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Create Profiles With Triggers To Open & Close Apps, Folders, And URLs

User accounts allow different people to use the same system very conveniently. You’re never bothered about making a change that might later annoy another user on the same system because your account, your section, is kept separate from all others. The solution is pretty simple and very effective but if you are a single user wanting to make very minor changes such as which apps are running and which are not on a regular basis, you might not want to create a different account on your own system. Splat is a free Windows apps that lets you create profiles which have triggers for launching or quitting apps and folders. The triggers are as simple as a profile being activated, or can be set so that they are dependant on CPU usage or are time delayed.

Launch Splat and create your first profile.

splat profile

Profiles, once added, are not activated immediately. You can add actions to it from the Edit menu. The actions can be to run an application if it isn’t already running, to run it again even  it is already running (a second instance of the application), kill an app, close an app, start or stop a service, or delay an action based on time. You can add several apps and folders to a single action, and several actions to a single profile.


Splat has a neat paste feature that will allow you to paste the previous action to the same profile, and edit it. To run these actions, right-click on a profile and launch it. The panel at the bottom of the actions panel maintains a log of the activity for that profile. Actions are executed in order and you can use the buttons provided at the top to rearrange the order of the actions you’ve added. Lastly, Splat lets you launch a profile with a simple hotkey.

The uses this app can be put to are numerous; for a system that is low on RAM, it can serve as a clean-up mechanism to keep CPU usage low. The developers themselves cite gaming as one area where Splat can be used to end resource consuming processes, or creating a dedicated profile that launches apps needed to begin development, design, or writing tasks. The app is available for Windows 7 and 8. It worked perfectly on the Windows 10 Technical Preview and was able to quit and launch Dropbox when triggered during the tests.

Install Splat For Windows

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