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Use Facebook Messenger In Your Browser Without An Add-on Or Extension

Facebook’s chat feature is easily one of the most popular features of the social network. A lot of extensions for both Chrome and Firefox are available that allow you to use the messaging feature as a stand alone app instead of strictly on Facebook because it is very distracting. Facebook has now released an independent web interface dedicated solely to its chat feature titled Messenger. You sign in using your Facebook account and continue chatting. Your chat history is there and you do not need to have Facebook open in a tab. Here’s a quick review of the new feature.

Visit the link at the end of this post and sign in with your Facebook account.


You can compose a new message from the Compose button at the top right of the conversation threads or select a conversation thread to continue chatting. If your contact is available, you can also initiate a voice or video call. It is worth noting that the ‘Other’ mailbox does not have a dedicated tab in Messenger. You can send photos, stickers, and the thumbs-up sticker from Messenger however, you cannot send files.

Messenger web

Messenger supports desktop notifications for new chat messages. To enable them, click the cog wheel button at the top and select Settings. You will have to grant it permission in your browser when prompted. To turn off notifications for an individual contact while keeping them active for all others, click the information button next to a contact’s name and turn off notifications from the contact’s details page.

Messenger - desktop notifications

Messenger for the web has a responsive design and what’s even better is that reading messages is exponentially easier as compared to the reading it them the tiny pop-up on Facebook or even the Messages page.

Visit Facebook Messenger For Web


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