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View All Your Facebook Photo Updates In One Place With Friendlens

Facebook may seem the world’s greatest site to a lot of you, but if you’re tired of getting virtual gifts (or gift requests) and are really just in it because it’s a great way of sharing pictures then Friendlens might be just the thing. It’s all your Facebook pictures in one place, you can see all photos added by your friends and post comments on them. Friendlens is like a Facebook wall dedicated to photos sans the ugly photo viewer.


When you sign into the service with your Facebook account, you’ll see all pictures recently added by your friends. They appear in chronological order on your Friendlens wall. When you mouse over a picture, it shows the date when it was uploaded and who uploaded it.

All your Facebook friends are listed in a panel on the left, pick a friend (or use the search bar) to view their pictures. The slight short coming with the service is that it doesn’t let you pick albums to view pictures from. You simply scroll through them in the order they were uploaded in.

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