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Movie Explorer: Download Information On Your Movies From IMDb

If you’re a film freak, then IMDB (Internet Movie Database) needs no introduction. IMDb is one of the most famous online databases that people use to look for information regarding movies, games, celebrities and T.V Shows. The popular web service is not acquired by the E-tail giant Amazon. After this much critical acclaim, IMDb is now available even on Android and iOS devices, and considered to be one of the most used applications. Instead of having to visit IMDb every time you want to get info on movies in your collection, you can try Movie Explorer out. It’s a portable application that lists down all the movies and T.V serials in your collection, and shows information including Release title, Year of release, Plot, Summary, Cast & Crew etc., from IMDb.  What makes it unique from other movie cataloging applications is that it automatically scans your movie collection folders, picks up all the available movies and T.V series, and shows the movie poster, Plot, IMDb rating and other important information related to the movie. To get extra information on the movie, you can change the primary movie info source from IMDb to MovieMeter, as well. Let’s find out after the break, how it works.

The application is quite intuitive and comprise of a minimalistic design. It scans your movie collection in the specified folder, and lists all the movies and series contained within. Then, it automatically download the relevant information of the selected items, from IMDb. It should be noted that the application requires correctly spelled movie titles, so that it can download the information. Any mistake or omission in the movie title would result in fail to extract the pertaining data.

Movie Explorer

The Settings button at the top-right corner allows you to switch between IMDb and MovieMeter database for searching and downloading information, or you can choose Combined to use the mix of both. You can also choose separate services for individual informational element including Title, Year, Genre, Country, Runtime and more. It also allows you to change application language. The Categories tab lets you specify and manage local folders for scanning.

Movie Manager Options

Although small and lightweight, Movie Explorer is an extremely useful tool to quickly grab relevant movie data. The application works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. It supports both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. While testing was carried out only on Windows 7 64-bit.

Download Movie Explorer

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