Flagship Android, iOS & Windows Phone Smartphones: Specs Comparison

With each passing year, the number of smartphones that hit the market keeps rising, even as the brutal tech market forces certain manufacturers to throw in the towel. While the head honchos of the market dish it out, constantly trying to one-up each other in the hardware specifications race, the consumers find themselves spoiled for choice. Low-end and mid-range devices might satisfy the regular user, but a technology enthusiast will seldom settle for anything but the best an OEM or developer has to offer. The list of choices for the latter is only relatively short, the key word here being 'relatively'. One would still have to skim through a lot of specs sheets and device reviews to make an informed decision. To make the first part easier for you, we're going to be compiling and comparing the specifications of current flagship Android, iOS and Windows Phone smartphones from major manufacturers and developers right here.  Read More

Kingo Android ROOT Offers One-Click Rooting For Several Devices

Universal one-click rooting solutions such as Z4Root, Universal Androot and SuperOneClick were quite popular for rooting all sorts of Android devices in the old days of Éclair, Froyo and Gingerbread. The late Gingerbread era saw a change in this pattern due to increased security by Google as well as device manufacturers, and the situation only got worse for such tools, as pretty much all of them used exploits that were patched in these versions of Android, and newer universal exploits were becoming increasingly harder to find. Recently, Framaroot changed this by offering an on-device one-click universal rooting method for several devices, just the way Z4Root used to offer in the old days. We now have another universal one-click rooting tool in Kingo Android ROOT that follows in the footsteps of SuperOneClick by working on Windows, and can be used to easily root several devices by manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola and Google. Furthermore, the tool can also unroot already rooted devices.Read More

LG G2 Emulator: Take A Tour Of LG’s Latest Flagship Phone On Your Android Device

They say a picture is worth thousand words, but with technology on our side, there is no better way to convey your message than letting others interact with the picture itself. LG, the South Korean electronic company popular in the smartphone industry for bringing us the Nexus 4, has released a new Android app at Google Play Store that lets you play with some new powerful features of its latest flagship, the G2. LG G2 Emulator aims to be the definitive guide for those eyeing the new device, and cleverly conveys various software aspects of company’s new phone by emulating them right on your current phone! You can experience how the six key features of LG G2 work, and also participate in the LG G2 lucky draw event by going through all the 6 features in the form of an interactive game. Details after the jump.Read More

How To Root Google Nexus 4 & Install ClockworkMod Recovery

And just like that, we have rooted the Nexus 4! Running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, Google’s latest Nexus device by LG has started hitting the shelves in the US and UK, but the remaining parts of the world still hold eager fans who have yet to get there hands on this device. Luckily – as is the case with all that is Nexus – expectant users can now not only root their Nexus 4, but install ClockworkMod recovery on it as well just as soon as they get their hands on it. Having already brought to you an overview of the new features of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, gaining root access will throw even more fun your way. Wondering why you should root? View our guide on the top 10 reasons to root your Android device. Ready to root and install ClockworkMod? Read on for the detailed instructions.Read More

How To Get Other Manufacturer’s Marketplace On Your Windows Phone 7

Nokia’s Windows Phone 7 devices have been termed as the last hope for the Mango platform. This is for the reason that Nokia has been granted the permission by Microsoft to tinker with the operating system, and there are some exclusive Nokia apps available in the Nokia Store section of the Marketplace (like Nokia Drive, Nokia Maps and the CNN app). Some of these apps have been in great demand by users, and it’s a shame seeing them unavailable for other devices. However, if your device is developer unlocked (a piece of cake now for Samsung devices, due to the latest WindowsBreak tool), you can exchange your OEM app store with any other OEM Marketplace of your choice. Read on to learn all about the homebrew which will let you do that.Read More

Root LG Apex In One Click Without PC On Android 2.2 Froyo

The LG Apex was surely a powerhouse of an Android device in it’s time, with it’s impressive resolution of 480x800 pixels, a 600mhz CPU and 256Mb RAM. It’s been more then a year since the device was launched, yet there are still people out there who have not yet rooted their devices. For those looking to give this phone one last shot at reviving itself and unleashing it’s true potential – which is capped on a stock ROM – by rooting the device, you can do so, in no time at all. No ADB, no command prompt or terminal, just a simple one click root, that barely involves the use of your PC.

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Install CyanogenMod 7 Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread On Optimus Black [Guide]

Finally there is some great news for LG Optimus Black owners as a working build of unofficial CyanogenMod 7 Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread is now available. The credit for this build goes Arcee, Android developer at RootzWiki Forums, and according to him, the build is compiled from currently available CM7 sources. For those who don’t know, CyanogenMod is a custom firmware distribution for select Android devices that is meant to enhance user experience and bring stability. You might also want to go through our complete CyanogenMod 7 walkthrough. Read More

How To Fix Slow GPS Locking On LG Thrill 4G [Guide]

LG Thrill 4G Android phone was released in August 2011 and boasted of a 1GHz Dual Core ARM Cortex processor with 4.3 inch screen. The phone has proven to be a worthy Galaxy S II competitor, but for some users, slow GPS locking has been a major problem. The problem isn’t faced by everyone and apparently the handsets who do face slower GPS unlocking don’t have a gps.conf system file.

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Install ClockworkMod Recovery On LG Thrill 4G [Guide]

In case you have already acquired root on your LG Thrill 4G, then you can now install ClockworkMod Recovery. Kudos to designgrears, senior XDA member and ROM / Android developer, for this extraordinary achievement. For now, Nandroid is working fine in this custom ClockworkMod Recovery image for LG Thrill along with ADB access. More important features like flashing Zip files, Wipe, Factory Reset and other toggles do not work for now. We believe that the developer will soon release a version that will come with all these goodies and functionalities as working.

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How To Root LG Thrill 4G With Super One Click App [Guide]

LG Thrill 4G, AT & T version of Optimus 3D, was released on 4th September. Apparently some early birds, who opted to go with this handset, identified a method to gain root on this device. With unlocked bootloaders and zero lockable strings attached; Super One Click was able to easily run and root the device. And why should you root your LG Thrill 4G ? Rooting is required if you want to go with custom ROMs, flash custom kernels and want to play Tegra games on your phone. In order to find out more about pros and cons of rooting your Android phone, please consult our article posted here.

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What Is Windows Phone 7 Diagnosis Menu & How To Tweak Your Phone With It?

Windows Phone 7 comes under heavy fire from its opponents for a variety of reasons. First there was the “copy/ paste” saga, then issues like MMS errors and Bluetooth file transfer plagued its progress. But to be fair, underneath all that, lies an operating system that is pretty neat and user friendly. If you use WP7 with an open mind, you might just fall in love with it.However, WP7 sure is a newer OS and thus, majority of users don’t know about many of the hidden features/functions present in there. For example it took me weeks to find out that you can select individual alphabets while typing by simply pressing and holding the empty text area. One such ignored feature is the Diagnosis menu in Windows Phone 7 devices. This is a hidden menu which can be accessed using a code (manufacturer dependent), providing you with a ton of options to tweak low-level settings and let you interact with the phone’s hardware directly. The Diagnosis menu is built into devices for the use of manufacturers during device testing. Also, when you send your device back for repairing, Diagnosis menu plays a major role in tracking down the problem. Read More

T-Mobile LG G-Slate Honeycomb Tablet 3.1 OTA Update Goes Live Today

Finally LG G-Slate owners have something to be cheerful about. The official update to Android 3.1 Honeycomb has finally given the G-Slate something to look forward to after what you can call a very dampened development support for the Tablet where apart from a custom kernel, nothing custom has been developed for the Tablet. However, what’s done is done, now we look at the new 3.1 Honeycomb update and the changes and features it brings to the G-Slate.

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Overclock Optimus Black With Nova 1.7.28 Froyo Custom ROM [How To Guide]

Couple of days back we introduced you to the first custom ROM for LG Optimus Black called Nova Version 1. Although we don’t follow-up on these standalone ROMs unless they are something big like CM, Oxygen or MIUI, but improvements in latest release have pushed us to construct another post for this one. The new Features of Nova, now called Nova 1.7.28, are immense and help users in further enhancing and optimizing their everyday experience on their Optimus Black.Read More

How To Unbrand (Debrand) Your LG Windows Phone 7

Your Windows Phone 7 device is usually associated with a specific carrier and this could prove to be a big limitation for the functionality and potential of your phone. There is certain content which is released for all carriers in general by Windows, but at times you won’t get it because your brand of mobile carrier blocks the newly rolled out update. Apart from that, there is the most important issue of being unable to switch to a new network if the carrier starts to annoy you a lot. Now what can you do about this situation? If you are an LG user, there is luckily a way to unbrand your phone, and it’s quite simple to follow. Fortunately, Microsoft endowed LG Windows Phone devices with the useful MFG (or diagnostics) menu, and using it you can do a lot of useful stuff, including unlocking your phone.Read More

Find Out The MAC Address Of Your Windows Phone 7 Device [Guide]

Media Access Control address, or MAC address as it is more commonly known as, is a way of authenticating if a device really belongs to a specific network or not. It also lets the network devices communicate with each other properly. It is your MAC address that tells your service provider if you are using a mobile device or a desktop and what sort of a device are you on. If you are a relatively advanced user then this can be pretty important for you. Unlike the previous versions of Windows for mobile phones, Windows Phone 7 lets you view your MAC address quite easily.Read More

First Custom Kernel For T-Mobile LG G-Slate Honeycomb Tablet Released

The LG G-Slate is the first Honeycomb tablet, or for that matter the first tablet, to feature 3D capabilities such as 3D video recording. Fueled by the powerful Tegra 2 processor, the device has the makings of a true hero but despite the awesome hardware packed into this device and the unique 3D capabilities, the G-Slate has not received much developer attention at all. RootzWiki forum member ChiefzReloaded has released the first custom kernel for the device and spreading some hope amongst G-Slate owners. This kernel comes months after the device was rooted.Read More

LG Optimus Black Custom Android ROM Available For Download [Nova Version 1]

LG Optimus Black, the thinnest Smartphone so far, hasn’t been able to draw much developer attention due to it’s availability in certain geographic locations. However the developers who already own this Android phone, are already in the process of cooking delicious ROMs after Root and ClockworkMod Recovery made their way to this handset. The first custom ROM for LG Optimus Black is now available and is called Nova Version 1. We really don’t know the logic behind this name, but as far as you flash this one to get rid of the crappy LG firmware onboard, it seriously doesn’t matter. The ROM comes from senior XDA member Noejn and according to him, the ROM is in a beta stage, but is pretty much stable with major functions and features working without major flaws and glitches. The ROM comes with a experimental kernel, which gives you EXT4 Support along with SLQB and tweaks like MinMax governor plus TinyRCU.Read More

How To Root LG Optimus Black With Gingerbreak

In case you own an Optimus Black and were waiting for root, then there is some great news for you! As soon as this handset made it to XDA forums, the folks got root privileges courtesy of Single Click Gingerbreak App. Although the phone ships with stock Android 2.2 Froyo topped with crappy Optimus UI, but Gingerbreak does the job without any botheration regarding ADB or device drivers.Read More

ClockworkMod Recovery Now Available For LG Revolution

In case you opted to go with LG Revolution 4G and decided to root your phone following the guide posted here, then there is some great news for you. Folks over at XDA have managed to port custom ClockworkMod Recovery on Revolution 4G that now enables users with root to flash new ROMs, play with better kernels and make backups or do restores. As the official ClockworkMod Recovery support for Revolution 4G isn’t available in ROM Manager, so you will need to have ample command over ADB to flash this recovery.

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Port Android AOSP Lockscreen On LG Revolution [Guide]

In case you are an LG Revolution owners looking to perform different hacks and mods on your device then you can start with porting Android AOSP Lockscreen on your phone. Many LG Revolution owners aren’t happy with stock lock screen and once the root is public, there is no point sticking to same old junk. Replacing lock screen is one small step to discovering the huge potential this device carries.Read More