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The Play Button Under GIF & Video Posts On Reddit Actually Plays Them

Reddit is possibly one of the best, most informative ways of wasting time. You learn a lot of things by browsing it daily even though you might not get much work done. There’s a whole host of add-ons, extensions, skins, and mobile apps available to make your Redditing experience better but Reddit itself also aims to help you procrastinate more easily. You might have noticed that some Reddit posts have a play button under them. It’s usually posts that are videos or GIFs. The button looks more like it’s just indicating the type of content shared in the post but it’s an actual button that does something. Clicking it will open the media right there on the page.

Visit Reddit and look for a post that might have the play button under it. If you can’t find one on the front page, head over to r/GIFs and you’ll be able to find one within seconds. Click the button and the page will expand to play the GIF or the video (whichever it is) on the page. Once you’re done watching it, click the play button again and it will collapse the media.


The same rule works for the little ‘Aa’ button that you will see under posts generally submitted to subreddits like r/WritingPrompts. Clicking the button will expand the post so you can read the prompt on the same page. This means you only have to click through to the post if the prompt itself interests you. These buttons work regardless if you’re signed into your Reddit account or not. Here’s to being a little lazier.


  1. If your’e using Chrome, download the Hover Zoom extension, and you just have to place the mouse over the link to see full size photos and gifs (no clicking needed)

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