How To Delete Individual Photos From iCloud Photo Stream In iOS 5.1 Beta 2

iCloud is a feature in iOS which Apple is really proud of, as is evident from the recent iPhone and iPad ads. Despite being such a useful service, iCloud has its drawbacks as well. There have been many horror stories of people unintentionally sharing personal photos over the cloud, which were meant to be kept private for good. This is for the sole reason that once you have Photo Stream turned on, every photo you snap using your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch will be automatically shared across all the devices where your iCloud account is set up. If you fall victim to such a scenario, there is no way of deleting individual photos in Photo Stream, and you will have to remove the whole collection to get rid of one photo. However, with the latest version of iOS in its second beta testing phase, things are looking positive, as now individual photos can be deleted in iOS 5.1 beta 2. Having said that, this does not mean that there is some plain Delete button in clear view in the Photo Stream, you still need to know exactly what you are doing in order to get rid of photos. Read More

ISO500 for 500px Brings Great Works Of Photography To Your iPhone

If you are a photography enthusiast who loves to look at rare scenes captured from the four corners of the world, then you should try ISO500 for 500px for iOS. An app that lets you view countless photos uploaded by professional and novice photographers from all over the globe. ISO500 for 500px is a third-party client of the popular image hosting website, which allows you to view photographs under various categories through a unique turn-wheel feature that is reminiscent of the dials found on old cameras. To find out more about this app, keep reading after the break. Read More

Fotopedia Wild Friends: Browse, Save & Share Wildlife Photos

Popular photo encyclopedia Fotopedia has added a new app to its long succession of photography apps for iOS which caters to the taste of wild life lovers. If you are a nature lover as well as a photo enthusiast, then Fotopedia Wild Friends is something you will enjoy. It offers a collection of over 2,400 photographs of wild life and visual stories from 48 countries around the world. Just sit back idly and marvel at the wonders of nature with a swipe of your finger. The app has variants for both iPhone and iPad. Read More

Save Memories Of Good Meals With Evernote Food For iPhone & Android

You have made a special pie for your family at the weekly Sunday brunch, and you want to remember everybody’s reactions while they enjoy it. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could capture everybody in that state with fond mementoes written underneath? Evernote Food for iOS lets you save precious memories of meals where you shared good food and laughter with your loved ones. Add warm and funny captions to these photos and save the physical location of the meals along with them. You can share these memories over Facebook and Twitter too. Just sign up for Evernote Food using your email address and start saving memories of meals that you would want to treasure forever. Update: Evernote Food is now available for Android as well. A link to its Google Play Store page has been added at the end of the post. Read More

Share Where You Are & What You Are Up To With Path For iOS

Sharing with friends and loved ones is what social networking is all about, and when we are multitasking, like listening to the latest background score from Michael Nyman, taking a photo, working and chatting with a friend, we might want to share all of this, and more, simultaneously. Path for iOS lets you do this on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, and also lets you update your physical location. The the good thing about this app is the variety of ways in which you can add your friends to your 'path.' You can add people from your Facebook account, add those who are already using Path, or even invite people who have an iOS device via SMS or email. Signing up is pretty easy, as it requires only your email address, and you're good to go. Read More

MobileMonet For iPhone & iPad Turns Your Photos Into Sketches

There are countless photo editing apps for iOS. MobileMonet is an app from the same genre that adds a little more simplicity to its functionality. All you have to do is import or snap a photo, and MobileMonet will do everything for you automatically, giving you a great-looking black and white sketched version of the original image. It then allows you to paint over the edited image to reveal its original colors. The image editing options offered by MobileMonet are a neat combination of color splash and sketching. One of the best things about the app is its simplicity and ease of use (not to mention the option to let users load images directly from their Facebook account). Read More

Facebook2Zip: Batch Download Photo Albums From Facebook In ZIP Format

Facebook2Zip  is a web service that allows you to download your personal, as well as your friends', Facebook photo albums in a single zip archive. You can download individual or multiple photo albums in the blink of an eye with this web service. All you need to do, is to sign in using your Facebook account with this web service, and start downloading! Read More

AutoPanorama: Easily Create Panoramic Photos On Windows Phone 7

There was a time when it took an expert photographer to take panoramic photos of an outstanding view, and even that would be slightly flawed. Imagine how cool it would be take panorama photos without having to fuss about the right alignment of all the images? AutoPanorama for Windows Phone 7 does all the merging and aligning for you to create the perfect panoramas. You can make a panoramic photo out of more than 50 images! To assist you with alignment, the app offers a a slight preview of the previous image each time you are going to take the next photograph. The best feature of this app is its simplicity; you do not have to browse through a lot of options and screens to get the hang of it. Read More

Visual Grub: Access Instagram Photos & Feed From Your Desktop [Mac]

Instagram is a great service, but there still doesn't exist a way for you to access the hordes of images on Instagram unless you have an iPhone, and this holds true whether you use Windows or Mac. The lack of an iPhone pretty much means Instagram’s doors are closed on you, unless you use a third-party service to access it. However, if you do have an iPhone, and use the service frequently, not being able to access it on your Mac is downright unfair. Visual Grub is a Mac app that allows you to sign in to your Instagram account, access your feeds, view photos and follow new people, right from your desktop. Read More

Flava For iPhone: Virtual Scrapbook For Photos, Notes, Places & More

Flava is like a virtual scrapbook for your iOS device that can be used to arrange photos, books, music, audio recordings, notes, links and places of importance in one place. The purpose of the app is to capture all memorable or significant moments of each passing day. You can later browse through the data via the the app's very own calendar, and share it over various social networks and cloud services. The concept is, in a way, quite similar to the one behind Facebook's Timeline feature. Read More

Bleach Bypass For iPhone: Apply Photo Effects While Retaining EXIF Data

There are a lot of comprehensive photo editing apps in iOS, but as we have said in several preview reviews, there is always room for an addition. Most of these apps, remove the EXIF data of the original photos from the edited results. So months later when you view those photos on your computer, you are likely to wonder when and where you took a particular picture, and with which device. If you care about such particulars, but would still like to edit your photos, then Bleach Bypass for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is a must-have for you. The app allows you to apply filters to your photos without removing their EXIF data. Read More

my365 For iPhone: Apply Filters, Share Photos & Pin Them To Calendar

my365 is an iOS app that has grown quite rapidly in popularity despite being associated with two of the most crowded categories in the App Store; photo editing and social networking. The reason for its popularity might be the perfect blend of these fields that it offers. The app allows you to browse photos from your friends and other users and has a pretty thorough photo editor (including quite a lot of filters). In addition, you can pin every photo you snap with my365 to a particular date on the built-in calendar. For more on these features, read on past the break. Read More

Image Map For Windows Phone 7: Rename Photos, View & Edit EXIF Data

One thing I have always found annoying about Windows Phone 7 is that once you have taken a photo with the camera, or even imported/ downloaded it to the phone, there is no way to rename the image. So if the photo was named “asadsdsf” when you downloaded it, that’s how it'll stay, when you, say, share it via email or upload it to Facebook. The platform's Mango update should have rectified said issue but sadly, it did no such thing. However, the problem has finally been resolved, but not via an official update. Image Map is a free app that allows you to rename any image stored on your device, view photos on a map according to the location where they were snapped, and edit their EXIF data. Read More

Luminance Is Free For Thanksgiving: Edit & Add Effects To Photos [iOS]

It’s Thanksgiving, and the popular photo editing app for the iPhone and iPad, Luminance, is getting in the holiday spirit by giving out free copies of their awesome app. There are a lot of photo editing apps in the App Store, but when it comes to adding effects to your pictures, you will be hard pressed to find an app which offers more options than Luminance. Not only that, using this app, you can tinker with the color and lighting settings of each photo, and crop images as well. Read on to know about Luminance in detail. Read More

FunShot: A Photo Booth-Like App For Samsung Windows Phone 7

You might not appreciate it a lot, but Samsung does have some pretty decent apps for Windows Phone 7 in the Samsung Zone of the Marketplace. Just recently, we covered Wireless Manager, another app made exclusively for Samsung WP7, and while browsing for that app in the Samsung Zone, we ran across FunShot. The app has been around for a couple of months now, but has escaped most people’s notice as it was reportedly available for download via search only. But now that we have finally tried the app, we think it is simply awesome. What does it do? In a nutshell, FunShot is to Samsung WP7 what Photo Booth is to iPad. Read More

GO HD For iPhone: Anonymously Share Photos & Videos With Location Tags

There are about 7 billion people all over the world, and the tech world is littered with thousands of social networks (led by Facebook), so chances are that at any given instant, something is going on in the world that’s worth showing to people and someone is busy sharing it over social media. There are protest rallies, sports events, concerts, parties, meetings; the list is endless. But to share all such events on the go, even if you have an iPhone or iPad, is a real headache. Ironically, this is because of social networks which are made to connect people are unable to let users share something with anyone and everyone who might be interested due to the growing emphasis on privacy. That’s where GO HD comes in. This iOS app lets you share content publicly without the need to reveal your identity or even creating an account. Read More

Image Downloader: Save All Images On A Webpage In One Go [WP7]

Image Downloader is a new app for Windows Phone 7 that lets you download all images on a webpage of your choice. All you have to do is provide the link of the desired page; Image Downloader will pull all images present on it and save them to your Mango phone’s Pictures hub. So, basically, it lets you can download whole galleries of images on a particular search term. The app integrates with the hub and adds a new tab for itself in the Apps section of Pictures. More after the break. Read More

Give Facial Photos A Makeover With Perfect365

Many a times, photos end up appearing dull or with blemishes due to light and other variables that affect the image quality. In such a case, you might want to enhance the image quality, change the light effect and remove, let's say, pimples or other imperfections from a photo to make it look more attractive. Over the years, I have used many image retouching applications, but I have found none as good as Perfect365. It is a feature-rich application that detects face elements and allows tweaking them to perfection. With Perfect365, you can change anything from skin tone, eye size, teeth color to your face smile, eye brows, enhance & remove shine, etc. Read More

Scan & Preserve Memorable Photos In Cloud With ShoeBox For iPhone

Almost everyone has got that one precious album that has some really old pictures with quite a lot of sentimental value. Even if you keep such photos really carefully, there is no guarantee that mold won’t take a fancy to it and decide to eat through, say, the golden memories of your childhood. That’s where ShoeBox enters the scene. This iOS app has a refreshingly new concept and is focused on letting users scan the hard copies of their photos using the iPhone’s camera and saving them to their personal ShoeBox online, where they will be preserved indefinitely. Read More