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How To Get Microsoft Movie Maker On Windows 10

A long time ago, Microsoft had a bundle of awesome, free apps called Windows Live Essentials. It had some great gems in there like Live Writer, and Microsoft Writer, and Movie Maker. Like all great things that Microsoft makes, the Windows Live Essentials bundle was discontinued. For a while, it was still available on Microsoft’s website if you could find the link to it but that too is gone. Users still miss the apps in that bundle and Movie Maker is top of the list of most missed apps. To this day, it’s better than the mediocre editing features in the Photos app on Windows 10. If you want Movie Maker on Windows 10, you can still download it from online archives.

The Movie Maker app can still run on Windows 10. Compatibility is hardly an issue, availability is. Windows Live Essentials is available on a myriad of online software repositories but they’re not all trustworthy. Anyone looking to infect systems can bundle it Windows Live Essentials with malicious code and make it available to unsuspecting users.

Movie Maker On Windows 10

One safe repository where you can download Windows Live Essentials is Archive.org. You can download the Wlsetup EXE or you can get a torrent for it. Both are really slow to download the 128 MB file so we recommend using a Torrent so there’s a resume option should anything go wrong.

Once downloaded, run the file named wlsetup-all.exe. You will see the following screen when installation begins. Click ‘Choose the programs you want to install’, and on the next screen, uncheck everything except Movie Maker.

The installer will install nothing except Movie Maker though if you want some of the other apps that were part of Windows Live Essentials, you’re free to check them during installation and they too will be installed.

Windows Movie Maker runs without any trouble on Windows 10. It’s not a feature-rich movie making app that can replace professional video editing software however it can do a lot of basic video editing. You can trim a video, record a video with your webcam, add a title card, add a credits card, add a voice over narration, and tons more.

It may not let you add fancy affects however, if you’re making a basic video that you intend to publish online, this app isn’t just fully equipped but also incredibly easy to learn to use for just that purpose. The cherry on top is that it can save it in low, medium, and HD quality depending on how you need to use it. There’s a reason why everyone loved this app.

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