How To Hide Outlook 2010 Calendar

If you’re managing multiple calendars in Outlook 2010, you may need to set your focus on only one calendar by hiding all other calendars. You can easily hide it from the main navigation bar but there is a simpler way for it - from right-click context menu. Read More

Minimize Outlook 2010 To System Tray

If you’re having many programs pinned in taskbar, you might want to shift one or two applications from taskbar to system tray. Outlook 2010 offers a small handy option to always minimize the program to system tray. Let’s take a look a how to minimize Outlook to system tray. Read More

How To Mark All Unread Mails As Read In Outlook 2010

If your mailbox is overwhelmed with a lot of junk/un-wanted emails, you can easily mark all as read using Outlook Mail-related options. However, it's recommended to manually delete all unwanted emails and spam messages from the mailbox, you can use the Mark All as Read button to mark all the selected email as read, so that Outlook stops reminding you of new messages in your mailbox. By default, Outlook automatically marks email as read when you select it from the Mail window in order to read email in View pane. If you haven't changed the default behavior, it will automatically mark emails as read, but if you've disabled the default mark mail as read option, it will only mark the emails as read when you double-click or open the mail item in a separate window. For those who want to quickly mark all read mail items as unread, Outlook 2o10 offers Mark as Unread option in right-click context menu, allowing users to quickly mark selected emails as unread. In this post we we will let you know how to mark all mails from a selected folder as read. Read More

Set Outlook 2010 As Default Mail Client

If Outlook 2010 is not set as a default program, you may face some issues on launching Outlook from any external source. For instance, mailto link will not lead to Outlook. To make it a default email client application, on File menu, Click Options. This will bring up Outlook Options dialog. Now make sure that, under General options, option for Outlook as default program is enabled. Read More

Outlook Automatic Duplicate Remover

Sometime Outlook folders are overwhelmed by loads of data, containing lot of duplicates content, such as, emails, attachments, contacts, notes, and so on. Removing them manually can get very frantic and tedious. AODR is a free, portable tool which facilitates users to remove duplicate content in Outlook, it has a dead simple, nifty and intuitive interface, which lets you to choose folders to scan and remove duplicates from Outlook 2010/2007/2003. Read More

Outlook 2010: Apply Rules on Text Messages (SMS)

Outlook Rules Wizard lets user apply new rules over sending and receiving emails, but it would be even more useful to apply rules, when you have subscribed to a Text Message service, which integrates with Outlook 2010. This post will cover how you can apply rules on text messaging, with a simple example. Read More

Outlook 2010 Search Indexing

Indexing is a phenomena which saves the location of files and other content to make search real fast. It is very beneficial especially when you have loads of files or dealing with a lot of content. Windows has an inherent quality of indexing different locations including Outlook folders, and content. Once Windows 7 has the location from the index, then you can retrieve the data by moving directly to the location without invoking the search process. In this way, indexing can be considerably faster than scanning through all the folder to find the content or particular file. Outlook content, files, and folders have also been indexed consistently, if you want to change the way Windows 7 has been indexing Outlook 2010 content, then this post will help you a lot. Read More

Switch Outlook 2010 To Work Offline Mode

When Outlook 2010 is being launched, it takes some times to complete the Send/Receive process. So, when you’re not connected with internet, it is recommended to put Outlook in offline mode. In this post we will let you know how to put Outlook 2010 in Offline mode. Read More

Outlook 2010 Read Receipt Email Tracking

After sending the email, sometime it becomes a frantic need to know when the recipient will start reading it, Outlook has an intrinsic feature which lets you know immediately when the person starts reading your message. By using Tracking, you can track down the email. This post elaborates how you can enable this feature. Read More

Send Outlook Mail to OneNote 2010

Outlook 2010 has an intrinsic feature which lets user to transfer mails to OneNote 2010, it could be very useful, if you are using OneNote 2010 for taking notes, by sending email content, you will able to complement the note which is related with an email. Read More

Outlook 2010 Mobile Alert

Checking for important mails  frequently is a hectic task to get by, especially while using other applications on your computer,  though Outlook provides integration with several handheld devices, but it would be very useful if you can receive important emails or messages on your mobile phone without indulging yourself in complex integration process. With Outlook you can send text messages and most importantly it let you to redirect Outlook items to your mobile phone. If you are carrying a simple mobile phone, then still you can respond to your urgent email messages and keep yourself up to date with your appointments. By configuring Outlook Mobile Service account you will be able to receive desired items on your mobile phone. This post will elaborate how to send text alerts to your mobile phone. Read More