A Cheat Sheet For Video Editing Apps For Your iPhone

iOS has been around long enough for plenty of great apps to have been developed for just about everything. Whenever I want to do something new, something that I've never done on my iPhone before, I have to first search for the right app. Unfortunately, the search for the right app, the one that does what I want it to, is often frustrating. It involves lots of trial and error simply because I don't know if an app will do what I want it to and what limitations it has. With that in mind, this guide is a quick cheat sheet of apps that let you edit videos. Instead of organizing the guide by apps, it's been organized by function so that you can tell what is the go-to free app you can use to perform a particular editing action on a video. The apps work entirely on your iPhone with no need to connect to a PC or a Mac. None of these apps leave a watermark of any kind. Read More

Movieo: Discover Movies Starring Your Favorite Actor And More

Monday is supposed to be a productive day, and possibly an unpleasant one since it's the start of the week and today some of you might still be high on candy from the Trick or treating. Mondays end and at the end of a Monday, a pick-me-up movie is a pretty good idea. Movieo is a web service for finding movies and we've covered a whole bunch of other apps and services that do just this. Movieo sets itself apart by letting you search for movies by actor. It supports other common movie filters as well such as genre, year of release, and country of production. Read More

Watch This! Helps You Find Movies To Watch Based On Rating & Genre

The search for a good movie to watch is a never ending one because every time the credits for one movie start to roll, you get that unsettling tingle in your stomach that asks 'What are you going to watch next?' Movie buffs have IMDb to make their lives easier but it's not exactly great at offering suggestions. If you know a movie, IMDb can tell you what it's about and what others think of it but it's not great on suggestions. Watch This! is a web app, much like Movienr and Netflix Roulette but much simpler than the former and not restricted to movies available on Netflix like the latter. It's simple and independent of movie streaming services Hulu and Netflix. Read More

Movienr: Find Movies By Genre, Theme, Place, Period, & More

It's the weekend and the perfect time to watch a movie. The only question is what movie should you watch? It's the one question that will decide between a night well spent or a night utterly wasted. Movienr is a web service that might help; it lets you search for movies by genre, theme, place, period etc. So, why is this impressive when every other movie search service has a genre filter? It's the other filters that make it special. The Theme filter has everything from alien, animal, disaster to the ever popular vampire. Then there's the place filter which finds movies based on what place they are about like maybe an island, a jungle, or a dessert. The point is, this isn't your typical genre based movie search. It's far more interest based. Read More

Netflix Roulette Find A Random Movie Or TV Show To Watch, No Account Needed

Every Friday night my sister and I have a ritual; we spend close to 2 hours looking for a good movie to watch, we find nothing, she gets tired and decides she'd rather sleep. No fun is had. Yes, we do this every Friday and if you watch movies a lot you know that you quickly run out of all the good ones and are then starved for something that's 'not bad' to watch. Some go to IMDb, some go through top ten or top 100 lists, while others take suggestions from Hulu or Netflix. Netflix Roulette is the brain child of Reddit user codeusasoft who got tired of top ten lists and other such lists that Netflix gives you. This simple little app which categorizes search by genre and will let you search either/or movies and TV series finds something random you can watch. The good thing is it has nothing to do with your Netflix account and it is not an analysis of what you've watched before, or what your viewing preferences are. It's just a random way to find something to watch and it can be used by anyone. There's also an Android app for Netflix Roulette. Read More

Automatically Organize Your Movie DVD/Blu-Ray Collection With DVD Chief

IMDB is a films equivalent of Wikipedia, and is undoubtedly, the biggest database of films and TV shows on the planet. We have covered several movie management applications in the past, such as EMDB and Movie Explorer, that use varying internet sources to gather and store movie information to generate offline catalogs. DVD Chief is yet another such program, which is also one of the most comprehensive ones. It keeps track of your favorite films, TV shows, celebrities information, all at one place in an organized manner. Just insert your Blu-ray/DVD, and DVD Chief will automatically download all its information, either from IMDB or Amazon, depending on the preferences of the user. Want to watch something with your kids? Don’t worry, you can instantly check the MPAA rating to be on the safe side before even watching a film. It allows you to enter the information in three ways, by typing the title, inserting Blu-ray/DVD and selecting an ISO file from the computer. All the information is then stacked in three separate ways, Movie information, Cast members and Statistics. Read More

Scripted: Download & Read Any Movie’s Script On Your iPad

For all the movie buffs out there, Scripted is just the app you have been looking for. If you are one of those people who like to discuss what exactly was the meaning of the last dialog in “Shutter Island”, or what were Gandalf’s words upon returning to the Fellowship in Lord of the Rings, then there’s no better to place to look for answers than the actual script of those movies. You can try and search for movie scripts on the internet, but it is sure to prove to be a rather complicated endeavour. If you own an iPad, however, you can simply download Scripted, and dive in to the fascinating world of cinema and movies. Scripted lists screenplays of almost all famous movies, and you can read those scripts online, as well as offline after you have downloaded them. This iOS app’s database is constantly growing, and it is the ultimate place to boost your Hollywood knowledge. Read More

Permanently Embed Subtitles In Video Files With Free Movie Subtitler

If you are a fan of anime’s, you must have seen or at least heard about the show ”Death Note” (and if you haven’t watched it yet, you must!) . It was the first anime show that I watched and I loved it. At that time, the fact that I couldn't speak or understand Japanese did not bother me in understanding the anime just because I had the subtitles available for every episode. The existence of subtitles have enabled us to watch and understand a lot of awesome movies and TV series in foreign languages. Most players adding subtitles to any video just by dragging and dropping the SRT files over the player, but what will you do if you want to watch the video on a DVD player or a device which does not support reading SRT format? If you are looking for a solution to this problem, try Free Movie Subtitler. It is an application for Windows that allows you to permanently embed subtitles in videos. It means that you do not have to have, and run, separate files for video and its subtitles. Instead, the subtitle file will be merged with the video file and converted into one new file. Read on to find out more about Free Movie Subtitler. Read More

Movie Explorer: Download Information On Your Movies From IMDb

If you're a film freak, then IMDB (Internet Movie Database) needs no introduction. IMDb is one of the most famous online databases that people use to look for information regarding movies, games, celebrities and T.V Shows. The popular web service is not acquired by the E-tail giant Amazon. After this much critical acclaim, IMDb is now available even on Android and iOS devices, and considered to be one of the most used applications. Instead of having to visit IMDb every time you want to get info on movies in your collection, you can try Movie Explorer out. It's a portable application that lists down all the movies and T.V serials in your collection, and shows information including Release title, Year of release, Plot, Summary, Cast & Crew etc., from IMDb.  What makes it unique from other movie cataloging applications is that it automatically scans your movie collection folders, picks up all the available movies and T.V series, and shows the movie poster, Plot, IMDb rating and other important information related to the movie. To get extra information on the movie, you can change the primary movie info source from IMDb to MovieMeter, as well. Let's find out after the break, how it works. Read More

SubtitleDownloader Auto-Fetches Subtitles On Basis Of Video File Names

SubtitleDownloader, as the name suggests, is an easy to use subtitle downloading application for quickly fetching subtitles for your movie and TV series collections. It works by identifying videos from specified local folder(s), and downloads subtitles in the same directory as the videos. The subtitles are downloaded with the name of the respective video file, with SRT extension. This ensures that any video playback device can recognize the subtitles for video playback. Read More

Search & Download Video Subtitles In Batch Using Open Subdownloader

If you watch a lot of movies, specially foreign movies, you often find yourself searching for subtitles. To search for a proper subtitles for the movie you are watching, sometimes you have to do quite a lot of search if the movie is not very well known. Getting the appropriate subtitles requires you to open the browser, search for the subtitle, manually filter out the results from the list, download the subtitle file, and finally add it to the movie and verify if its still the correct one or not. What if, instead of opening your browser, searching, downloading and then loading the subtitles, you could download them directly by just specifying the movie? Open SubDownloader is an open source application that lets you upload and download subtitles for movies from OpenSubtitles.org using fast hashing. It can scan folders recursively to search for subtitles of multiple movies at a time, and auto-detect the language of subtitles. If you have any subtitles in your hard disk that are not available in Open SubDownloader, you can upload them as well, so that other users can make use of the additions. Read More

Free TvDB Lets You Organize TV/Movie Database & View Related Videos

Free TvDB, as the name suggests, is a video database organizing application for your favorite TV Series, Movies, Anime and Reality Shows. It not only provides video database organizing features, but also enables users to obtain synopsis, cast, episode guide, fan art, related videos (such as opening theme and bloopers via YouTube) and posters. Some of its main features include automatic data download (e.g. cast, episode guide, and images), support for viewing information about specified videos in up to 23 languages, and the ability to mark episodes/seasons as watched or unwatched. Read More

Coollector Movie Database Is A Feature-Rich Personalized Movie Manager

If you are a movie buff and looking for an application to organize your movie collection, Coollector Movie Database is worth a try. The application has a massive encyclopedia of over 80,000 movies and T.V series.  It's been designed to give quick access to movies details without having to manually search them online. The best part is that it quickly saves the movie database, including cast and crew, plot and summary, movie poster, IMDb rating, and current price of DVD and BluRay releases. You can filter the movie database by price, rating, genre, country, year of release, media type, etc. Moreover, it lets you search movies as well as actors to check all the related data, i.e , all the actors starring in a movie and all the movies a particular actor starred in. You can watch trailers, maintain a wish list, and mark the movies which you have already ordered to buy. Keep reading to find out more about how Coollector Movie Database can help you manage your movie collection. Read More

Movies By CraigWorks – Create Database And Stream Movies Remotely

Movies by CraigWorks is a browser based application for organizing movie collections and creating a custom movie database with information obtained from sources such as IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, Yahoo Movies, etc. Movies by CragWorks provides VLC integration and iPad support. The former allows you to integrate movie information with files on the hard drive, to play them in a click using VLC Player. The Remote Support feature provides a handy utility of playing movies in one location and remotely viewing them from another, which means that you can play a movie on your PC at home and watch it in a separate location (provided you have internet connectivity). All movies that are added to the database include complete movie, cast, crew and related information with related pictures. Other than movies, you can also create a database for your favorite TV shows. Read More

Get High Resolution Movie Covers And Information With Movie411

Movie411 is a portable application which allows instantly downloading DVD box art and movie information. This can be quite useful for move buffs who prefer keeping their digital collection organized with appropriate movie covers, synopsis, cast, director, rating, runtime and associated information. And for people who may be willing to find suitable movie covers to print for their physical DVD movie collection.  All downloaded content, including high resolution movie covers are saved on the hard drive in a selected location. The downloading of required information and cover is not dependent on having the video file of the respective movie available, as the content is searched according to the title. However, if you do have the movie on hard disk, you can optionally benefit from Renaming feature of Movie411 to automatically name your video file and folder according to the movie title. Read More

ALLSubtitleSearcher Is Better Tool For Searching Subtitles From Context Menu

The developers behind ALLPlayer have come up with a new tool, one that brings convenience to subtitle search process. Yesterday we brought you Subtitles 1.0, a nice little utility that allows searching for any movie subtitles from Windows Exoplorer right-click context menu. ALLSubtitleSearcher, too, does the same, but with a more attractive interface and with more automation, automatically downloading the subtitle file into the same folder as that of the movie. Read More

Search Movie Subtitles From Right-Click Context Menu [Windows]

Here’s one program that would appeal movie buffs. Before I get into this, let me clarify that AddictiveTips does not in any way support or promote piracy, copyright infringements and illegal downloads of movies. However, since this software, Subtitles 1.0, can also search subtitles for legitimately purchased or rented titles from, say, Netflix, we consider it worth a review. Read More

Convert Your Images Into HD Videos With Photo Film Strip

Photo slideshows are rather fun to watch, but they are not that friendly when it comes to compatibility over various viewing media. Photo Film Strip takes this concept to a new level, and created stunning, beautiful movies out of your images in few simple and easy steps. A tool that would appeal to both amateur and professional photographers. Read More

How To Backup Or Rip DVD Movie Using HandBrake

Have you ever arrived in a situation where you need to make a backup of your DVD Movie on the computer? Or simply rip the DVD movie so that you can watch it on the iPod, Gaming console, or Computer?

HandBrake is a free opensource and muti-platform tool that allows you to make a copy of your DVD movie on the local hard disk. You can save the DVD movie into either MP4, MKV, AVI or OGM formats. Apart from it you can also convert single video files into above mentioned video formats.

Note: Make sure you right-click this tool and select ‘Run as Administrator’ when running in Windows. For Linux and Mac OS, simply click and run this tool.

To begin ripping the DVD movie, click Source and select the DVD folder or drive.

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Subtitle Edit – Powerful Subtitle Editing And Syncing Tool

Subtitle Edit is a free opensource and portable tool for Windows that allows a user to edit any movie subtitle instantly. Apart from editing, you can quickly sync the subtitles with the video too.

Just run this tool and load the subtitle file, you will see the complete subtitle in list view. Here you can select any mistake in the subtitle and correct it. You can also Split/Merge any subtitle text and Auto Break/UnBreak them.

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