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10 Add-ons For Firefox Android That You Should Try Out Over The Weekend

Firefox users have long enjoyed amazing features on the desktop thanks to the very rich add-on repository that it has. We’ve covered a lot of these add-ons and often had readers asking if a similar extension was available for Chrome. It’s a tribute to these add-ons that add both features and functionality. Firefox isn’t just a desktop browser, it has an amazing Android version which happens to support add-ons as well. Like the repository for add-ons for the desktop version, there is a repository for the Android version as well and we combed it for some useful ones that every Firefox user should install. Here are our top ten picks.


Close All Tabs

A very simple yet useful extension that adds a ‘Close all tabs’ option to the more button in Firefox. As the name implies, it will close all tabs you have open in Firefox.

close all tabs add-on close all tabs


Install Close All Tabs For Firefox – Android

Undo Close

Undo Close lets you undo a tab you might have accidentally closed. This is an actual feature in Chrome for iOS and Android and if you wanted it on Firefox, this extension is how you can get it.

undo close add on undo close


Install Undo Close For Firefox – Android

Black Background & White Text

If you use Firefox to read content and would like a high contrast theme that makes it easier to read then Black Background & White Text is going to do it for you. The add-on not only gives you a high contrast theme for web pages but also transforms Firefox’s interface to match.

Black Background & White Text ff Black Background & White Text

Install Black Background & White Text For Firefox – Android

Open Native App

Ever click a link and get redirected to your browser, in this case Firefox, instead of the native application? Perhaps you clicked on a YouTube link or a Google Play Store link and it sent you straight to Firefox. Open Native App adds an option to open a link in its native app. Tap the more options button when you’re viewing a YouTube video or a Play Store link and tap Open In Native App. Choose the native app for the link and it will remember it in future.

open in native app choose native app

Install Open Native App For Firefox – Android

Open Local File

Firefox is a powerful browser, it can open images and PDfs, and even media files but unlike the desktop version, the Android version doesn’t have a Ctrl+O feature. Open Local File adds that; tap the more options button in Firefox, tap Tools and at the bottom of the menu you will see an Open Local File option. Tap it and select the location and the file you want to open.

Open Local File  Open Local File choose


Install Open Local File For Firefox – Android

Tap Translate

It’s a simple  translation tool for Firefox. Select the text you want to translate and tap the more options button where you will find a Translate button. The add-on translates the text and shows it in an overlay at the top of the page. You can dismiss it or copy the translated text to your clipboard. You can select the language the add-on translates to from its preferences.

Tap Translate Tap Translate lang

Install Tap Translate For Firefox – Android


The add-on has a self explanatory name; it locks your browser so no one can check out your browsing history or what tabs you have open. You can enter an alpha numeric password and force the browser to lock itself. Visit the add-on’s preferences to change the password.

Loc force lock

Install Lock For Firefox – Android

Quick Gestures

This add-on is truly amazing; it lets you add gestures for navigating Firefox. The gestures are defined as Up, Down, Left, and Right. To make an UR (Up – Right) gesture, swipe up in a straight line and then right in a straight line. It takes a little trial and error to get the hang of but once you do, you will love navigating this way. Visit the add-on’s preferences to customize the gestures.

quick gestures quick gestures pref

Install Quick Gestures For Firefox – Android

Copy Profile

Firefox saves everything, your history, your add-ons, your bookmarks, and your passwords, etc to your profile. This add-on lets you export your profile and save it to your phone’s storage. Tap the more options button and tap ‘Copy Profile’ in the menu. Wait until you get the on-screen notification that tells you your profile has been copied and where it’s been copied to.

Copy ProfileCopy Profile copied


Install Copy Profile For Firefox – Android


This add-on gives you quick access to Firefox’s about pages. Tap the more options button and you will see two new menu items for opening the about:healthreport and about:crashes pages.

about-pages about_pages

Install About:Pages For Firefox – Android


  1. Looks like we are still in the dark ages of mobile browsing on android which is a sad pathetic depressing state to admit. There is no priority for Firefox android addons which feels like a toy browser in comparison to desktop and development is pitifully slow. There is still no add-on in existence that can deal with or protect against redirects and it is infuriating. Doesn’t help that the official Mozilla addons page is an absolute mess.

  2. Спасибо большое! Очень облегчило жизнь 🙂

  3. For those site with lots of annoying popups the AdblockPlus for Firefox mobile for Android helps a lot.

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