Voxeet Brings Free HD Voice Conferencing To Android & iOS

Voxeet is a cross-platform VoIP conferencing app for Windows, Android and iOS that is acknowledged for its high quality voice technology, 3D audiovisual indicators to easily identify the currently speaking participants, and the option to transfer ongoing conferences across devices on-the-go. Besides being a handy voice conferencing tool for individuals and professionals alike, Voxeet happens to be one of the most user-friendly apps of its type. It requires minimal configuration, and its intuitive virtual conference table UI helps you with recognizing and organizing participants to make the experience as close to real life conference as it gets. Once a conference is initiated, you may invite new participants or leave the meeting without interrupting the current setup. You may also initiate a private one-to-one conversation with select participants from within an ongoing conference. In case you’re required to switch locations, you can carry your current conferences along with you without having to disconnect and then redial afresh. More to follow.Read More

Use Global Hotkeys To Control iTunes With iTuneskeys

iTunes is a powerful media player, used for playing, downloading, and organizing digital media files on a computer. It is also used for complete management and related operations for iPod, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. iTunes can also connect to the iTunes Store, which allows users to purchase and download music, music videos, TV Shows, audio books, games, ringtones and more. Since it’s inception in 2001, it has become one of the most popular media apps for Mac, Windows and smartphone users. iTunesKeys is a system-tray utility, which lets you control iTunes with global hotkeys or via the tray icon menu, which runs in the background. You can control your playback actions, such as play, previous track, play, pause, stop, next, rewind and fast forward, adjust volume and rate items. You can even create a customized rating system for your tracks. iTunesKeys provides display track info on song change, including artwork, launches iTunes automatically and closes it at exit.Read More

Album Art & Song Info For Current Track In App Switcher Tray [Cydia]

Now Playing Detail Info is a Cydia tweak that has recently been released in the Big Boss repo of the infamous jailbreak store for iOS. The tweak makes listening to music on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch a relatively more enjoyable and convenient experience. It is common for desktop music players to display music information while a track is being played, and this handy tweak brings that same functionality to the app switcher tray of your iDevice. A lot of people use the App Switcher tray regularly in order to control their music, specially when they are using some other app or playing a game. Of course, lock screen controls are pretty useful, but if you are multitasking and not just listening to music the App Switcher is a pretty good place to have the controls, and what good are those controls if you can't see any details regarding the song? The Now Playing Detail Info tweak is not just about adding the song and artist name to the task manager tray, and it is also a pretty good tweak to have cosmetically, since it adds the album art to the mix.Read More

Create Audio Books For iTunes In AAC Format With Chapter And Verse

Chapter and Verse is a Windows application for creating chapter based audiobooks for iTunes and QuickTime Player. You can join multiple files for creating a chapterized audio books and convert them to iTunes compatible AAC format. These chapterized audio books can then be played using iTunes or QuickTime Player. You can also copy them to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod using iTunes. The application saves the audio book projects in its proprietary CVP format.Read More

Rename, Edit Metadata & Convert Media Files With Media File Manipulator

Every media converter boasts its own set of features to make it stand apart from the pack. Today, we have one such application for you that might come in handy. Media File Manipulator is the one we are talking about. It is an open source application to edit metadata, rename files and to convert taglib-sharp supported audio and video files. It allows users to edit file name to metadata and metadata to file name, as well as to batch convert audio files from MP3, OGG, FLAC, ALAC and AAC presets. Videos files can also be converted to iPod and iPhone format. Hence, the primary features of Media File Manipulator include renaming media files, setting custom media metadata (ID3 tags etc), converting videos to iPod and iPhone format and to encode audio files. While one can achieve iPod and iPhone conversion by a number of video conversion tools such as VidCoder (uses Handbrake) and Hamster Video Converter, ID3 metadata editing is what makes Media File Manipulator a useful application.Read More

4K Video Downloader – Download Online Videos Or Extract MP3 Audio From Them

Video Downloader is a cross-platform, open source video downloading application to grab videos from the most popular video sharing websites including DailyMotion, Vimeo, Facebook and DailyMotion etc. Unlike most video downloaders of it’s kind, you will find many integrated options like video quality management, portability, easy to use interface, the ability to download videos in iPod format (SD Quality) and availability in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions for Windows, Mac and Linux based operating systems. This makes Video Downloader a much feature rich application compared to other such downloaders like VDownloader. It is available with an installer package and in portable form.Read More

AirPhones Streams Audio Wirelessly From PC To iPhone, iPad, And iPod

AirPhones is a cross platform application, which allows streaming audio from your computer to an iPhone or iPod Touch device. You will require creating a server on a Windows, Mac or Linux machine to access the audio being streamed via a wireless network and AirPhones mobile app. The procedure for streaming your computers audio via an iPhone or iPod is quite simple and makes it possible to Experience DVD, desktop TV, web videos, internet radio, audio books, shared iTunes playlists and podcasts to be streamed from your iPhone, iPad or iPod across the house or office. During testing, we found the streaming audio to be of quite good quality, without lags or latency issues.Read More

Export iPod Music And Audio Podcasts To Your Mac With xPort

XPort is an application for Mac which was formerly a commercial product, but now it’s available for free. It offers one the most simple way around to export your podcasts and music tracks with album arts, play counts, ratings, saved in your iPod to iTunes, allowing you to manage them with your new collection and, importantly, sync them with your other iOS devices. You can also use xPort to create backup of iPod by exporting the track and podcast lists to iTunes. According to developer, it’s a capability of copying massive 25 GB of music off your iPod to Mac in less than an hour. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how big your collection is, just launch xPort, select playlist, and click export to begin the process.Read More

VideoMonkey: Video Converter for Mac

Many of you would be familiar with VisualHub, the conversion tool for Mac which has now been disconnected from the internet. VideoMonkey is a video converter for Mac OS that is built on VisualHub's source code and concept to convert videos to and from a number of popular formats.Read More

User Accounts For iPhone & iPod Touch With iAccounts

Have you even been in a situation where you had to hand over your iPhone or iPod Touch to a friend or relative, and hoping that you had some privacy control solution available. Or maybe you have wanted to test some new application that could potentially ruin some of your settings, and hesitated only because you wanted to keep your preferences intact? iAccounts, a new app in Cydia, answers this call.Read More

How To Control Music Playback On iPhone With Volume Buttons

The iPhone doubles as a wonderful music player, offering excellent sound quality and massive storage space. However, for controlling your music playback, you either need to enter the iPod app, or double press Home button twice to bring up the iPod controls. Neat, but both these methods require having to look at the screen. What if you want to skip song, or pause playback at just the feel of your fingers?VolumeButtonExtender is a tweak for jailbroken devices that adds pause/play, next track and previous track controls to the iPhone’s volume buttons.Read More

VLC4iPhone App – Complete Review With Screenshots

Remember our famous 8 New Features In VLC 1.0 that will make you rejoice post, I think now its time for reviewing VLC4iPhone app for iPhone/iPod Touch. Since we have been following the development of this app for a long time, what makes us exciting is that the current version v.2.1.0 has a complete new redesign. The last version was quite buggy too, it used to lag while playing .avi videos and had some other minor bugs.So what is new, you ask? Here is the list of features that makes us excited.Read More

Download Or Copy Music From iPod To Your Computer Instantly With iDump

Do you love the the music playlist of  your friend’s or co-worker’s iPod? You can now copy the songs to your computer, and then later copy them to your iPod using iTunes if you have one. Almost everyone carry an iPod  these days, if you love someone's music playlist you can borrow his iPod for few minutes and copy his music to your computer instantly. iDump is a free little tool that lets you copy all music from any iPod to your computer.

There are  two types of files, one is a simple installer and the other is an executable file which you can download from here.

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6 Small And Useful Portable Applications That You Should Always Carry Around

Are you always carrying a USB Flash Drive around? If yes then you can get a lot of useful applications on your USB drive instead of just carrying them around with backup files. We have gathered 6 applications that will transform your USB drive into a power device for doing tasks ultra quickly on the go.

Note: If you don’t like carrying software on your USB because they will mix with other files, just like I worry. Then make a folder named “Power Tools” in your USB and move all these software there. You can later hide this folder and work with your USB like you normally would.

….And if you are an uber geek like me and always carry your iPod around, then it is better to carry these software in your iPod.

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