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Export iPod Music And Audio Podcasts To Your Mac With xPort

XPort is an application for Mac which was formerly a commercial product, but now it’s available for free. It offers one the most simple way around to export your podcasts and music tracks with album arts, play counts, ratings, saved in your iPod to iTunes, allowing you to manage them with your new collection and, importantly, sync them with your other iOS devices. You can also use xPort to create backup of iPod by exporting the track and podcast lists to iTunes. According to developer, it’s a capability of copying massive 25 GB of music off your iPod to Mac in less than an hour. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how big your collection is, just launch xPort, select playlist, and click export to begin the process.

Before launching the application, you need to plug you iPod in. Now launch the application to detect playlists, music tracks and podcasts on your iPod.

xport 1

Under each playlist, you will see Add to export list option. You can export complete playlist right away or choose to select the tracks which are to be sent to Export list. Once you’re done exporting the tracks, open Export list present in the bottom of playlist navigation bar. Under Export list, click Export now button to specify directory, track format, and include artwork, playcounts, ratings, etc in export process. Finally click Export now to begin the process.

exort now

Once the export is complete, you will find the XML file which you have to import to iTunes to add iPod music tracks and audio podcasts.

Check out the video below which further demonstrates the usage.

xPort works on Mac 10.3 or later.

Download xPort

[via Caschys]


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