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Movienr: Find Movies By Genre, Theme, Place, Period, & More

It’s the weekend and the perfect time to watch a movie. The only question is what movie should you watch? It’s the one question that will decide between a night well spent or a night utterly wasted. Movienr is a web service that might help; it lets you search for movies by genre, theme, place, period etc. So, why is this impressive when every other movie search service has a genre filter? It’s the other filters that make it special. The Theme filter has everything from alien, animal, disaster to the ever popular vampire. Then there’s the place filter which finds movies based on what place they are about like maybe an island, a jungle, or a dessert. The point is, this isn’t your typical genre based movie search. It’s far more interest based.

You must sign up to use the service. It has the option to use your Facebook or Google account but the service failed to connect properly with each one when we tested it and ultimately had to sign up directly with the service. You should be able to use Facebook or your Google account to sign in to the service, the small glitch has been fixed. Once you’re in you land on the home page but switch to the Discover tab to start looking for a movie and to view all the great filters the service has.

You’ve got genre, theme, place, period, new movies, and origin. I really like the Origin filters because they help you find movies from other countries.


The filters are mutually exclusive; you can only apply one and not all of them. This means you won’t be able to find an action movie with aliens set in the desert. As you select different filters, the list of movies below the selection updates to suggest movies that match. At the right, you also get a list of movies sorted by theme or type or genre and you can use those to find something to watch but in all fairness, there are way too many movie lists out there that aren’t worth the time to go through.

Movienr themes


When you like a movie, click it and you can see it’s IMDb rating, watch the trailer and even get a list of the cast. You can also see the runtime for the movie and which country it was produced in. Movienr is a social movie search service so you can mark, rate, and like the movies you watch. You can talk about movies in the Feed section and view what others are saying. You can also follow other members and they, in turn, can follow you to see what movies you watch and what you think of them. For movies you’ve watched, you can submit a plot summary as well.

Movienr - How to Train Your Dragon 2


The service is pretty good with incorporating a social element but we like it because of the filter options it offers. Give it a try and let us know if you found something worth watching.

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