Facebook Touch Is A Great Third Party Facebook App For Windows 8

There’s no doubt that Windows 8 had been developed with portability in mind. iPad’s success is essentially what prompted Microsoft to make its mark in the tablet market. The Windows Surface slab may represent the bleeding edge of the tablet tech but the total number of apps at Windows Store is fairly underwhelming when compared to the iTunes App Store (or Google Play, for that matter). One major app that is yet to show up is at Windows Store is Facebook. Even though there are rumors of an official Facebook app being in the works, there hasn't been any official word on it from Microsoft or Facebook. On the bright side however, third-party Facebook apps have started appearing to take care of your social networking needs for now. Facebook Touch – as the name implies – is a touch-optimized Modern UI Facebook app that works like a charm with both touch gestures and conventional mouse controls. It supports pretty much all Facebook features and can be snapped to the left or right of the screen for seamless multitasking.Read More

How To Hide Facebook Suggested Posts From Your Feed [Chrome]

For many Facebook users, the amount of content posted by friends and family is usually enough to keep them either entertained or annoyed (or both). What’s slightly unnecessary in the whole Facebook feed mix is suggestions from Facebook on content that you might find interesting, i.e., sponsored stories in your feed that could have little or nothing to do with your interests. Since the stories are part of your feed, ordinary extensions like ad block or even some of the ones that hid the news ticker before the option to do so was added by default, will do you no good. Hide Facebook Suggested Posts is a Chrome extension that does what its name implies. Install it and forget you ever had it. The suggested posts in your Facebook feed will no longer appear. The extension works in the background without adding any observable delay in Facebook’s loading time.Read More

ShoutOut Radio For iPhone Lets You Share & Stream Music On Facebook

Every once in a while, you are bound to come across a song that really hits the spot. It's at times like these that you feel the need the share. ShoutOut Radio is a new iPhone app that lets its users scrobble songs from their own library or through Last.fm. This app uses your Facebook account to send public and private messages to your friends regarding the songs you are listening to. There are plenty of radio streaming services available for iOS, and a lot of apps offer scrobbling, but ShoutOut Radio combines the two in a perfect meld. Even if none of your friends are on ShoutOut Radio, they can still stream the music you share with them right from their Facebook Walls. You can also create personalized radio stations of your choice by letting the app know of your taste in songs and artists. Read More

Add Upcoming Facebook Events And Birthdays To Calendar

If you linked your Facebook account to your Mac running OS X 10.8.2, Mountain Lion, you would have noticed there was an option to import your Facebook friends to the Contacts (previously called Address Book) app. As far as automatically importing data from your Facebook account to Mountain Lion goes, this is the full extent of it. There is still other information, like Facebook events that you could do with viewing in Calendar (formerly known as iCal) but there isn’t an apparently easy way to do it. It is extremely easy to import your Facebook events to Calendar and the process only seems obscure because you can’t import them to Mountain Lion from Calendar; rather, you have to export them from Facebook to Calendar. You’ll need to open Facebook in your browser on Mac, not necessarily Safari, but you will need to be using your Mac. This isn’t something you can do by accessing Facebook on your iOS device.Read More

Facebook For iOS & Android Gets Tagging In Comments, Post Re-Sharing & More Emoji

The official Facebook app for iOS and Android has just been bumped to its next version, only a few days after the gifts and chat update was released. The latest update adds the much-desired Share button to posts on your News Feed, but that’s not the only new thing in the app. You can tag people in posts and comments now, and there are a lot of new emoticons that you can use in messaging. The Android app has been updated with the option to create albums. The tagging works just like in the Facebook website, provising you with suggestions as soon as you start typing a name. The share option has just been enabled for links, so you still won’t be able to share someone’s status update or other posts.Read More

Quickly Message Someone On Facebook After Deleting Their Comment

There are two big online social networks in the world today: Facebook and Twitter. I don’t know about you, but I use them quite differently. I am more reserved on Facebook since I have a good number of family members added there, while I am pretty much the exact opposite on Twitter because of, well, my family members not really having knowledge of its existence. As a result, I use tight privacy settings and regularly moderate comments and wall posts on Facebook, and do nothing of the sort on Twitter.Now, with that in mind, I came across an interesting feature on Facebook that lets you easily give feedback to someone after deleting their comment. It’s quick, efficient and you can check it out after the jump.Read More

Search App Store, Cydia, Social Media & Much More From iOS Spotlight

Spotlight search is among the most favorite targets for Cydia developers. The perfect combination of permanent presence and limited usefulness has enticed many jailbreak developers to come up with tweaks that can really enhance Spotlight. SLightEnhancerSearch is the latest tweak that will put your iPhone’s Spotlight search on steroids. While almost all local areas of your iDevice are already accessible through Spotlight, the search range is by no means complete. For example, Spotlight is useless if you want to search within the App Store. When it comes to web searches, there are just search engines (Google by default) and Wikipedia on offer. SLightEnhancerSearch lets users decide what they want to search for from the Spotlight. You can add a lot of search shortcuts to the list, including major social media apps, iTunes, App Store, Cydia, iBooks and more. Join us after the break for the complete list and further details.Read More

Facebook For iOS Gets With Gifts, Better Chat Options, Photo Effects & Batch Upload

Timeline proved that Facebook users don’t really appreciate major changes in the service, and all new updates of the social network are met with distaste from a lot of people. However, things might be a bit different this time around. The latest update of Facebook’s official iOS client might not have revamped things in a big way, but everything it brings to the table is sure to be lauded. The best changes have occurred to the chat area of the app. The chat list is now omnipresent, and can be summoned with a simple swipe from anywhere in the app. Users get to pin their favorite contacts to the top of the chat list for easy access, and the in-app chat notifications are more effective. In addition, the update brings support for Facebook Gifts in the US. It now allows you to easily upload multiple photos from the camera roll, styling each using the many features that have been ported from the Facebook Camera app (including photo effects). Read More

FFF Is A Dedicated Gallery For Facebook Photos & Videos [Android]

The social networking giant, Facebook, is all about sharing. Be it your thoughts on a specific topic, details of an upcoming event, photos of your new skateboard, video highlights of a local football match, or birthday wishes, the popular online service lets you share it all with utmost ease. Amid the sea of shared content, it can prove quite challenging to sift through and enjoy the the posts you want to see on your Facebook Wall. What’s more annoying is that even the official Facebook mobile app doesn't help a great deal in this regard. Enter Fun From Friends (or FFF), a free Android app that focuses solely on presenting your Facebook Wall photos and videos in fine style. The app comes with a native video player, image gallery & bookmark manager, and lets you enjoy slideshows of images & videos plucked from your Wall. In addition, FFF supports HD video streaming, and allows you to specify a preferred image quality.Read More

This Chrome Extension Restricts Facebook Access Unless You Have Notifications

Given you have a web browser and a working internet connection at work, staying productive is somewhat of a challenge since there are so many ways to get distracted. What most people do, by way of a solution, is try to practice a little self control or use apps and extensions that block unproductive websites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Imgur. It's hard to say how productivity boosting this approach is, but Facebook Nanny for Chrome handles it slightly better. Something like a Facebook blocking extension with a heart, Facebook Nanny allows you to visit Facebook only if you have notifications. You get to spend a minute for each notification you’ve received on Facebook. Other than that, you may still visit your Messages or your profile page.Read More

Use Keyboard Shortcuts To Tweet, Update Facebook & Send Messages In OS X

The major difference felt when updating from OS X Lion to OS X Mountain Lion is the obvious iOS-ification of the system. In addition to integrating several features that were previously iOS-exclusive, Mountain Lion adds greater convenience for social media enthusiasts with Twitter and Facebook integration, making it easier to share links, images or updates with your network. At the same time, you can consolidate your Contacts to include emails and phone numbers from Facebook friends and Twitter followers. The integration is seen throughout all stock apps and in the Notification Center, but what’s been left out are keyboard shortcuts. Mountain Lion lets you tweet or update Facebook regardless of which app or folder you’re working in, but for some reason, you have to always access the two using their respective widgets in the omnipresent Notification Center. Introducing Eggy, a free OS X app that lets you define keyboard shortcuts for posting to Facebook and Twitter, and sending an iMessage through the Messages app. It runs silently in the background without so much as adding an icon to the Menu Bar.Read More

CallFlakes Links Caller IDs To Facebook Profiles, Allows Quick Call & SMS Follow-Up

If you’re often required to follow up on important calls and text messages with instant replies or reminders, but don’t want to rely on a number of different apps to do so, then you should give CallFlakes a try. Fresh to the Play Store, this free Android app offers some of the most sought-after follow-up options for whenever you receive a text message or hang up a call. Using the various options on offer, you can opt to call back your contacts, reply via text message or email, set a reminder, schedule a meeting or share important files. Better yet, once you affiliate your Facebook ID with CallFlakes, you can also take advantage of the app’s caller ID replacement screen to view your friends’ Facebook profile pictures and latest Wall activities.Read More

Norton Satellite For Windows 8 Scans Local Files, Facebook Feeds & Dropbox For Malicious Content

Cloud storage is gaining popularity with each passing day. Online storage services such as Dropbox, Box and Google Drive let users easily store and access their data online. The reason why users love using cloud storage services is that they let them create a backup of sensitive data online and access it on the go. In Windows 8, Microsoft offers deep integration with SkyDrive. Plus, the upcoming Microsoft Office (2013) will also include support for saving all documents to your SkyDrive account. Some cloud storage services, such as Dropbox, allow you to sync specific local folders with online storage, meaning that any file saved in that will be automatically uploaded to online storage and any file uploaded to the latter will be downloaded to the folder on one or more devices. Although it is a hassle-free way of keeping your files up-to-date, should your system be infected with malware, there is no way of knowing whether that malware passed onto a synced file, and subsequently, another one of your computers. Today, we have a Windows 8 app called Norton Satellite that allows users to scan their Dropbox account for infected files, Facebook feeds for malicious links and local files and folders for any malicious script that may harm your PC.Read More

Brewster Merges Your iPhone Contacts With Facebook, Twitter, Gmail & Others

Like most of the stock apps in iOS, Contacts is functional, but does not come with too many extra bells and whistles. In fact, it is not too different from the address book you could have had in an old feature phone. However, the thing that sets iOS apart is the availability of all the awesome apps for iPhone users. There is a plethora of contact management solutions in the App Store, most of them offering something unique for you. Brewster is an iOS contact manager that combines your address book contacts with the ones from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare and Gmail. The best thing about the app is that you just have to sign in to all these accounts, and everything else is done automatically by Brewster. The app acts like an address book, but it is also a useful tool to sort your contacts using a lot of filters.Read More

FlipToast Comes To iPhone, Merges Your Twitter & Facebook Feeds Together

At least once every day, I go through my Twitter feeds on my iPhone, and right after I have done that, my next step is to launch the Facebook app and see if I have got anything interesting there. I am sure that many smartphone owners follow the same daily routine, as mentally, we categorize Twitter and Facebook as two services that are closely related and form a major part of our social network. This is the idea upon which FlipToast is based. The service is not a new one by any means, and has been around for Windows for quite a while, but having a Facebook and Twitter aggregator on your iPhone is even more useful than having it on your computer. FlipToast is an app that can be used to view all the latest posts, photos, events and notifications on your Twitter and Facebook accounts in one place. The app does not take the source of posts into account; rather, everything is categorized based on the type of content. For example, all the photos will appear in one section (no matter whether they are from Facebook or Twitter), while notifications and events have got menus of their own.Read More

Dropbox Integrates With Facebook Groups; Lets You Share Cloud Files

Facebook may have had an impressive IPO and perhaps its vale in the market had decreased since then, but that doesn’t mean the Palo Alto giant is going to hang up its gloves. For many users out there, Facebook is still how they connect with friends, and other tech companies still seem to think it's still got potential. A leading such venture, Dropbox, is positive Facebook is still at the top of its game, and has recently announced integration with the social network which will allow users to upload files to groups from their Dropbox folder. The feature is being rolled out slowly and should be available worldwide soon.Read More

Facebook Messenger For Android Gets SMS/MMS Support, UI Tweaks & More

Just a couple of days ago, we posted about Photo Syncing – a test feature of the official Facebook app for Android - which, once enabled, can be used to automatically, instantly and privately upload photos from Android to Facebook. Another very significant update has just been rolled out in the Google Play Store – this time for Facebook Messenger for Android – that not only brings some much-needed enhancements to the overall UI of the social network’s default messaging app, but also expands its messaging capabilities manifold. Besides serving as a dedicated messaging app for your Facebook chats, the app now qualifies as a handy SMS replacement app for your Android. That’s right, provided you own one of the select devices on which said feature is supported, you can now use the Facebook Messenger Android app to send SMS/MMS messages to desired phone numbers (standard messaging rates may apply). The app’s IM interface now sports bubble-style conversations, where a blue/white bubble combination represents Facebook message threads, whereas a green/white combination indicates SMS threads. In addition, the app now provides even better and quicker means to select a Friend to start chatting with. Better yet, its lets you pin your favorite/most frequently contacted Friends right at the top of the Friends list.Read More

Facebook App For Android Gets Automatic/Instant Photo Uploading

The official Android client of Facebook may have its fair share of critics, but one simply cannot deny the fact that the app has been constantly improving, courtesy quite a few useful feature additions and performance enhancements that it gets with each subsequent update. Already a viable source for users to access their social world on-the-go, the official Facebook Android app now caters to your photo backup needs, too, as it has just been updated with the much-anticipated Google+ and Dropbox-like instant upload feature. That’s right, the mobile app now supports the Photo Syncing feature which, if enabled, automatically and instantly uploads all photos lying in your Android’s default camera (DCIM) directory to a private album on your Facebook Photos. Uploaded images can be found under the Synced from Phone tab on your Facebook, and can be shared with masses via a new post, moved to an existing/fresh album, downloaded to the computer or deleted altogether. Maximum storage capacity for photos backed up using the Photo Syncing feature is 2GB per account. Further details and the method to activate the feature will be discussed past the break.Read More

Guide To iOS 6 Facebook Integration & Contact Sync

iOS 6 just became available to public, and just like all previous major iterations, brought with it a slew of new features that were applauded by Apple fanboys worldwide. Whether these features are real innovations or not is a separate debate, but one that I personally find highly useful and much-needed, was the system-wide Facebook Integration. While Twitter might’ve been the best micro-blogging network, the fact remains that social interactions, at large, take place on Palo Alto’s social networking giant, and it was about time iPhone users got some form of true SNS feeling. Apple delivered that, and here, we take a thorough look at just how deep the Facebook hole goes in iOS 6, right after the jump.Read More

View Facebook Account Activity In Mac OS X Notification Center With Glow for FB

Fall isn’t too far away now, and that means Facebook integration will be arriving soon to OS X Mountain Lion. For those who can’t wait or haven’t upgraded to Mountain Lion because an older version of OS X seems better, you might still be interested in having easy access to your Facebook notifications. Facebook integration, like Twitter counterpart, is something that you aren’t likely to realize the utility of unless you experience it the way it is in Mountain Lion. However, if you'd take our word for it, it’s pretty amazing. Glow for FB is a Mac app worth $0.99 in the Mac App Store that emulates what it would be like to have Notification Center alerts for your Facebook activity. While it doesn't offer the system wide integration that will be offered in Mountain Lion, it still lets you stay up to date with your Facebook notifications without having to open them in your browser. The benefit here is two fold; on one hand, you get your notifications easily, and on the other, you won’t end up wasting more time than you meant to by getting caught up with your feed.Read More