Outlook Security Configurator Allows Blocked And Linked Attachments

Outlook doesn’t permit users to access and download a wide range of file attachments which may include malicious code to prevent external sources from exploiting administrative rights of your system. For instance, executable (EXE) and Windows batch scripts (BAT) file may contain potentially dangerous command set which when run starts deteriorating your system vital components without notifying you about it. But what if you want to receive a batch/executable or JavaScript file from a reliable source in Outlook? Outlook Security Configurator not only unblocks restricted file attachments for all Outlook versions but lets you define list of file types you want to receive as email attachments. Unlike previously covered Outlook Attachment Enabler , it allows you to receive and open linked attachments without having to pass through Outlook security prompts.Read More

Arpadia – IM-Style Client For Conversations Over Email [Android, iOS]

Arpadia is a brilliant messaging app for Android and iOS that brings forth a fresh approach when it comes to email. The concept behind Arpadia is to provide users an interface through which they can share their emails in the same way as they are used to sharing text and multimedia messages with their contacts. Instead of logging into a routine email client, users can simply use this app to exchange quick ‘email messages’. With Arpadia, your email turns into an SMS while the attachments can be shared just like in multimedia messages (MMS).Read More

Attachments.me – Search Email Attachments, Download & Send To Dropbox

Attachments are those extremely important things that are too easily lost and very difficult to find and even built-in email search isn’t as effective as it should be. Attachments.me is a service that makes it easy to track down your email attachments; it lets you search attachments in you Gmail and Yahoo mail accounts, it searches your Facebook and Twitter stream for images, audio, video, documents, news, events and code. You can download items directly, share them on email, Twitter, Facebook or Dropbox.Read More

Taglocity Automatically Assigns Tags To Emails In Outlook 2010 [Work Productivity]

Are you worried about how to organize emails that get piled up every day in your Outlook 2010 inbox folders? Managing a great deal of emails each day becomes quite laborious even with email filtering tools provided by Outlook. If you’re on the lookout for a better and extremely intuitive solution to organize the emails in your Outlook folders, get Enterprise 2.0 inspired Taglocity add-in now. It deploys a comprehensive yet easy-to-use email management system that enables users getting host of emails every day to prioritize emails in order to make their emails specific work more productive. The add-in was particularly designed to save time that you spend on processing emails and importantly refining information out of received messages. Taglocity’s usability revolves around handling email overload, enhancing productivity, reducing the important email attention deficit, and revitalizing email search features.Read More

Send Email Requests So Others Can Upload Files To Your Dropbox Account

It may be a nightmare for you to ask people to email important files and you’re probably looking for a simple and effective way to get it done (like perhaps sending a troop of gorilla fighters to a coworker’s home and have them hold the last slice of pizza hostage until he/she emails you the file) or you could try something simpler like FileStork, a web app that combine two of the most commonly used services; your email and Dropbox, to make it easier to securely send file requests and receive files.Read More

Change How Emails Are Printed In Thunderbird With PrintingTools

Anyone can print an email but how many of you can customize every element in an email to get it looking exactly the way you want? PrintingTools is a Thunderbird extension that allows you to change how your email will be printed, you can decide what order essential email elements like the Attachment, Subject, Date, To, From and CC will appear. You can specify font and font size for the email header, body and for quoted text, hide headers and images, specify boarders for headers, truncate headers that are too long, hide inline attachments, choose how the date will appear, and hide the print progress bar while your email prints.Read More

Save Email Attachments Directly To Dropbox With Send To Dropbox

Send To Dropbox is a web-based service which lets you send important email attachments directly to your Dropbox folder. This comes useful in situations where you send emails with attachments from, lets say, office PC or smartphones and want to save the important attachments on your primary PC without having to manually download them from Sent items folder. Send to Dropbox keeps track of all the important files which you’ve sent to different recipients with complete date and time info and other email specific attributes, such as, Attachment title, email address, filenames, and email subject. One noteworthy aspect of Send to Dropbox service is that it has an ability to automatically extract ZIP archives in your Dropbox, which can surely saves a lot of your precious time. Furthermore, unlike other email attachment to Dropbox services, it can keep copy of email body in plain text and in HTML format.Read More

MailTabs Plugin Adds Tabs In Mac Mail Application

Mac native Mail App is, undoubtedly, one of the easiest mail client to configure and use, but one downside which always compels me to consider third-party email clients is that each window gets opened separately, eventually cluttering up whole desktop area (as shown in the screenshot above). MailTabs is small plug-in for Mac Mail App which brings tabbed interface. With MDI based UI, you can view and manage multiple windows under one place without having to manually adjust them at different corners of the screen. MailTabs provides the best way to organize different message windows. You can compose new message, reply to emails, forward messages and do anything related with emails under tabs. According to the developer, it’s an ability to save the sessions, so they can be restored back on launching Mail app.Read More

Recover Emails After System Crash From All Desktop Mail Clients

File recovery software are generally not completely reliable when it comes to retaining the files in the proper format back. Thus, after a system crash, many users tend to recover only most important data from the HDD, such as, project files, presentations, important documents, and importantly emails from installed email clients. If you’ve faced such a hard drive crash lately, odds of you searching for a ubiquitous email recovery pack are high. Email Undelete is an email recovery program which is out for recovering all the emails from crashed hard drives and also all the purged emails which were once saved in Delete folders of installed email clients, such as, Outlook, Thunderbird, Opera Mail, etc. Email Undelete is powerful in many ways. While it can recover mails from non-responsive storage mediums, it’s an ability to locate and undelete missing email databases, so you can choose which emails from what database are to be recovered back. Additionally, broken email messages , which can’t be interpreted by many email clients, can also be repaired in order to read them without any problems.Just like previously advocated Outlook Repair, it uses deep search mechanism to thoroughly scan the damaged storage medium for lost messages and email databases. Recovering mails is easy. You’d just need to follow its wizard steps to initiate deep search process. Once scanning is finished, it will show all the recovered messages, lost email databases, and broken mails, letting you retain them back instantly.Read More

Format And Clean Up Text Of Emails For Easier Reading With StripMail

StripMail is a portable application that cleans up your emails by removing unwanted characters, as well as provides paragraph and indenting options. Just copy and paste wrongly formatted emails in StripMail and select the appropriate options to automatically strip your emails of unwanted characters (such as “>”), which are present when forwarding emails. It allows indenting entire text, adding quotes, creating paragraphs and more.Read More

Perform Scenario-Based Data Sync & Backup On Large Scale With SyncBack

If you’re planning to deploy a complete data synchronization system to seamlessly perform the backup tasks regardless of how big the work scale is, odds of you coming across one feature-rich but paid synchronization utility are high. What if you could find all the essential synchronization and data backup features for free? SyncBack attempts to offer all the characteristics which you’d like to have. It can perform sync and backup operation remotely while covering numerous scenarios to fit the need of advanced users.Despite having features of previously reviewed sync utilities, it takes data back up and synchronization to the next level, allowing users to backup and sync data over network and to optical drives, launch application after and before the sync/backup task, schedule by day/monthly basis, filter both files and directories, and compress destination data by 4 different levels. If data backup or synchronization is to be performed on a large scale, you can turn-on Expert mode to generate reports and send confirmation/ errors logs through inherent email system after sync or backup task gets finished.Read More

SendGenie – Email Files To Your Contacts From Desktop via Drag & Drop

SendGenie is a desktop application for Windows and Mac users to quickly email images, videos, documents or any other kind of file(s) to anyone via drag & drop. With SendGenie, there is no complex procedure involved in uploading files and sending content. Just add an email address and drag –> drop the files in the SendGenie interface to instantly email them to selected recipient.Read More

Download Email Attachments From Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, etc For Free

Mail Attachment Downloader is an awesome desktop utility which offers almost every option to customize downloading of attachments from multiple email services including Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL, Hotmail, and many others supporting POP/IMAP protocols. What sets it apart from other applications is the fact that it contains a wide range of features to download attachments quickly at specified location. While it’s being compounded with scheduling options, you can apply filters in numerous way, for example, you can download files by extensions (images, documents, music or video files), download within a defined date range, download attachments from either only new messages or all mail items, set limit on files sizes, etc. It is further possible to apply filters on messages, you can for instance specify recipient or sender’s mail address along with CC & BCC, subject and body text in order to download only required mail attachments.Read More

SparrowMailApp – Gmail Desktop Mail Client For Mac [Review]

SparrowMailApp is an efficacious email client for Mac which caters to nothing except your Gmail mailbox. The application is exclusively designed for those who are using Google Mail as a primary email service. Since Gmail is widely famous for numerous reasons, Sparrow is an effective attempt to bring ease in organizing your Google contacts and most importantly mail items. The application developers have kept everything simple with minimal set of mailbox-specific features. This doesn’t imply that essential tools are not provided, right from options to label mails, add multiple Gmail accounts, view threaded conservations are available whilst supporting eminent desktop notification system – Growl.What gets it over the line is the clean & simple interface with all important features to organize mailbox present right in front of you, so you wont have to manually configure IMAP options or set it up to start the mail sync process. Moreover, the application is smart enough to synchronize all mails items as per folder hierarchy with an option to download mail items on demand for users with enormous mailbox.Read More

Add Online Account Signatures In Your Email With WiseStamp For Firefox, Chrome, Safari

WiseStamp is a Firefox, Google Chrome And Safari extension that allows users to create a custom signature with links to many social networking and IM accounts. With WiseStamp, you can automatically add a HTML signature in Gmail, Yahoo, etc that contains your latest tweet, eBay store item and online account details from Facebook, StumbleUpon, Pandora, Last.fm, Blip.fm, LinkedIn, Flickr, etc without the need to login to any account. WiseStamp is a simple and easy way of sharing plan casts, music, online profile links, IM IDs and much more.Read More

Create A Temporary Email Address In Firefox To Avoid Spam With TrashMail

A few weeks ago we reviewed Bloody Vikings - a Firefox extension that allows creating a temporary email address via 10minuteemail and Anonbox web services. TrashMail is an even better Firefox extension that can be used to not only for multiple temporary email addresses, but also provides a lengthier duration of the disposable email account, ranging from 1 day to an unlimited period of time. This can be an effective method of avoiding spam emails when registering with miscellaneous web services.Read More

Secure Mozilla Thunderbird With Master Password

Mozilla Thunderbird is a widely used cross platform email and news client. Many people who use Thunderbird might wish to enhance its security in order to protect their privacy and restrict unauthorized access to their emails. Master Password is a Mozilla Thunderbird extension that does just that, by securing your Thunderbird client with a master password.Read More

Easy Group Photo Sharing With Yogile

Imagine an occasion where multiple people have cameras, and are taking photos of an event or a vacation. Ever tried consolidating all these photos in one place? You’ll get a headache trying to get people (friends, family, etc) to send the pictures to you by any means possible.Read More

SharedSafe Utilizes Free Email Space For Private File Storage And Sharing

With the increment in popularity of online file storage, cloud computing and shared services, file sharing has attained an entirely new meaning. As of now online file storage services are the hottest commodity in market, with services like Dropbox and SugarSync taking the top spot, and file sharing giants like RapidShare, MegaUpload and many others crushing out competition. However, one catch with most of these services is that they’re free only for the most ripped-off version of what they can really do. Hence this division had yet to see a really impressive 'free’ solution. Read More