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How To Root LG Optimus Black With Gingerbreak

In case you own an Optimus Black and were waiting for root, then there is some great news for you! As soon as this handset made it to XDA forums, the folks got root privileges courtesy of Single Click Gingerbreak App. Although the phone ships with stock Android 2.2 Froyo topped with crappy Optimus UI, but Gingerbreak does the job without any botheration regarding ADB or device drivers.

And why should you root ? Good Question and you can find your answers in our post on the top 10 reasons to root an Android device.

Here is the step by step guide to root your LG Optimus Black with Gingerbreak:

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.

  1. The first step is to download Gingerbread.apk from the XDA thread linked at the end. LG Optimus Black P970
  2. Now connect your phone to the computer, mount SD Card as flash drive and copy the downloaded APK to SD card root.
  3. Once done, enable USB Debugging on your phone by going to settings > Applications > Enable USB Debugging.
  4. After this download Astro File Manager from Market and install the APK on your phone following onscreen instructions.
  5. Once the APK is installed, launch the app by tapping on the Gingerbreak icon in your app drawer and tap on root.
  6. Wait for the process to finish and your device should automatically reboot after that.
  7. Once your device reboots, verify root by searching for SU app or download root checker from Market for this purpose.

And there you go! You now have a rooted LG Optimus Black ready for receiving awesomeness in shape of custom ROMs, kernels and recoveries. You can also follow the instructions provided in this XDA thread to install Custom Recovery on your phone.

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