How To Root HTC One X On Android 4.0 ICS

The HTC One X gets rooted, even before being released. We’ve seen devices getting rooted in no time at all earlier, but rooting a device before the official release in down right wicked. The One X is shaping up to be HTC’s flagship device, running the NVIDIA Tegra 3 chipset and sporting the second generation of SLCD with an HD resolution at 1280 x 720 on a 4.7” screen. Best of all, the device will be running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The root for this monster of a device comes in from PaulOBrien over at Modaco, who has released a modified boot.img called Superboot for the device. More on it and how you can root your HTC One X, after the break.

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Install Rooted Android 4.0.3 ICS Official Leak For Galaxy S II I9100

While the Samsung Galaxy S II is all set to receive its due share of Ice Cream Sandwich officially sometimes this quarter, waiting is not always an option for eager and avid Android fans. There have been a few leaks of ICS for the Galaxy S II before but this time, the device gets Android 4.0.3 (I9100XXLPB) where the build date is the 29th of January, and while still an Alpha/Beta release, this ROM is looking really stable and ready to be used as a daily ROM according to the folks over at Sammobile. Read More

Enable Ad Hoc On Notion Ink Adam Running Ice Cream Sandwich [How To]

We all know, Android by default is not too fond of Ad Hoc networks and while there are a few custom ROMs out there that do support Ad Hoc, there are modified WPA Supllicant files available for various devices that users have been able to use by replacing the existing ones in the devices /system partition, thus enabling Ad Hoc connectivity. The latest Ice Cream Sandwich OS however is being hacked at day and night by developers but Ad Hoc remains elusive. However, there is some good news for users of the Notion Ink Adam Tablets running the ICS build by mrdeadlock, as Ad Hoc connectivity has been enabled thanks to Tablet ROMs forum member jl7854.

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Android 4.0.4 ICS Official Leak For Sprint Nexus S 4G [Download & Install]

The Nexus S 4G gets ICS 4.0.4. Where the Nexus S quickly received its due share of the ICS goodness, the Nexus S 4G was left without something official coming out for the device. However, that has changed with the leak of an official Android 4.0.4, yes, not 4.0.3 but 4.0.4 for the Nexus S 4G. The leak comes to us courtesy of XDA-Developers forum member mrxkills who had earlier released the files that could be flashed via ODIN, and now thanks to Swap Goblin, there is now a CWM flashable zip file availabel as well, making it much easier for users to install this firmware on their device. Even better, the ROM, is rooted. Read More

Samsung Galaxy Tab Gets ICS Based CM9 ROM [Download]

Proud owner of the original Samsung Galaxy Tab but still running Android 2.3 Gingerbread on it? Been waiting to get news of an update to Andriod 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for your device? While Samsung didn't even bring Android 3.0 Honeycomb to the original Galaxy Tab, it now has an ICS ROM available, courtesy the CyanogenMod team. This AOSP ICS ROM, based on the CyanogenMod 9 project, comes in from the team trying to get CM9 working flawlessly on the Galaxy Tab. The ROM so far is far from perfect, as it is in fact a work in progress and certainly not meant as a daily driver, but that’s understandable. Hopefully, this will all change soon enough. More details, download link and installation instructions after the jump. Read More

ICS Based AOSP ROM For Motorola Droid Razr CDMA/US [Download & Install]

The Droid Razr is on a roll here with Ice Cream Sandwich. It just recently received a an ICS leak found to be running with the Moto Blur UI followed by an AOSP ROM based on the CM9 by RootzWiki forum member dhacker29. The ROM, titled IC3RAZR, is based on Android 4.0.3 and is an Alpha build for now with a few things missing. More on the ROM and how you can get it running on your Droid Razr, after the break. Read More

MIUI v4 ICS ROM Ported To Samsung Galaxy S II I9100 [Download & Install]

The Galaxy S II gets MIUI ICS! While the device and its users eagerly wait for an official ICS release by Samsung, users hopes are also pinned on ROMs like CM9 and MIUI v4 ICS. Things seem to moving at a very steady pace and while experimental builds of CM9 are available along with leaked Samsung ICS based ROMs, MIUI was nowhere to be seen. While official unsupported, XDA-Developers forum member adyscorpius has recently released a port of the MIUI v4 for the SII. The ROM is largely based on the CM9 ROM. The ROM is actually quite stable but, as like things are for the SII with ICS at the moment, a few bugs and issues go hand in hand. Read More

One Click Root For Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime On ICS Firmware

We have confirmation that the latest OTA update for the Transformer Prime has now been rooted! Even better, it is a one click solution so even the most novice of users, who grabbed the latest OTA update that Asus pushed out, can now root their device in no time at all. The One Click solution is brought to us by XDA-Developer forum member -viperboy- who released this very tool a while back for rooting the earlier firmware, but now, the tool has been updated to work on the latest OTA, that is the Further credits to Saurik for coming up with the root method for the latest OTA. The tool will work for both Windows and Linux. Read More

Motorola Atrix 4G Gets ICS Based CM9 ROM [Download & Install]

CyanogenMod 9 for the Atrix 4G hits the internet! The device has kept up nicely with the recent developments with updates and custom ROMs as well as CM7 ROMs, but the arrival of CM9 seems to be the start of bigger things to come for the Atrix 4G. That said, this release is a port and comes to the users courtesy of XDA-Developers forum member jokersax11. The ROM is said to be pretty stable but there are quite a few things broken and missing. The ROM, is after all an Alpha for now. Read More

Samsung Galaxy S Devices Get Android 4.0.3 AOSP ICS ROM

The cleanest vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for the Galaxy S I9000, Vibrant and the Captivate is here. Based on Android 4.0.3, the ROM is an effort of team ICSSGS, who began work on this ROM nearly 2 months back. The ROM is so far one of the most stable builds you can find for your Galaxy S device, and according to the developers, “We did not add any modifications unless they were absolutely required to make it work correctly.” Truly, the SGS II stands in awe right now as the predecessor maintains the lead when it comes to ICS ports and their stability.

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Enable USB Host Function On Samsung Galaxy S I9000 & Samsung Captivate

The Galaxy S series, is surely a league of Android devices with seemingly unlimited development coming in from fans. USB host functionality has been a hot topic for a about a year now with more and more Android devices seeming to support the function, especially the newer Android devices. That said, Ice Cream Sandwich is all the rage right now, and would it not be awesome if the Galaxy S got USB Host functionality while running the ICS OS? Indeed it will be, or should we say it is, thanks to XDA-Developers forum member sztupy who took the kernel form Teamhacksung's ICS Build 14 and modified it to enable the USB Host function on the Galaxy S and the Captivate as well. Read More

Rooted Stock Android 4.0.3 ICS ROM For Motorola Xoom [US Wi-Fi Only]

Shortly after the official Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Motorola Xoom started rolling out, a lot of eager users are still left in the dark. However, with a lot of users, not having root access is another major factor to not updating the device to ICS just yet. Thanks to XDA-Developers forum member stachre, users can now manually install a rooted but stock version of the Android 4.0.3 IML77 ICS firmware on their Xoom. This ROM is specifically meant for the US Wi-FI model only, and not the 3G/4G models or non US Wi-Fi models. Read More

Fix Regional Wi-Fi Problems On Android 4.0 ICS With WiFix [How To]

Apparently the Ice Cream Sandwich craze in the Android world has come with its own shares of small and minor issues. However, Wi-Fi connectivity, is not something minor and the lack of it can put a lot of eager ICS users in a spin. There are reports of people in certain countries having problems with Wi-Fi when they have their SIM cards inserted in their devices – not like that’s an option – and it doesn’t matter what make or model the device is. Luckily XDA-Developers forum member fardjad has recently released a solution that fixes this issue for a lot of people facing this issue. Read More

Root Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime On Android 4.0 ICS [How To]

One click root for Transformer Prime on Ice Cream Sandwich is here! For those of you who have not updated to ICS yet dude to root concerns and those eagerly waiting to root the device on ICS, you can now do so, very easily. The method at hand is simple enough to be used by novice users as well. Credit goes to XDA-Developers forum member zedomax for bringing this wonderful tool out to the users of the Prime tablet. The script was based on sparkym3's code, so credit goes out to him as well. If you have updated to the latest firmware from Asus, this will not work for you. Read More

CyanogenMod 9 ICS ROM For HP TouchPad [Download & Install]

The HP TouchPad gets CM9! After HP dropped the support for Web OS, Android developers have taken the device to a whole new level where we saw it running the CM7 ROM based on Android 2.3, and now as the users pinned their hopes on an ICS port for the device, the Cyanogen Team for the TouchPad have just released the ICS based CM9, which for now, is an Alpha stage right now, and there is no support available for it right now. Read More

CyanogenMod 9 ICS ROM For Motorola Milestone [Download & Install]

The Motorola Milestone gets CyanogenMod 9! The Milestone has gotten a few ICS ports before, but this time, its CM9 that makes the cut. Android fans are eagerly waiting for one of the best AOSP ROMs out there to hit the full and final version as it rolls out for multiple devices. The Milestone, is the device that put Motorola right back into the competition and seeing CM9 being ported to the device is truly something deserved. However before you get too excited, the ROM is and Alpha version right now and comes to you courtesy of XDA-Developers kabaldan. Read More

Improve Volume On Galaxy Nexus & Other Android Devices With Volume+

Many Android users, especially those with a Galaxy Nexus, often complain about the agonizingly low volume levels of their devices. If you’re among these disgruntled users, then here’s a volume enhancement solution that might please you. Meltus, the developer behind the volume enhancement tool Volume+, has released a beta (v1.8.1) of his app that now includes support for Galaxy Nexus and all devices running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher. While the latest update mainly focuses on enhancing the volume levels on Galaxy Nexus in particular, the developer is optimistic that it should work equally effectively for all other devices, Android OS versions and custom ROMs. Read More

Install Touch Based ClockworkMod Recovery On Galaxy Nexus [How To]

Galaxy Nexus gets a touch based ClockworkMod recovery. This comes in from RootzWiki forum member unstableapps along with Chris Ennis. The recovery is an Alpha build right now, and is only meant for advanced users at this point. The recovery while sporting touch functions via the on-screen navigation controls (Up, Down, Back and Enter), retains navigation controls via the hardware keys as well. Read More

ICS Browser Plus: Enhanced Variant Of Stock Android 4.0 Web Browser

As mentioned in our overview of Android 4.0  Ice Cream Sandwich features, the latest Android operating system sports a plethora of handy features and UI enhancements including Face Unlock, NFC Beam, instant task switching, built-in option to capture screenshots, and an all-new stock browser with the Quick controls option that it borrows from its Honeycomb counterpart. As compared to the tablet version, said option is quite limited in the ICS stock browser. XDA-Developers member appelflap has released a beta build of his very own variant of the ICS browser that sports Honeycomb-style Quick Controls. It's called ICS Browser Plus and is compatible with Android devices running ICS (v4.0 or higher). In addition, the app lets you change the user agent (UA) string of your Android browser to desktop, iPad, iPhone and other devices. Read More