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Find MoviePass Cinemas In Your Area With Your Zipcode

Netflix has a neat service called MoviePass. For a $10/month subscription, you can watch one movie, everyday in a participating cinema. It’s basically a subscription service that gives you access to 30 movie tickets every month for $10. Watching movies can’t get cheaper than that. There’s one, very small catch with the service. It works for participating cinemas only. The good news is that most cinemas, close to 90% are participating cinemas but users will want to be sure there is at least one cinema nearby where the service is accepted before they subscribe. MoviePass Location is an online app that can find MoviePass cinemas in your area using your zipcode.

The official MoviePass app lets you find MoviePass cinemas in your area with your zipcode too but there’s catch; you have to sign up for the service first. The service offers a two week trial period but if you want to find participating cinemas without signing up for it, MoviePass Location is the way to go.

Find MoviePass Cinemas

MoviePass Location works with your zip code. The UI is just a map. Enter your zipcode and tap the Enter key.

The app will list all cinemas where MoviePass works complete with their address and location markers on the map.

A Word Of Caution About AMC Cinemas

MoviePass is a relatively new service and although it’s a Netflix backed service it still has its problems. The one noteworthy problem is that AMC cinemas aren’t happy about it. They’ve already threatened legal action against MoviePass. As of this writing, AMC cinemas still appear as participating cinemas and there’s no official statement that they’ve withdrawn from the service. That’s the extent of it but if you have the option to go to a different cinema, you might want to consider it.

There’s a chance that MoviePass Location might eventually be discontinued. A similar service launched two days ago and MoviePass revoked its API access effectively killing it. MoviePass purposefully restricts this information so that users are forced to sign up for the service before they can look at the list of participating cinemas. For a business model, this makes some sense. It’s the foot-in-the-doorway sales pitch. If a user is signed up, the service can push harder to get them to subscribe and there’s a better chance that people will subscribe long term. Of course, it does make users skeptical especially considering the $10/month price tag seems unsustainable long-term if not too good to be true.

MoviePass currently only operates in the US.

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