Download Email Attachments From Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, etc For Free

Mail Attachment Downloader is an awesome desktop utility which offers almost every option to customize downloading of attachments from multiple email services including Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL, Hotmail, and many others supporting POP/IMAP protocols. What sets it apart from other applications is the fact that it contains a wide range of features to download attachments quickly at specified location. While it’s being compounded with scheduling options, you can apply filters in numerous way, for example, you can download files by extensions (images, documents, music or video files), download within a defined date range, download attachments from either only new messages or all mail items, set limit on files sizes, etc. It is further possible to apply filters on messages, you can for instance specify recipient or sender’s mail address along with CC & BCC, subject and body text in order to download only required mail attachments. Read More

SparrowMailApp – Gmail Desktop Mail Client For Mac [Review]

SparrowMailApp is an efficacious email client for Mac which caters to nothing except your Gmail mailbox. The application is exclusively designed for those who are using Google Mail as a primary email service. Since Gmail is widely famous for numerous reasons, Sparrow is an effective attempt to bring ease in organizing your Google contacts and most importantly mail items. The application developers have kept everything simple with minimal set of mailbox-specific features. This doesn’t imply that essential tools are not provided, right from options to label mails, add multiple Gmail accounts, view threaded conservations are available whilst supporting eminent desktop notification system – Growl. What gets it over the line is the clean & simple interface with all important features to organize mailbox present right in front of you, so you wont have to manually configure IMAP options or set it up to start the mail sync process. Moreover, the application is smart enough to synchronize all mails items as per folder hierarchy with an option to download mail items on demand for users with enormous mailbox. Read More

Add Online Account Signatures In Your Email With WiseStamp For Firefox, Chrome, Safari

WiseStamp is a Firefox, Google Chrome And Safari extension that allows users to create a custom signature with links to many social networking and IM accounts. With WiseStamp, you can automatically add a HTML signature in Gmail, Yahoo, etc that contains your latest tweet, eBay store item and online account details from Facebook, StumbleUpon, Pandora,,, LinkedIn, Flickr, etc without the need to login to any account. WiseStamp is a simple and easy way of sharing plan casts, music, online profile links, IM IDs and much more. Read More

Create A Temporary Email Address In Firefox To Avoid Spam With TrashMail

A few weeks ago we reviewed Bloody Vikings - a Firefox extension that allows creating a temporary email address via 10minuteemail and Anonbox web services. TrashMail is an even better Firefox extension that can be used to not only for multiple temporary email addresses, but also provides a lengthier duration of the disposable email account, ranging from 1 day to an unlimited period of time. This can be an effective method of avoiding spam emails when registering with miscellaneous web services. Read More

Secure Mozilla Thunderbird With Master Password

Mozilla Thunderbird is a widely used cross platform email and news client. Many people who use Thunderbird might wish to enhance its security in order to protect their privacy and restrict unauthorized access to their emails. Master Password is a Mozilla Thunderbird extension that does just that, by securing your Thunderbird client with a master password. Read More

Easy Group Photo Sharing With Yogile

Imagine an occasion where multiple people have cameras, and are taking photos of an event or a vacation. Ever tried consolidating all these photos in one place? You’ll get a headache trying to get people (friends, family, etc) to send the pictures to you by any means possible. Read More

SharedSafe Utilizes Free Email Space For Private File Storage And Sharing

With the increment in popularity of online file storage, cloud computing and shared services, file sharing has attained an entirely new meaning. As of now online file storage services are the hottest commodity in market, with services like Dropbox and SugarSync taking the top spot, and file sharing giants like RapidShare, MegaUpload and many others crushing out competition. However, one catch with most of these services is that they’re free only for the most ripped-off version of what they can really do. Hence this division had yet to see a really impressive 'free’ solution. Read More

Redirect MailTo Links To HTTPS Gmail Or Google Apps For Domains

Recently it happened at work that we switched from the good old MS Outlook to Google Apps for Domains (GAFD), and a pilot group of our users started working with Gmail’s web interface. It so became half of our people were using Outlook, while a handful were using Gmail, and it caused quite a few tantrums with people taking time to familiarize with the new environment. One of the most commonly-faced issues was mailto: hyperlinks. What would happen was that when a user of GAFD would click a mailto: link, Outlook would launch instead of Gmail in a browser window. This wasn’t only with emails, but almost for all Google Apps, we saw this problem surfacing. Read More

POP Peeper Brings Easy Desktop Notifications, Handling For Webmail And POP/IMAP

Last week I reviewed an email notification tool, EmailTray, which has come a long way in its development, with now a sleek interface, well customization options and wide-ranged support for email providers. One of our readers, Ron, pointed to us another useful utility called POP Peeper, which is essentially an email notifier, running from the system tray, that keeps tabs on various IMAP and POP email and other services, including the likes of Yahoo!, AOL, Reddit etc. Let’s have a look at what this tool is all about. Read More

Inbox2 – An Awesome Email And Social Networking Client For Desktop

Ever increasing dependency on technology and the internet is making it more and more difficult to keep track of things in an organized manner. If you’re an active internet and social networking community member, chances are that you’ll be jumping from one platform to another all the time, checking emails, Facebook, Twitter, and what not. Won’t it be nice to have everything delivered to you in one place, without the hassle? Many applications these days are adopting this very approach. Microsoft in their Office 2010 suite of applications have also tried to incorporate this in some manner. Then there are dedicated programs that serve only this process: email and social network integration. From this class stands out Inbox2, a ‘premium connected lifestyle application’ as per its developer, that combines all (and I mean literally all) your email in one beautiful interface as well as displaying live streams from Facebook, Twitter, Yammer etc. Read More

Bring Outlook 2010 Inbox, Contacts, Calendar, Notes, And Tasks On Desktop

Outlook On The Desktop is an extremely useful application which brings the most important Outlook 2010 items including Calendar, Inbox, Tasks, Notes, and Contacts, right on the desktop. Since opening Outlook 2010 application each time to view Calendar, Inbox, Contacts, etc., is nuisance-driving, this innovative application eliminates the need of navigating through Outlook to access these items and offers a simple desktop solution. Previously we have reviewed a tool called DeskTask which only brings calendar and tasks on the desktop, Outlook on The Desktop puts the whole email client on the Windows Desktop. Read More

Send Attachment To Gmail And Other Webmail From Desktop

Sending file directly to Mail recipient option is integrated in Windows Explorer context menu, which has been both lauded & criticized, mainly because it brings ease to attach files but also happens to not open default email account every time. Let me elaborate, you can always attach a file to Outlook email client but what about attaching a file directly to GMail from Windows Explorer? Affixa provides seamless way to attach files with any email, be is webmail or a desktop email client. It replaces Windows Explorer context menu Mail recipient integration, provides attachments drop box, supports for large attachments files, replace mailto links, and a lot more. Read More

Foxmail – A Full-Featured Email Client & RSS Reader

Granted, more and more people resort to online services for their email and even everyday office work (Zoho Mail/Docs, Gmail/Google Docs), even entire virtual desktops turn up on the net, giving a quite comprehensive set of tools to substitute your local applications with (think of WebOS's like My SkyTop, EyeOS or But as of yet, nothing weighs up to the speed, responsiveness and versatility of a locally run application. Even so for managing your email. Read More

Make Thunderbird Message Reader Header More Informative

The message reader header is the most important part of the email client. Users guess the whole email only by reading it’s header. By default Thunderbird header shows excerpt of the subject, thus you can’t read the whole subject unless you don’t open the email. If you get lots of the emails and you scan them all by reading their subjects, then it is very easy to miss an important email whose subject is not properly shown.

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Install And Use Thunderbird In Ubuntu Linux

Mozilla Thunderbird is an open source, cross-platform desktop email client software. It offers very rich set of features to help you manage your emails, among them include message tagging, searching, and message filtering. Applying rules on your incoming emails in Mozilla Thunderbird is quite easy. Over the past few years, it had gained quite an attention of a large number of professionals and home users alike, and continues to do so till this day. Read More

Iconix Finds Trusted Emails By Adding Visual Identity To Your Email Inbox

Iconix is a free add-on for both Internet Explorer/Firefox browsers and Outlook Express/2003/2007 desktop clients. It solves a very unique problem. Suppose you get an email from PayPal asking for some information, how would you know if it is legit? Once Iconix is installed, it will scan all your emails when you visit your account and add Truemark icons before the sender’s name that it finds to be legit. It scans by sending some details of every email to the Iconix server and then determines whether the email is original or fake. It scans all emails in real-time and the process is relatively fast. The scanning takes place in the background and does not disturb your activity. Read More

Import All Images And Videos From Your Email Account

Email is a great way to share photos and stories, but all email providers lack a build-in photo browser. To find photos you will have to manually search the specific email and then browse the photo attachments. Are you looking for a simple place where you can view photos from all email attachments and share them easily?

2Pad is a free online service that lets you import all photos and videos from any email account and store them in one location. The email services it directly supports are, Hotmail, Yahoo! , GMail, AOL Mail, and Mobile Me. It can work with any mail server with IMAP support.

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Verify Outlook File Attachment Before Sending An Email

Have you ever forgotten to attach a file while sending an important email? It happens sometimes when a person is in hurry. Sending an email but forgetting to attach a file can be pretty embarrassing sometimes, particularly when it is send to some important person.

Missing Attachment Powertoy(Download directly from here) is a free plug-in for Microsoft Outlook 2007 that reminds you to attach a file before an email is send. It scans for all words and phrases in your email that would indicate an attachment, if it detects any such word or phrase and does not find any attachment, it will bring up a dialog box for confirmation and also give you an option to revise the message before sending it forward.

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