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Check Your Tone And Write Emails That Are More Polite

Manners maketh man and if you’ve seen Kingsman you already know that. Manners go beyond just giving the elderly your seat in a packed train or holding the door open for someone. They extend to how you communicate and when you’re working, how you say something matters even more. Fox Type is a web app that analyzes how polite or how rude a message is. You can use it to analyze just about any text and it will show you, through a tone scale, how politely or rudely you are talking to people. The app not only provides an indicator but it also explains why some words might be deemed rude, and provides alternatives that are either more polite, or more neutral in tone.

Visit Fox Type and paste your text in the input field at the top. Click ‘Check Tone’ and the tone indicator will show you where you stand.

Labs FoxType

Below the tone indicator, the app will tell you what words you can use to make the message more polite, and what factors make it a rude one. It will also provide some alternative suggestions for you to phrase what you want to say. At the minimum, the app is a great learning tool. If you’re ever writing an angry email, or writing an email when you’re angry, you might want to run it through Fox Type before you send it.

You can try the app out from the link below. Here’s some neutral, polite, and rude text that you can use.

Hello, did you get a chance to look at that report? We’re running out of time.

Hey, if you could please look at that report today, it would be great. We are running late.

Hey, why haven’t you gotten back to me on that report? It’s been three days!

Visit Fox Type

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