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Use One Gmail Email To Create Multiple Accounts On Any Website

Facebook limits a user to one profile per email but it gives you freedom to have as many pages you want. A Facebook page doesn’t require the setting up of a separate profile but the same can’t be said for Twitter or Instagram. Both networks allow one account per email. If you ever need to create a second Twitter or Instagram account you will need to use an email address that isn’t already associated with an account on these sites unless you use Gmail. If you use Gmail then you can use the same email to create multiple accounts on social networking sites or other web service. Here’s how.

A Gmail ID differs from a Ymail and Outlook/Live ID in that you cannot use underscores or dashes  in the name. Gmail simply doesn’t allow it. Additionally, it will ignore other symbols such as periods and the plus sign which is something that you can use to your advantage.

When you sign up for a service or a new Twitter or Instagram account, you’re asked to provide an email address. Instead of creating a new email address for your second account, use your own Gmail email but add a period in the middle, for example,

If your email ID is myemail@gmail.com, you can use my.email@gmail.com. The service you sign up for will treat this as different from your original email however, when an email is sent to Gmail’s servers it will route it to your inbox. You can use either a period or a plus sign. You can use this trick repeatedly on a particular site by changing the position of the period so that my.email@gmail.com can be used in one instance and m.yemail@gmail.com can be used in another.


  1. Can anyone tell me how to score some free stuff all I get is survey after survey with no results!!!

  2. My recovery email address is no longer working I need to recovery my email cause I forgot my password.

  3. I can’t believe this! I tested it both ways. I sent a message to my gmail account whilst leaving out the dots and it was delivered. Then I sent it to a different account and put dots in it, and it, too was delivered! This is almost like having an alias. Thanks for the tip! I can’t believe it!

  4. I think the best way to do this is to not use a . or + in the middle of your email address, but at the end. You can use youradress+insta1@gmail.com, youradress+insta2@gmail.com,etc… I think numbers are allowed

    • “Additionally, it will ignore other symbols such as periods and the plus sign which is something that you can use to your advantage”
      This means youradress+sometext@gmail.com = youradresssometext@gmail.com,which is not the same as youradress@gmail.com
      So,just put a ./+ everywhere in your gmail email,but not any other text

    • actually, everything after + sign is ignored so youraddress@gmail.com and youradress+sometext@gmail.com work equivalently

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