the same time as well. The app is in beta just now, and hence, all effects can be used for free. Once the beta is over, access to some effects will be restricted and will require you pay to use them. Read More

Funny Photo Maker: Apply Effects & Insert Images Into Amusing Scenes

Adobe Photoshop is arguably a magnificent photo editor, but when it comes to using its photo editing features, most of the novice users find themselves perplexed due to the myriad of available options. If you also happen to be one of those users who get confused when using Photoshop, then you can try one of the many simpler solutions for giving your photos a quick makeover. Funny Photo Maker  is one of them. It is a light-weight, easy to use photo-editing tool that enables you to apply various tweak-able photo effects and frames. You can apply several filters to your photos and make them look gorgeous within a few clicks. The application comes packed with plenty of amazing PhotoFunia-like templates to create funny-looking or artistic photos that you may want to share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. In addition, it has the ability to generate high-quality images for printing purposes. Keep reading to find out how it works.Read More

Blux Movie: Shoot Videos With Effects & Add Background Music [iPhone]

Photo editors in iOS have become so commonplace that it really takes an exceptional app of that genre to make its mark upon iPhone users. The same does not hold true for video editing apps, however. There are a few apps that will let you make a few basic changes to the videos you shoot using the awesome camera in your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, but there is no way of getting as many filters and effects for videos as there are for photos. Blux Movie is an app which gores against this trend, and brings some pretty decent video filters and editing options to users of newer iPhone models. The app comes with a handful of beautiful effects that can be applied to videos even as you are shooting them. In addition to that, Blux Movie has options to apply Split Screen frames to your videos, and to let users stream their videos to their PC over Wi-Fi!Read More

LINE Camera For Android: Photo Styling App With Countless Brushes, Stickers, Fonts & Effects

Even before photo-editing and sharing sensation Instagram hit the Google Play Store, there were plenty of other wonderful apps that allowed Android users to embellish their photos with filters, stickers, brushes, font styles, badges, borders and what not. No matter how saturated the photography genre of the Google Play Store may have become, there is always a new contender that catches the attention of users with something unique, or an insane amount of features. One fine example of photo editors that offer the latter is LINE Camera, a new addition to the store. While the purpose of LINE Camera is pretty much the same as any other app from its genre, the overwhelming number of different options that it contains is what makes it special; that and the ease with which it lets you use them to spruce up your photos. You have the choice of working on a fresh image, or importing one from your device’s gallery, and once you’re done editing, you can share the photos across a plethora of social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Cyworld and more. Update: You can now grab the app for iPhone as well. A link to its iTunes App Store page has been added at the end of this review.Read More

Ultimate Special FX: Make Your Videos Look Like Explosive Clips From An Action Movie [Android]

TechCat Mobile debuted in the Google Play Store last year with their powerful video editing and sharing Android app, AndroMedia Video Editor. The team is back in action with a fun app called Ultimate Special FX that lets you add high quality special effects - like a fake air strike, missile strike or car crash - to your videos to make them look as if they were clips from a action movie. The app’s concept – and for the most part, the UI – seems to have been inspired from previously reviewed iOS app, Action Movie FX. The explosive movie clips created with the app can be stored to your device’s local storage, viewed within the app’s native video player, and shared with friends on the go.Read More

PowerCam For iPhone: Awesome Live Filters For Videos & Photos

Many iOS apps let users edit photos in great detail, but the number of apps which show the results of camera filters even before a picture is snapped is much less than ordinary photo editors. Out of these iPhone apps having live filters, you will be hard-pressed to find one as comprehensive as PowerCam. The collection of effects in the app is really impressive, and not only that, the app has a bundle of other useful features as well. If you like snapping self-portraits, then PowerCam is the perfect app for you, as it has a special Face Time mode, which will detect your face automatically. You can even create collages, and there are many other awesome features in PowerCam, so head on past the break to read all about them. Update: PowerCam is now available for Android as well. A link to its Google Play Store page has been added at the bottom of this post.Read More

Create Your Own Photo Filters & Effects Using Snapster For iPhone

There were many popular photography apps that offered photo effects before Instagram, but the photo sharing network made photo editing so easy and mainstream that now anyone with an iOS device can make his or her photo look like a work of art. However, when you look closely, the number of camera filters available in Instagram aren’t a lot. There are other iPhone apps which have a lot more editing options, but even those can’t compete against Snapster, the app which not only has a pretty nice collection of filters, but also lets you define effects of your own. In addition to that, the app has an assortment of picture frames and textures which can be applied to any photo with a single touch.Read More

Get Countless Camera Filters & Photo Borders With Infinicam For iPhone

Owing to the awesomeness of the cameras in newer iOS devices, the App Store is full of apps related to photography and imagery. When it comes to snapping photos using your iPhone, no one wants to bore others with pictures shot in the same style over and over. This is why, like Instagram, there are many apps which let users apply a lot of filters to the images they might have on their iDevice. However, in almost all the apps out there, the available cameras and filters have to be limited, and their amount static. This means that the urge to create something truly unique remains unsatisfied for the most part. If you can relate to that, then Infinicam is just the app you have always been looking for. The app comes with thousands of camera filters, and the list is growing all the time. Read on to know more about Infinicam.Read More

Cymera: Camera Replacement & Photo Editor With Face Detection & Auto-Retouching [Android]

Laced with a variety of photo editing, enhancement and sharing tools, Cymera is the latest and one of the best camera replacement Android apps to hit the Google Play Store yet. Cymera presents you with a plethora of photo shooting modes, camera lens types, and number of post-processing image enhancement and correction tools. Apart from presenting users with a handful of commonly used image editing tools, Cymera lets you embellish your photos with a slew of snazzy stickers, comic masks and fancy frames and vintage-style photo filters. Cymera supports automatic facial recognition (for captured photos), and lets you apply various face effects to retouch portraits. The app also has a neatly designed native image gallery using which you can view a timeline of all your photos, jump directly to the app’s feature-rich image editor, and share the best images across various social media networks including Facebook, Twitter and Weibo. Images can be captured in silent mode (wherein the camera shutter is silenced), and you have the choice of immediately editing a snapped photo or performing post-processing operations in batch.Read More

Instant: Add Instagram-Like Filters To Your Images On Mac [Paid]

Instagram is perhaps one of the coolest apps available for iPhone (and soon to be available on Android). The app is popular because it lets you get more out of your iPhone’s camera, making your images stunning to look at and providing you a sharing/showcase platform. Instant is a Mac app worth $4.99 (for a limited time) on the Mac App Store that lets you combine a polaroid camera and 28 filters to make your photos amazing. The app also lets you connect with your Flickr account and share photos directly to it. You can customize the filters and add a caption to the image. When you add a caption using Instant, the app adds a frame to your image, giving it an authentic polaroid shot look.Read More

Flixel: Create Animations, Apply Effects & Share With Others [iPhone]

A few days back, we covered an iOS app named Viddy, which allowed users to share videos with their friends and other app users after making desired changes to it. Just like that app is an Instagram for videos, Flixel is an app which lets you do, more or less, the same thing, but with animations. This iPhone app won’t make you snap a lot of photos and then stitch them together in a complex manner to make an animation. All you have to do is to point your iPhone or iPad’s camera in the direction of a moving object, and you will have a fully functional animation, which can be edited and then shared with all your friends and personal network on the app.Read More

MediaPlus: Resize, Pin & Add Effects To Images/Videos On Any Website [Chrome]

If you want to take full control of videos, images and other media on your favorite webpages, then MediaPlus, a Chrome extension, is just the right tool for you, as it lets you move, resize, turn lights off and maximize images and videos to full-screen. The extension adds multiple controls in a slick toolbar under each image and video. With it, you can move, resize and pin media content on pages like YouTube and Facebook. You can also maximize media content to the whole browser window or pop it out. Furthermore, you can add various effects to images, such as sepia, blur, glow and more. Darkening area around videos and watching them without any distraction is also made possible. MediaPlus makes it possible to customize embedded Flash videos on any website.Read More

uSketch: Apply Sketch, Color And Other Photo Filters To Images [Mac]

Apps that add effects to photos are as common as perhaps water, so if you ever decide to use one, you want to make sure it offers you both a good range of effects as well as good execution. uSketch is a free Mac app that applies filters to your photos, and its interface alone will blow you away. In addition to its 19 filters that are 100% customizable, the app also has a wide range of sketch effects that are executed very well. You can use the app to take photos directly from webcam, or add ones from your system. It also lets you print, email and share photos on Twitter, Facebook and Flickr.Read More

Pinweel For iPhone: Apply Filters To Photos & Create Group Albums

Taking a picture using your iOS device is not much of a problem, as the camera in iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is generally pretty good, and if that’s not enough, there are a lot of third-party photography apps available as well. The real problem, however, arises when you want to share those photos with your friends. The most commonly used method for photo sharing these days is email, which is not really intuitive and involves way too many steps. That’s why a photo sharing app is always a welcome addition to the App Store. There are many such apps, but Pinweel is pretty unique, owing to the fact that it allows you to share photos in real-time, and with multiple contacts. Not only that, you can edit a photo as well before you publish it to your account and social network.Read More

linesmART: Adjust & Apply Sketch/Line Art Effect To Your Images [Mac]

Sketch and line art filters are some of the most common image effects that picture editors let you apply. While the effect is very common, there are few apps that execute it well. linesmART is a free Mac app that renders the line and sketch effect fairly well for animate objects, and exceptionally for inanimate ones. The app allows you to import any image, and applies the sketch effect to it. As opposed to turning the entire image black & white (which most apps do) this app retains the color and allows you to adjust the intensity, contrast, brightness, exposure and saturation.Read More

BeFunky: Apply Effects/ Frames, Edit & Share Photos On iPhone

BeFunky is a photo editor for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, which is based on letting users edit their photos with complete ease. Admittedly, there are many iOS which have a lot to offer in terms of photo editing, but each of them has something unique, making it popular among users. Similarly, BeFunky has a few distinctive photo effects, frames and editing options. The app isn't a mere photo editor; it even has a cloud service where users can store their photos for free, and also view public shares by fellow BeFunky users. The app certainly has a lot to offer, and you can find everything about it by reading on.Read More

PhotoTime: Add Over 30 Live Effects To Images Taken With Webcam [Mac]

You’ve no doubt come across a lot of web apps that let you add color effects to your images. Some will also let you connect with your webcam and apply the effects live but often the quality is low or the apps are not very responsive. PhotoTime is a free Mac app that lets you add over 30 different effects and lets you combine two or three of them in a single image. The app uses your system’s webcam and previews the effects live. Some effects can be customized using mouse movements. In addition to the usual sepia, black & white and Kaleidoscope effects, the effects include Rainbow, Pencil, Tunnel, Line overlay, Pixelate and Edges effect. The app has a delay timer that you can customize and also an on-screen flash that you can set to any color your like.Read More

Inspire For iPhone: Paint Realistically With Customizable Brushes

Finger painting on an iPhone is usually considered a time-killer, but there are a few iOS apps which let you create beautiful masterpieces just as if you were painting on a real canvas, with real brushes. Inspire is one such app, and the features it offers are so detailed that a practiced hand can draw or sketch just about anything using Inspire. Not only are there highly customizable brushes available in the app, you can blend the colors you want to apply to perfection. Inspire has a lot of effects on offer, so read on to know all about them.Read More

Be A DJ To Remix Or Ruin Any Song With Beat Slice For iPhone/ iPad

Just about everyone likes music, and change is always welcome. That’s what Beat Slice does; it lets you change your favorite songs in any way you want. Looking at a DJ you might have wondered how tough it must be to create a brand new remix for a song, but after you use this awesome iOS app, you will feel that you can be a DJ without breaking a sweat. Beat Slice is an app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, using which you can remix any song. If you get the mix right, you get an awesome track, but even if you get it wrong, there’s still a really enjoyable (and mostly comical) product of your efforts. Ever wanted to be a DJ? If yes, head past the break. Read More

Apply Extensive Customizable Effects To Photos With Paint FX For iPhone & iPad

When it comes to photo editing apps for iOS, you have to make a choice between thoroughness and convenience. There is a class of apps which let you make changes to photos on an iPhone with a single tap, while others make sure that you get the exact result you set out looking for. Paint FX is an app which combines these two categories in perfect proportion. While using this app, you don’t get stuck trying to do too much before you actually get to see some change in your photo, but on the other hand, it also offers a respectable amount of customization. The app has a lot of filters and photo effects, and you can change them as well to match your needs.Read More