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Get A Five Second Window To Take Back An Embarrassing Facebook Post

We’ve all done it at some point in our lives; whether it was in a fit of rage, the throws of passionate heartbreak, or just being plain intoxication, we’ve all at some point in our lives posted something on Facebook only to regret it later. It’s the same with emails, tweets, and text messages and there are very few services that offer us a way to take it back, or re-think our decision. Gmail is great in that it has a delayed sending feature you can enable which waits a minute before sending the email even after you’ve hit the Send button. Facebook, the nucleus of our social life could do with something similar and Facebook Undo does exactly that. It’s a Chrome extension that works in the background and gives you a five second countdown to reconsider posting an update after you’ve hit the Post button.

Facebook Undo will modify the Facebook UI after you click ‘Post’. Other than that, there will be no changed made to Chrome’s interface or to Facebook. Install the extension, go to Facebook, and compose an inappropriate post. Click ‘Post’ and the button will change to read ‘Undo’ with a timer that counts down from 5 seconds. Click the button before the timer runs out and the post will be aborted.

Facebook Undo

Refresh Facebook, or simply open it in a new tab (close the previous instance) for the extension to take effect. If the tab continues to load, never stopping when it should, close it, disable and then re-enable the extension. The problem should go away in all subsequent uses.

Facebook Undo has no customization options which means your window for saving yourself from embarrassment and public ridicule is five seconds and not a nanosecond more. Use them well. Since the extension is new, we can hope maybe the developer will up the take-back time on a post, or maybe add a feature that lets us identify people (read ex-boyfriend/girlfriend) that the extension should prevent us from messaging or writing on their walls if the hour is late. It would be out of the scope of a simple take-back feature which is what Facebook Undo claims to give you but we can hope.

Install Facebook Undo From The Chrome Web Store

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