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35 Best Windows Software Of Year 2014

We’ve successfully finished another trip around the sun. It’s been a pretty exciting year for technology whether you think of hardware or software. 2014 gave us our first look at Windows 10 and heralded the return of the start menu that we all sorely missed in Windows 8. And like every other year, we at AddictiveTips continued to look for the best apps for this platform. Here are our top picks for the best Windows apps reviewed in 2014.


1. TakeOwnerShip Pro (An app that helps solve those annoying ‘Access Denied’ errors)

take ownership pro

2. ScreenToGif (Record a screencast and convert it to a high quality GIF)
Screen To Gif

3. Nugget (A command line download utility that scans files with Virus Total)
nugget link

4. Digify (An extra layer of security added to your favorite file sharing services)

Screenshot (48)

5. BrightExplorer (Adds Tabs To Windows File Explorer)


6. Recordit (A simpler screencasting tool with GIF conversion)

Recordit record

7. Autorun Organizer (Clean up and organize the programs your system runs on start-up with a simple UI)

Autorun Organizer remove

8. Rummage (Index files by date and tags)

Rummage Finding Documents

9. BDReader (A comic reader that detects panels and makes for better reading)


10 Start Screen Unlimited (Add Customizable Widgets To Windows 8 Start Screen With )

Start Screen Unlimited

11. WifiChannelMonitor (Get Detailed Info About Access Points & Devices Connected To Your System)


12. Moo0 File Monitor  (View and log file changes in real time)

Moo0 File Monitor

13. TrID  (Identify a file type without needing to open it)


14. Capsa (A comprehensive network analysis tool)

Full Analysis - Colasoft Capsa 7 Free

15. Feel The Wheel (Control Windows Opacity And Size With The Mouse Wheel)

Feel The Wheel EXE file

16. SmallX264 (Uses HandBrake GUI To Transcode Videos In Batch)


17. Taskbar Control (Hide And Unhide Windows Taskbar With A Hotkey)

Taskbar Control Settings

18. Hddb (Create Hard Disk Database)


19. PDF Eraser (Edit PDF files and  add images & text to them)

PDF Eraser_New

20. Lyrics Finder (Find lyrics and add them to your MP3 files)

Lyrics Finder

21. Musix (A gorgeous music player with ID3 tags and playlist support)

Musix_Now Playing

22. Simple Run Blocker (Restrict Access To Apps On Windows)

Simple Run Blocker v1.0

23. CrowdInspect (Scan Running Windows Processes Over VirusTotal, WOT & More)


24. CopyQ (Clipboard Manager That Keeps Your History & Supports Scripting)

CopyQ_System Tray

25. InstalledDriversList (Lists All Device Drivers Currently Installed On Your PC)


26. Jumpshare (Upload & Share Files, Folders & Screenshots In One Click)

jumpshare windows main screen

27. Pushbullet for Windows (Transfer content between your Android phone and Windows PC)


28. ScreenTask (Share Your PC’s Screen With Any Computer Over WiFi Or LAN)


29. ChrisPC DNS Switch (Switch Between Over 30 Popular DNS Servers From Windows System Tray)

ChrisPC DNS Switch

30. Junior Icon Editor (Create & Edit Icons On Windows)

Junior Icon Editor_New Icon

31. tinySpell (A Lightweight Universal Spell Checker For Windows)

tinySpell Settings

32. PCI-Z  (View Detailed Info For PCI Devices On Your Computer)

PCI-Z - PCI devices information utility

33. Light (A Lightweight Variant Of Mozilla Firefox Stripped Down To The Essentials)

Firefox Light

34. Charms Bar Customizer (Customize the Windows 8 charms bar)


35. The Long Tail (Listen To The Least Played Songs On Spotify)

The Long Tail_Page


  1. as last year I had to say thanks. But there’s something wanting. A good desktop search. I can recommend Lookeen.

  2. BrightExplorer looks okay, but a bit… I dunno. Clover does a better job of adding tabs to Windows Explorer IMHO 🙂

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