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Download Files & View Progress Without A Browser With File Downloader

I avoid download managers on principle; I have to install them n my system and any download I launch is automatically routed to the application. Not only do I find this annoying, but when said download manager tries to get me to install toolbars or modify my search engine, or when the interface features ads, I grow more apprehensive of it. That said, there are times when I wish downloading apps and flies wasn’t something that I did exclusively through my internet browser. Meet File Downloader, a Windows app with possibly the most generic name you could ever want to aptly describe what the app does. It downloads apps; you paste the download link, set the download directory and file name, and begin downloading. The app is very basic which means pause and resume features for the download are only available if the server hosting the file supports it. The app can also be run from the command line to initiate a download. The best part is that File Downloader is a portable app so no installation required.

Extract the app and run it. Paste the download link in the Download field. You can copy it from a web page, or if the direct download link isn’t given, you can initiate and then pause download in your browser, go to the browser’s download manager, and copy the link from there to paste in the app. Click ‘Start Download’.

file downloader

As the download progresses, you can view time remaining and how much of the file has been downloaded both as a percentage and in MBs.

file downloader progress

To run the app from the Command line and initiate a download, use the following commands (as given by the developer).

/f=filepathandname – Save file location and name.
/u=downloadlocation – http or https url of download.
/ec – Exits when complete.

File Downloader also comes with a progress bar customizer which lets you change the appearance of the progress bar. It’s one of the oddest features to have for a download manager but it’s there. It runs as a separate app and when you’re done, save the file with the ‘custom_pbar’ name and in XML format for it to take effect.

Install File Downloader For Windows


  1. Thank you sis for your brilliant articles.
    I used to use (Free download manager) for downloading files and I very satisfy with it.
    It’s free and open source and didn’t install any ad software.
    But I’m very interesting with file downloader software and I will try it.
    Thanks again 🙂

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