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Convert Units & Dimensions From Browser Toolbar In Chrome

Often, we have to deal with different dimensions and unit conversions. Converting values from one unit to another is something many of us need to do. For this purpose, you might have to visit various online unit conversion websites, and although they can be useful, wouldn’t it be better if you can perform these simply conversions from within the browser? Simple Units Converter is a Chrome extension that comes with different dimensions and units, which can quickly be accessed with a click on the button in the toolbar. The Simple Units Converter is easy-to-use and comes with 36 different dimensions, acceleration, temperature, speed/velocity, volume, cooking, radiation,weight/mass, luminance etc. Each dimension has a From Unit and To Unit. The From and To Unit both consist of drop-down menus that offer users with multiple units. For instance, if you want to convert a value from mile per hour to foot per second, simply click speed/velocity and set the From and To units from the drop-down menu, enter the value, and results will be automatically displayed.

To start off, simply click the button in the toolbar, and a pop-up will be displayed. Here, you will find the dimension on the left hand-side. Scroll down the dimensions and select your desired one, the selected dimension then appears on the right side of the pop-up, with the From and To units. Both the From and To units have drop-down menus which allow you to change the units. Once you’ve set the units, simply enter a value and get quick results.


Simple Units Converter extension is quite useful specially for students, teachers and researchers. With it, you no longer have to visit random sites to convert units, and can find almost any dimension/unit in the pop-up. Visit the link below, try it out and let us know what you think.

Install Simple Units Converter For Google Chrome


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