PhotoUp: Facebook Camera-Like App For Android With Instant Upload

Back in May, the social networking giant, Facebook, announced a very fine photo capturing, editing and bulk-uploading tool for iOS users in the form of Facebook Camera. The app also brought with it several slick features, including Instagram-esque filters and effects, updated photo feed of your Facebook Friends, option to add custom tags and captions to photos, and plenty more. However, as far as Android is concerned, users of Google’s mobile OS are still awaiting the official Facebook Camera app to head their way. That being said, with the app of the quality and price ($0) of PhotoUp at their disposal, Android users can safely argue that they have a way better solution to play around with. Fresh from the oven, this Android-exclusive app has been designed to help users with managing their Facebook photos. Apart from supporting Facebook Camera-style batch image uploading, capturing, tagging, captioning, geo-tagging, and editing (via dozens of filters), PhotoUp brings Dropbox and Google+ style instant photo uploading to the table, and in doing so, it puts you in control over the Album to which you wish to upload these photos, their preferred image quality, and that one favorite filter of yours that will be automatically applied to all the photos pre-upload. Read More

Permissions: Manage & Control The Privacy Of Your Facebook, Twitter & Other Accounts

A lot of people might not be aware of the fact that they have allowed a lot of apps to post to their Facebook account on their behalf, or to access their personal data from Twitter, Instagram or Windows Live. A majority of iOS apps that have got some social aspect, need users to link these services to the app, and it is only natural to lose track of all the services that are allowed to access your personal accounts. Of course, there are menus for revoking and managing these permissions in all services (like the Apps section in Facebook’s Account Settings), but most users don’t want to go to each account separately and then go through the long list of all the apps added there so that the useless ones can be culled. Permissions is an iPhone app to cleanse all your personal accounts including Yahoo, Hotmail, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The app provides a streamlined way of removing apps from all these accounts, and you can even use it to define new account privacy permissions. Read More

BetterChrome Adds Social Sharing Options To Chrome For iPhone/iPad

Thanks to all the Chrome-related tweaks available in the Cydia store, Mobile Safari won’t be left with any distinguishing feature pretty soon. Until now, you can make Chrome your default iOS browser, add some awesome new features to it and also open any link in Google’s iPhone web browser using the nifty buttons added to Safari by a couple of tweaks (to learn more about all the best Cydia tweaks for iOS Chrome, head to our list post on the subject). Although there is already a nice collection of such tweaks in the Cydia store, BetterChrome is still one that can prove to be useful for a lot of people. This tweak adds a whole new menu to the Settings area of Chrome, and that new menu focuses on providing users with a few really handy sharing options. With BetterChrome, you will be able to share any page or link over Facebook, Twitter and Google+, right from within Chrome for iPhone and iPad! Read More

Loom: Create Mosaics Out Of Photos From Facebook, Twitter & Instagram [iPhone]

There are many web services and iOS apps that are focused on letting users generate collages and mosaics out of the photos of their choice. A few of those apps offer convenience, while others attract people due to their ease of use. Loom Photomosaic Builder is an app that takes ease of use to a whole new level. You just have to choose as many images as you like, and this iPhone app will mesh them all together to provide you with a new image. However, that’s not the best part of Loom. The app is different from all others in its genre due to the fact that you can use photos from all your social networks to create beautiful collages. In addition to that, Loom is also a pretty good tool to awe your friends by quickly sharing the mosaics you create. Read More

Remove Or Turn Off Facebook Notifications Directly From Drop Down

Facebook had the early-mover advantage when it comes to social networks, and although there were the likes of Orkut and Hi5 already in the market, the concept that the Paulo Alto-based giant brought to the market was entirely fresh and something that users took a liking to immediately. Despite its massive popularity, there were many qualms about a lot of Facebook’s offerings, privacy (or lack thereof) being the biggest among them. That aside, there were (and still are) the changes that are forced on users (Timeline, anyone?), and those that go unannounced altogether, until the blogosphere raises hue and cry over them. However, that doesn’t imply that all Facebook changes are evil, and some new ”features” can turn out really useful, too. One such unnoticed feature has been the ability to dismiss, remove and even turn off notifications from a certain user or application, right from within the notification drop down! Read More

How To Hide Your Facebook Email Address From Your Timeline

A while back, Facebook launched its very own email service and encouraged users to claim their @facebook account. The feature wasn’t that popular because, in all honesty, on your resume might make an employer think twice about hiring you. Considering the lengths companies go to prevent people from using social media sites at work, that email might have been trouble anyway. The good thing about it was that it was totally opt-in until yesterday, when Facebook decided it was going to give you your @facebook email whether you liked it or not. If your About page displays your email address to everyone, it will now have your @facebook address as your primary email contact. In case you were wondering when you allowed Facebook to change your contact info, you never did. Read on to see how you can hide it, and what implications the change will have. Read More

ClickBerry Interactivity Creator: Add Interactive Elements To Videos & Share Them On Facebook

Clickberry Interactivity Creator is an Adobe AIR-based application that lets you add clickable elements to your videos. It is an excellent marketing tool for online campaigns on social media, as it allows you to overlay hyperlinks, link to any online video, tag your friends and more, over any selected video. It's basically designed to make interactive videos, which can include URLs to your websites, images, sidebars, and even the Facebook Like button.  The application offers an elegant user interface and straightforward usage. Just select your video and choose the interactive object that you wish to add. Read More

InstaCover: Create An Instagram Photo Collage For Your Facebook Timeline Cover [Web]

When Facebook bought Instagram, it led to a slew of web apps and services being developed exclusively for downloading and backing your Instagram feed to your system or another file sharing service like Flickr or Picassa. Of course, not all apps that combine Facebook and Instagram are meant to be panic buttons. InstaCover enables you to use yours or others' Instagram images to create a pictorial Facebook profile cover. To get started, all you have to do is sign in with your Facebook account.  After signing in, the app inquires after visibility option. You can select who you want to allow to see posts made by the app on your timeline. It also seeks permission to post on your behalf. Read More

PicBackMan: Backup Facebook & Instagram Photos To Dropbox, Box & Image Hosting Services

Image sharing is one of the most used functions on the internet these days. Hundreds of image sharing websites as well social networks are used by millions of people each day to share images among their friends family, and even random strangers. While the social networks, such as Facebook and Google+ allow you to share images with your friends and family, websites such as Flickr and apps like Instagram let you publish your albums for the world to see. When you have thousands of photos uploaded to various image hosting platforms, it is very hard to keep a backup of each and every image manually. PicBackMan is an application for Windows that lets you back up images from multiple sources (image sharing websites and social networks) by automatically uploading them to seven photo and storage services. Other than the images saved in online accounts, you can also upload images from local folders to different websites. PicBackMan supports backing up the pictures from Facebook, Foursquare and Instagram accounts and local folders to Flickr, Picasa, SmugMug, SkyDrive, Dropbox, and Facebook. Read More

Share Images On Facebook Directly From The Stock iOS Photos App [Cydia]

iOS 6 might not be coming to your iPhone any time soon, but the rumors of its features are certainly thick in the air. One thing that the next major update of Apple’s mobile platform is almost sure to come with, is Facebook integration. A lot of people really appreciated all the Twitter-related stuff that iOS 5 flaunted, and now everyone can't wait to see what changes will be made with respect to Facebook integration. If you have a jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, though, you don’t have to wait too long to try out one instance of iOS-Facebook combination. With the newly released FacebookThis Cydia tweak, users can post photos to Facebook right from within the stock Photos app! The tweak adds a new button in each photo’s options, and using that button, you will be able to publish photos to your wall without much ado. Admittedly, the Facebook option offered by the FacebookThis tweak is not as smooth or efficient as it would have been in an official update, it isn't too shabby either. Read More

Bypass Facebook Social Reader App Install Requests To Read Articles In Peace [Chrome, Firefox]

While browsing Facebook, we often come across articles shared by our friends from apps like Yahoo!, The Gaurdian or Washington Post. You might have noticed that when these links are clicked, you get redirected to the social reader’s app install request page, which accesses your personal information and posts on your behalf, including people you liked, articles you read and more.  Not only do these apps access your private details to learn your reading habits, but can also be very annoying thanks to their wall posts. If you want to read articles from various social readers but, at the same time, don't want to authorize a third-party application to access your basic information, then Unsocialize is just what you need. This Chrome extension and Firefox add-on adds an Unsocialize option to the right-click context menu, which allows you to open articles in a new tab without getting redirected to third-party apps and having to grant them access to your information. More after the break. Read More

SportsYapper For Android: Have Real-Time Discussions With Fans Of Your Favorite Sports

Chanting, cheering, booing, arguing and challenging are a few characteristics that you are almost certain to find in any sports fanatic, and why not, for the best way to enjoy any game is by sharing it with your mates. There are plenty of apps available across various mobile app stores that connect you to worldwide fans for sharing sentiments and insights about your favorite sports with each other. Inject a dose of additional social networking to said concept, and you get SportsYapper – a real-time communication platform for sports fans. Initially launched as an iOS-exclusive app, SportsYapper is now available for Android devices too. Encompassing almost all renowned global sports and teams, the app lets you indulge in real-time conversations regarding anything from live games to a team or player, with other fans (referred to as Yapps within the app). Read More

Facebook Covers for Timeline: Upload Ready-Made Covers To Your Profile [Android, iOS]

Whether or not Facebook should’ve left the decision of activation its Timeline feature entirely to the users’ discretion from the very first day is a debate that we’ll reserve for some other occasion. For now, all those who love embellishing their Timeline Cover with a brand new photo at frequent intervals, but feel short of quality alternatives in this regard, we have a very handy solution. Facebook Covers for Timeline (I hope the name says it all) is an Android and iOS app that helps you find some of the best Cover photos for your Facebook Timeline. Initially released in the iOS App Store, the app has just made its way into the Google Play Store to provide Android users with some fine quality Facebook Timeline covers. Unlike the iOS variant that currently costs $0.99, the Android version of the app is absolutely free. Featuring dozens of popular photo categories, each comprising a wide variety of regularly-updated images, the app lets you change your Facebook Timeline Cover photos right from your mobile device. Read More

Dictate Facebook & Twitter Updates via iPhone Notification Center [Cydia]

No one can doubt the fact that a lot of people bought iPhone 4S just because of Siri, but when you get down to it, Siri is pretty limited in many aspects. For example, it lets you create reminders with incredible ease, but if you want to tweet through Siri, or ask it to update your Facebook status for you, things aren’t all that easy. That’s why the new Notification Center widgets InstaFacebook and InstaTwitter can prove to be useful for both Siri-enabled and other iOS devices. You do not have to download both the tweaks for your device's Notification Center, but if you are a fan of both Twitter and Facebook, then you should probably give them a shot. The tweaks let you post Twitter and Facebook updates through the Notification Center of your iPhone, and if you don’t want to type anything, just hit the microphone icon and speak whatever you want to post to your social network! Both the widgets support 38 languages, and come with options to make changes to the dictated text manually as well. Head past the break for details. Read More

Audiolip Is Like Twitter For Podcasts; Lets You Share 15-Second Audio Recordings [Web]

Audiolip takes the micro-blogging concept (the one that drives Twitter) a step forward, and allows you to record micro-podcasts up to 15 seconds long, which can then be shared with all your buddies on social networks the likes of Twitter and Facebook. Using the service, you can listen to, share, interact with and add replies to every recorded message available. Additionally, you may add new podcasts and comments directly from the browser, or via a toll-free number if you live in the US or the UK. More after the break. Read More Create Playlists Of Videos From Facebook, Twitter & Reddit [Web]

If you like watching trending videos on social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Reddit, then can be a great tool for you. This intelligent web application brings online videos together and gives you a streamlined video watching experience. It automatically imports and categorizes videos that your Facebook or Twitter friends are watching, and you can even manually add them from other online sources. The service comes with a beautiful interface that lets you filter results and create playlists. Moreover, by installing the bookmarklet you will be able to add videos to your desired playlists from any website. Read More

Facebook For WP7 Updated With Comment Likes, Threaded Messaging & More

In Windows Phone 7’s early days, many users had to make the quick trip to the web version of Facebook to do a lot of stuff. Not that the Mango platform didn’t have an official client for the social network, that app just wasn’t adequate enough when it came to stuff like tagging people in posts or even viewing who liked your status update. Fortunately, things have changed for the better, and the latest update of the Facebook app for WP7 has taken it pretty close to perfection. The app can now be used to like comments, delete comments from your posts and tag friends or places in your status updates. All these changes are pretty good, but they are eclipsed by the biggest new feature rolled out in the update, that being threaded messaging! Read More

Facebook Camera For iPhone Joins The Photo Sharing Foray With Instagram-ish Filters & Batch Upload

When Facebook acquired Instagram a few weeks back for a whopping $1 billion, speculation was high as to what the social networking giant would do with the famous and viral photo sharing service. While it remains, frankly, to be seen how Instagram will fare in the long run, Facebook seems to have taken a leaf out of the latter’s book with the release of their fresh iOS app, Facebook Camera. A fresh entry to the iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPod touch (not a universal app, at least at the time of this writing), Facebook’s latest release brings easy sharing and viewing of all the photos from your timeline and newsfeed on your iOS device. The app focuses solely on photos, and other than supporting batch sharing of snaps from your iPhone’s camera roll, you can also consider it as a photo-only viewer for your Facebook profile, including those that you were tagged in, those that were shared by your friends, and those that you uploaded. On the sharing front, you even get a very decent set of nice looking filters and effects, some of which even put Instagram to shame. Despite the app’s rather-restricted App Store description, it packs a pretty decent offering, and we take you on a guided tour just past the jump. Read More

Loupe: Create Awesome One-Click Collages With Your Facebook, Twitter & Instagram Photos [Web]

Loupe is a free web application that lets you create gorgeous collages of shapes using photos from your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram accounts and other online sources. The tool is as simple and elegant as they come; it allows you to pick photos from multiple albums and social networks and shape your collages as hearts, butterflies, a variety of symbols, logos and more, all in a few clicks. Once your collage is ready, you can share it with your friends and social networks. More after the break. Read More

Facebook Pages Manager For iPhone Lets You View Page Insights, Post & Moderate On The Go

If you own or manage multiple (or even one) Facebook pages, then you should know that the mobile version and the official iOS app for the social network simply aren’t enough to get everything done on the go. You can view notifications related to your Facebook pages and post content, but the procedure is not streamlined at all. Apparently, Facebook agrees with this too, and that is why Facebook Pages Manager has been released. The official Facebook app lets you manage all your Facebook pages in one place, from the convenience of your mobile device. Not only that, Facebook Pages Manager will show you the statistics for each page, and insights for individual posts on that page! So, if you own an iDevice and moderate a few Facebook pages, read on to know all about this super useful app. Read More