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Search For Stickers In The Facebook Messenger App

Facebook Messenger doesn’t just try and capitalize on Facebook being a popular chat platform, it also tries to set itself apart from other services in the instant messaging niche. The stickers for one are really nice and the sticker library itself is pretty huge. It’s almost like having a nice GIF keyboard. Given the rather large library and the fact that the galleries aren’t exactly based on a single theme, or emotion, it’s hard to find the right one when you need to. Here’s how you can make it easier to quickly locate the right sticker during a conversation.

There’s two ways to find a sticker. Launch the app and tap the sticker tab. At the bottom where you can swipe through the different galleries/packs of stickers is a search button. Tap it and type in what kind of sticker you’re looking for or tap one of the suggestions that the app gives you to find relevant stickers.

Another really easy way to find a sticker, more specifically to find which gallery/pack your friend is using stickers from is to long-press a sticker and select ‘View Pack’ from the floating menu and you will be switched to the stickers tab with the right gallery loaded for you.

search_sticker sticker_pack

If you don’t see the suggestions/search bar in the sticker tab, make sure you’ve got the latest version of the app. The app’s search is pretty good and will find the right sticker for the occasion, however, it won’t tell you which pack it is from. You can use the long-press on the sticker trick once you’ve sent it to find the pack it belongs to.

Update: Facebook has now rolled out the feature to the web.



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