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Get Alerts For Upcoming Concerts And Find Festivals In Your Area

If you love music festivals or concerts you might be looking for an easy way to find them or learn about upcoming events. Maybe instead of searching for an upcoming festival or concert, it would be nice if they found you. Concert With Me is a very smart web app that finds concerts and gigs in your area. You can import your music preferences from Facebook or Deezer. Alternatively you can enter your favorite artists’ names and get an email alert when they are on tour. It’s also a good tool, with plenty of customization options, for finding a music event that you can enjoy.


You don’t necessarily have to connect your Facebook or Deezer account to use the app. You can instead use the search bar at the top. to search for events. Connecting your Facebook account lets the app pre-load your favorite artists but the location used is not taken from your profile. You can click any one of the underlined fields to edit them when looking for an event (see screenshot below).


You can select the location, whether you want it to be your current one or one you will be visiting, your preferred artist, and the dates you want to find an event on. The results can be filtered to show only concerts, only festivals, or both. Your preferred genres are already pre-selected in this menu as are your favorite artists.

find  gig concert with me

From the search results you can play a song by the artist, buy a ticket to the event (if they are still available), or post to Facebook that you’re attending. The event page will also feature a map so you can find the venue easily.

buy tickets - CWM

Connecting your Facebook account allows you to receive alerts when one of your favorite artists are on tour. Additionally, you can also connect other music services like Spotify, Twitter, Last.fm, etc and import your music preferences. To edit a music preference, go to the  alerts tab and click on Settings at the top. You can edit a preference for each social media account you’ve connected. And last but not least, you can also see if your friends are attending any concerts, or plan to attend one together.

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