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SmoothDraw: Digital Painter With Adobe Photoshop Like Layers Support

Do you like the work of great artists such as Picassa or Leonardo Da Vinci, and numerous others that would depict the whole world in their masterful work? With computer applications available today, anyone can draw beautiful looking canvases (not to the likes of those historical geniuses of course, though). Last year, we covered an open source application for digital painters called MyPaint, which provides users with various options to create a digital painting that resembles work on a real-life canvas. Today, we’ve stumbled upon yet another marvelous and simple drawing tool for Windows, namely SmoothDraw. The application offers a whole lot of tools that anyone would require to draw, well, anything. It contains multiple brushes and effects, and there is also layer support. Unlike MyPaint, it has a great deal of brushes such as Leaky Pen, Dry Media, Fine Spray, Water Color, Hatch Brush, Clone Brush etc. You can apply effects to entire picture or add separate layers including Brightness, Controls, Colorize, Gamma, Blur, Sharpen etc,. to make images look as you want. More details about SmoothDraw after the break.

The interface has the available brush list at the top, while the color selection, brush size, and layer management can be done from the left side. There are File, Edit, View, Canvas, Stencil and Effects menus available at the top. The different brushes also have presets for items like stars, butterflies grass and more. These presets help you quickly draw frequently used shapes without having to actually draw them by hand. For example, if you want to add grass effect to your image, choose grass-imaged brush from toolbar, and use that brush over image.

SmoothDraw 3.2.10 - CUsersTestDesktopTest.sddoc main

The Effects menu lets you add effects to the selected layer such as Brightness, Colorize, Hue/Saturation, Solarize, Blur, Glow, Mosaic, Color Noise, Sharpen etc. The Canvas menu deals with canvas resize settings; you can adjust the canvas size before start drawing, and select the position where original image is to placed. The main navigation bar holds the options to calibrate the foreground color, adjust brush size and ink flow and manage layers added to the image.

SmoothDraw 3.2.10 - CUsersTestDesktopTest 2

SmoothDraw is quite an awesome paint application. It can let you do beautiful painting and then there are large number of brush selection too. The application works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Both 32-bit and 64-bit OS editions are supported and testing was carried out on Windows 7.

Download SmoothDraw


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