How To Send Downloads From Firefox To An External App

Modern browsers have basic download managers built into them. They may not be feature rich but they get the job done. That said, people often use dedicated download manager apps as opposed to the built in download manager in their browser. If you use Firefox to browser the web but prefer to use a different app to handle downloads, Download with is a free Firefox add-on you should check out. It lets you send any download to your preferred app from the 'Save' prompt. You can send the download to a download manager, a torrent client, or even a different browser like Chrome.Read More

Automatically Copy Selected Text To Your Clipboard [Firefox]

Copy/pasting text between apps is something we take for granted. It's a very basic function of any OS and the clipboard can be used to copy and paste text, images, files, and folders. Regardless of what you want to copy, the process is the same; select it, hit Ctrl+C or use the 'Copy' function from the right-click context menu, switch to the app/location you want to paste to, and hit Ctrl+V or use the Paste function from the context menu. It doesn't really get any simpler. AutocopySelection2Clipboard is a Firefox add-on that eliminates the need to use the 'Ctrl+C' keyboard shortcut when copying text. The add-on automatically copies selected text to your clipboard so that you need only paste it and not copy it manually reducing the whole process by one step.Read More

How To Hide Firefox UI Elements & Settings From The Options And Add-on Manager

Firefox has cleaned up its interface these past two years significantly. The UI is a very simple one with every setting and button tucked away inside menus though users do have the option to customize the buttons that appear on the toolbar. If you're looking for more control over which UI elements appear in Firefox and would like to hide certain items from the Add-on Manager, the Options manager, and the browser's UI, Hide Preferences is the add-on you need to do the trick. The add-on can hide items from the hamburger menu, remove certain settings and even entire tabs from the Options manager, and hide some elements from the Add-on manager as well.Read More

Add A Flux Like Tint To Your Browser

A while back an app named Flux was released for iOS. The tinted your screen a sepia shade in the evening and at night in an attempt to stop the glare of a bright screen from keeping you awake. Apple soon banned the app and the next stable version of iOS will have a feature that mimics this exact thing. The point being that it's a wonderful little feature that can make browsing easier. You might have to stay up late and work but by tinting the screen, your brain isn't kept awake longer than it needs to be. FireLux is a Firefox add-on that lets you add a sepia, black, grey, white, and pink tint to a browser tab so that it strains your eyes less and G.lux is its Chrome counterpart. If you want a different colored tint, both extensions have a custom color selection option that you can use to select a different one.Read More

Record A Portion Of A Twitch Stream While It’s Still Live

Twitch remains the popular platform for streaming gameplay despite YouTube introducing its own dedicated version for game lovers. People continue to visit the network that's built to cater to every need a broadcaster or a viewer might have to enjoy a good stream. With the popularity of Twitch, several apps and services have cropped to take advantage of it or build a product on top of it. If you often watch streams on Twitch TV then Oddshot is a Firefox add-on and Chrome plugin that lets you record a portion of stream much like taking a screenshot. You can save it in MP4 format.Read More

Add A YouTube Channel Subscription To Feedly From The Awesome Bar [Firefox]

Feedly is now the go-to RSS feed manager after Google Reader was discontinued. It's one of the best RSS readers out there and the free version has enough features that you won't miss Google Reader. What makes RSS readers popular is that they can be used to follow just about any source of content that updates regularly. They're a single-stop solution for following multiple sources all in a uniform format. One of the many things you can add to an RSS reader is a YouTube channel and if you use Feedly, FeedlyTube  is a Firefox add-on that lets you add a YouTube channel subscription to Feedly from the Awesome bar.Read More

Hide Your ‘Seen’ Status On Whatsapp For Web [Firefox]

Whatsapp introduced a web version of its popular messaging platform at the start of 2015. It's been a whole year since Whatsapp for web was introduced but in addition to the service remaining tied to your smartphone, the web version hasn't been updated with any notable features. All it does is allow you to send and receive messages, customize new message alerts, and mute a conversation. In stark contrast, the smartphone apps for Whatsapp offer more features one of which allows you to disable 'read' receipts. The web version isn't as lucky but ShutApp is a Firefox add-on that can help. Once enabled, it lets you read messages on Whatsapp for web but doesn't send a 'seen' report nor does it mark the message as read.Read More

Block Star Wars Spoilers And Browse The Web Safely In Firefox

It's amazing the lengths people are going to in order to prevent the new Star Wars movie from being spoiled. The lengths people are going to in order to spoil the movie for those who haven't seen it are pretty impressive too and it's more or less the dark side versus the light side. If you're putting watching the movie off until the lines grow smaller at theaters, or you just can't make a show that isn't on the weekend, you're likely treading very carefully on the internet. Spoiler Jedi is a Firefox add-on built to aid you in keeping the movie a surprise. Once installed, it analyzes the words used on a web page and lets you know if it might contain spoilers or not.Read More

How To Install Unsigned Add-Ons In Firefox 43

Firefox 43 came out just a few days ago and with it a new security feature that Firefox had already introduced to its beta channels made its way to the stable release. As of version 43, unsigned add-ons can no longer be installed. The move is meant to prevent unsuspecting users of accidentally installing malicious add-ons from somewhere outside the Firefox market place. Mozilla's intentions are no doubt noble but most users aren't happy with the change. Install Unsigned Add-ons is a Firefox add-on that will let you install unsigned add-ons. It doesn't block Firefox's initial attempt to warn you against potentially installing an untrustworthy add-on, however, once you explicitly click the 'allow' button, you are able to install the add-on.Read More

Disable All Annotations On A YouTube Video [Firefox]

Have you ever opened a YouTube video and switched to fullscreen mode to watch it more comfortably only to have most of your screen taken up by an annoying, and often irrelevant, annotation? Annotations can be dismissed but some channels add so many of them to a single video they become more annoying than ads. If you're watching a YouTube video in fullscreen mode, often the 'close' button for an annotation is hidden behind the video's title bar and you have to exit fullscreen mode just so you can close the annotation. Youtube's Annotations No More is a Firefox add-on that automatically removes any and all annotations on a YouTube video without you having to lift a finger, or so much as flick your trackpad.Read More

Get A Lights-Out Dark Theme For Twitch TV [Firefox]

Watching people game is an incredibly popular way to pass time. It started with people just uploading videos of game play to YouTube and then evolved into something much bigger i.e. Twitch TV. Twitch TV lets people create gaming 'channels' where they can broadcast their game play to thousands of followers. Anyone looking to watch a live stream can search for their game of choice and view live broadcasts. People also have the option to view broadcasts archives. With Twitch TV, you not only watch players play games, you can also chat with other people who are currently watching the same stream. If you don't like to watch in either full screen or theater mode, you are left with the normal mode which has a white background. It isn't easy on the eyes and Dark TwitchTV is a Firefox add-on that fixes it. Install it and all of Twitch TV gets a dark theme.Read More

Reload Broken Images In Firefox Without Refreshing The Page

Internet Explorer gets slack for a lot of things; being too slow, being a security risk, not supporting CSS well, causing your system to slow down, causing WW 2, etc. I stopped using Internet Explorer years ago but I do remember one particular 'feature' that it had, that neither Chrome nor Firefox support. It was a feature that allowed  you to reload a broken image and it was beyond helpful. Consider yourself going through a large photo album on Imgur of a really great DIY project and finding out that a few images didn't load. The only thing you can do is refresh the page and wait for the images to download fresh. Image Context Menu is a Firefox add-on that adds a 'reload' option, among others, to the right-click context menu. With the add-on installed, you can individually reload broken images, or images that failed to download without reloading the whole page.Read More

Get A Bar That Shows Active & Completed Downloads In Firefox

Firefox has gone through a lot of design changes in the past year. It's grown more and more minimal allowing for maximum space to be taken up by a web page. It did away with a lot of bars and buttons that were part of the interface a few years back giving users a much neater browser to work with. One of the major UI changes that Firefox made was to kill the downloads bar and replace it with a single Downloads button. The button, when clicked, reveals a pop-up menu that will show the progress of active downloads and recently completed downloads. Download Bar is a Firefox add-on that brings back the downloads bar. It not only shows you all completed downloads but also those in progress. The downloads are color coded so that completed and active ones are easier to distinguish.Read More

Automatically Disable Untrusted Add-ons In Firefox

When installing Windows apps you should be cautious about what you agree to when you're installing it. More and more apps are now trying to sneak in extra stuff like a toolbar or an extension that can be installed in your default browser (or every single browser you've got installed on your system), resulting in the browser behaving erratically. The extra stuff either changes the default search engine, injects ads, and can even manipulate search results. Chrome deals with it by alerting you when an extension is trying to make changes to your browser's settings and asks you if you want to allow the extension to do so. Firefox is in the process of introducing something similar. As of Firefox version 40, you can check if an installed add-on is 'unsigned' and with the Untrusted Add-on Switcher add-on for Firefox, you can enable/disable all unsigned extensions with one click.Read More

Long Click On A Link To Open It In A New Background Tab [Firefox]

To open a link in a new tab, we either right-click it and use the 'Open link in new tab' option from the context menu, or if we're using a mouse instead of a touchpad, we use the mouse wheel and 'middle click' on the link. The mouse wheel is my preferred way of opening links in new, background tabs but when using the touchpad, the option just isn't there. If you're a Firefox user though, QuickTab is an add-on that can help you. It lets you open a link in a new background tab by clicking on it longer than you normally would if you wanted to open it in the current tab.Read More

Manage Privacy Permissions For Websites In Firefox From The Toolbar

When you visit a website, it's almost always a given that it will save cookies to your browser. Website permissions aren't restricted to just the use of cookies. Powerful web apps and intelligent internet protocols have been developed to allow users to accomplish so much more with just their browsers. As a result of this, privacy and what information a website has access to is a growing concern. Likewise, what information is stored in your browser of choice is equally concerning because browsers today offer to save sensitive data like credit card numbers and email passwords. You can choose to allow or disallow the information to be stored and if you're a Firefox user looking for a quick way to review permission on a per-website basis, FoxyPermissions is an add-on you should try.Read More

Bypass About:Config & Toggle Privacy Preferences From The Toolbar [Firefox]

Firefox isn't just popular for it's awesome web development tools but also because it gives users a lot of control over what they can customize. The About:config page is a frequented area for many Firefox users when they need to tweak something or turn Off a feature they do not like. Privacy Settings is a Firefox add-on that simplifies editing some of the most popular preferences found on the about:config page. The add-on provides toggle switches for privacy preferences related to safe browsing, data collection, media encryption, and more.Read More

Access All Firefox Menus From A Single Button On The Toolbar

Firefox looked very different a few years ago; it wasn't all neat, clean, and minimal like it is today. Before, the browser looked like any other app with menus in the menu bar. When Chrome began to gain popularity with its very minimal design, people began to realize there was a better way to access application settings. Firefox began an overhaul of its UI and has since changed considerably. It now lets you add your most frequently used features as buttons on the toolbar while hiding the menus that used to appear on its menu bar. To access them, you have to hit the Alt key and they will appear momentarily. The thing is, while these menus may have been hidden for the sake of a 'cleaner' browser, they house important features and are very much needed. If you don't like hitting the Alt key to access them, give All Menus Button a try. It adds a button to the tool bar that encompasses every single menu on Firefox's menu bar for you to access.Read More

Auto Expand Code Snippets On Stack Exchange For Better Reading [Firefox]

Forums like Stack Exchange are amazing for the sheer size of their community but also for the wide range of topics this one single platform covers. You can ask people to help you with code and scripts that you're trying to execute and even help you learn the correct use of a semi-colon by asking the right group of people. Speaking of code, Stack Overflow lets users share code both when seeking help and when providing it. Anyone who deals with code might also know that those lines that do so much can sometimes get really long and because syntax is so important hyphenating or breaking a long line so that it appears in the next one is often times a big no-no. Wide screen stackexchange sites is a Firefox add-on that expands the Q&A area of Stack Exchange sites so that any code that's been shared is easier to read.Read More