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Add A YouTube Channel Subscription To Feedly From The Awesome Bar [Firefox]

Feedly is now the go-to RSS feed manager after Google Reader was discontinued. It’s one of the best RSS readers out there and the free version has enough features that you won’t miss Google Reader. What makes RSS readers popular is that they can be used to follow just about any source of content that updates regularly. They’re a single-stop solution for following multiple sources all in a uniform format. One of the many things you can add to an RSS reader is a YouTube channel and if you use Feedly, FeedlyTube  is a Firefox add-on that lets you add a YouTube channel subscription to Feedly from the Awesome bar.

Install FeedlyTube and open a YouTube video that has been published by a channel or simply visit the channel’s page. Allow the video/page to load. Once it’s loaded, look inside the Awesome bar for an RSS button. Click it and a new tab will open.


The new tab will redirect you to Feedly. You have to be signed into Feedly to proceed further. On Feedly, the subscription link will be added by the add-on and all you need to do is click the ‘Add’ button at the bottom of the slide-out panel.


FeedlyTube is not without problems. It doesn’t always detect a YouTube channel. If you resize a Firefox window after the add-on has detected a YouTube Channel and the RSS button is visible in the Awesome bar, the button will disappear. When the add-on works, it can detect a channel from the channel’s own page and from a video’s page.

Install FeedlyTube For Firefox

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