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How To Sync Your Menstruation Cycle Data With The iOS 9 Health App

Apple did not include a health app in its mobile operating system until fitness bands and other activity tracking devices became popular. It is, however, fact that long before the Health app debuted in iOS 8, there were plenty of health tracking apps available in the App Store. People used them to keep track of their blood pressure, their diabetes, their medication, and their reproductive health. The introduction of the Health app meant users could add and maintain their health data in one place. Unfortunately, the Health app in iOS 8 did not include a way to track your reproductive health, and more importantly, your menstruation cycle. This was rectified in iOS 9 and here’s how you can now keep track of, and sync this data with the Health app.

The Health app in iOS 9 doesn’t just track when your period starts and ends; it can also track other reproductive health factors. Open the Health app and tap the ‘Health Data’ tab. Here you can see a list of all the data the app can save, or sync from other apps. The Reproductive Health is the new entry in iOS 9.

Tap Reproductive Health, and inside you will see the various indicators that you can record including your menstruation cycle.

health-list-ios9 health-reproductive-ios9

If you want to to manually add data, tap on any one of the indicators and on the dashboard for that indicator, tap ‘Add Data’. Different indicators have different types of data that you can record however, most women are probably using existing apps to track all this. Instead of having to add your information manually, you can sync it to the Health app.

health-m-data-pt health-menstruation-ios9

Syncing reproductive health information to the Health app relies on one critical factor; the app you use must have updated to support it. If you don’t know an app that does, give Clue a try. It’s a free app that lets you maintain a record of your reproductive health. To add data from Clue (or any other app) go to the Health app and tap Sources.

You will get a list of all apps that can add data to the Health app. Tap your app if it appears here (check for an app update if it doesn’t and update the app). The app will list what kind of data it can send to the Health app and you can choose which data it can write to it. Your app will now automatically sync with the Health app.

health-m-sources health-m-clue

Download Clue From The App Store

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