TapShot: Gesture Controlled Camera Replacement App For iPhone

As soon as you hear of a new camera replacement app for iOS, you might be tempted to think that it can’t be anything new, as there are so many of them already in the App Store. TapShot, however, is one camera app for iPhone which is sure to change this perception. TapShot relies completely on gestures to function, and using it, taking photos becomes so easy that you don’t have to do anything more than pointing your iDevice towards your target. The gestures are highly customizable, and you can learn all about them by heading past the break.Read More

Syncly: Automatically & Instantly Upload Captured Photos To Dropbox [Android]

Despite the presence of so many alternative options including SugarSync, Box, CXAcronis et al, Dropbox still remains at or around the top of the cloud storage. Using the Dropbox mobile client, Android and iOS users can remotely access and manage their cloud content. Although the Android variant of said client has been receiving frequent updates, one feature that is still missing is the option to automatically sync files between their devices and Dropbox account. Yes, there are a handful of apps, such as, Dropsync and DropSpace, that let you manually sync files and folders from your device's local storage with your Dropbox cloud, or set them to be synced at regular intervals, but we were yet to come across a free app that allows real-time uploading (of photos, in particular) from Android to Dropbox until we found Syncly - a fresh entrant in the Android Market that offers instant and automatic uploading of photos to your Dropbox account. That is, as soon as you snap a photo, the app starts uploading it to Dropbox.Read More

Showcase Photos, Videos & Slideshows With Appafolio For iPhone/ iPad

Appafolio is a pretty useful iOS app which brings a rather new concept to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. There are many apps which will let you create slideshows for official purposes, but Appafolio is focused on making your photos and videos more presentable, and lets you create a portfolio of your work which you can share with any of your friends. You can use Appafolio through the app, or from its web version, and the results are pretty neat.Read More

GrayPix Adds Grayscale Option To iPhone Camera Roll [Cydia Tweak]

When it comes to editing and applying effects to photos you have in your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, iOS has an insanely large amount of apps which will let you do that, with Pho.to Lab, Fotoyaki & Bleach Bypass being some of our recently covered ones. However, no matter how many apps you can use to edit photos, it isn’t the same as getting more options in the stock Photos app. If you have a jailbroken iDevice, then Cydia does have a few options for enhancing the capabilities of the stock Photos app, and that is exactly what GrayPix does. Admittedly, it just adds the one option to Camera Roll, namely Grayscale, but it can prove to be a useful addition to your iDevice if you don't like to rely too much on third-party apps.Read More

ID-Photo For iPhone: Camera App With ID & Passport Photo Presets

No doubt the camera in later models of iPhone is pretty good, and iOS users make use of it to upload photos to a variety of photo sharing services. However, one thing for which the camera in iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is not used a lot, is taking photos to be used in official documents, like passports and ID cards. Now, there is an app for that! ID-Photo will let you learn how to take photos which are perfect for such purposes, and also comes equipped with a bundle of tools to help you take officially correct photos.Read More

Create Video Slideshows With Transitions In HD Using Slideshow Creator

There was a time when one might have found it difficult to make high definition video slideshows, or might even have required hiring a professional for the job. Thanks to free applications, this task can now be performed by all kinds of novice and expert users in just a few easy steps. Slideshow Creator is a free application for creating video slideshows from still images, with transition effects and background audio. Most of the options in this application are quite self explanatory, and make it easy to create picture slideshows for users who may not have any kind of video editing experience.Read More

Metrogram: View & Share Instagram Photos From Windows Phone 7

Instagram is the famous photo sharing service for iOS, and as yet, users of no other platform have got an official client for it. Android has many third-party clients for the service, like Streamzoo, but Windows Phone 7 does not even have that - not until now, at least. Metrogram is a new WP7 app, using which, you can view photos from Instagram, along with their comments and other relevant data. The app also allows sharing those photos with your social network.Read More

“Rate Everything” Social Networking App Jotly Released For Android

Jotly is a simple and fun way of snapping, sharing, rating and commenting on almost every facet of life from your smartphone. Whether it’s freshly baked pancakes, a glimpse of your new Galaxy Nexus, your new avatar, the scenery outside the window, or the routine traffic jam on the highway, just snap it, rank it and share it via Jotly to get instant feedback from users around the globe. Photos can be graded from A+ to F-. You can like, share, and comment on other users' posts, and filter ‘Jots’ (photos shared on the network) by vicinity, time relevance, popularity or by your personal activities. Jotly's iOS variant debuted in the iTunes App Store a few weeks ago whereas it has just been released to the Android Market.Read More

Nostalgio For iPhone/ iPad: Make Photo Collages & Add Effects To Them

Fotoyaki is an iOS app that allows users to create amazing mosaics from their photos, in addition to many other features. Nostalgio is another similar app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, which comes with all the features necessary for creating collages out of any picture in your device’s library, or shot straight from the camera. Not only that, you can edit the created collage, and add a few effects to it as well. The best feature of the app is its ability to perform the desired task with a single touch, and simply by choosing from a detailed array of conveniently laid out options.Read More

Pinspiration: Explore Pintrest To View & Share Interesting Photos [WP7]

In today’s digital world, there is no shortage of social networks that are focused on letting people interact with their friends and loved ones. Admittedly, the field is dominated by Facebook and Twitter, but there are other smaller players in the game as well, which have amassed a considerable fan-following. Pintrest is one such social network, which aims to connect people via interest-based photo sharing. While there is no official Windows Phone 7 app for the service yet, now it has become possible for WP7 users to explore Pintrest via its third-party client, named Pinspiration. Even if you don’t have a Pintrest account, the app is a good way of finding out what this service is all about.Read More

Fotoyaki: Apply Effects And Create Mosaics & Collages From Photos [iOS]

What iOS lacks in terms of editing options in the stock Photos and Camera apps, it more than makes up for it with the availability of a lot of third-party photo editors. There is no shortage of apps in the App Store that let users make their photos more interesting before they share them with the world. Each photo-related app has its own set of fans, owing to the fact that almost all of them come with one or more distinguishing features. Fotoyaki is yet another photo editing app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and in addition to having a good collection of filters, it can also be used to create mosaics out of the photos you have in your collection.Read More

InstantPhotoColor: Color Images Without Losing Their Details [Mac]

Finding apps, desktop, mobile or web, that add color filters to your images is no big deal. What’s slightly harder to do is to find an easy-to-use app that lets you color just a portion of an image without losing the image details themselves. InstantPhotoColor is a free Mac app that does just that. It has a single function, and that is, to color your images(s). The app saves images to PNG or JPG format. Using the built-in brush tool and the color selector, pick out a color, and drag the brush over whichever area you want to color.Read More

ZappoTV For Android: Browse Local/Online Media & Stream To Your TV

ZappoTV Mobile Media Center is a comprehensive local and online media discovery, browsing and streaming app for Android and iOS-powered devices. Not only does the app allow you to view all photos and videos stored on your device and local network, but also stream content from numerous popular social media networks including Facebook, YouTube, SHOUTcast, Flickr, Picasa and lots more. What’s even better is that the app can be used to remotely stream media from your Android device to another, or an internet-enabled TV. After its successful debut in the iTunes App Store, ZappoTV has finally made its way to the Android Market.Read More

Alpha Build Of Social Photo Aggregator Pixable Released For Android

The crowd-favorite web-based social photo aggregator Pixable needs no long introduction. The service is popularly known for its elegant interface, and the way in which it gathers and displays all photos on your Facebook Wall and Twitter timeline. While the official Pixable client for iOS has been around for quite some time now, an alpha build of its Android variant has just surfaced on the Android Market. Unlike its iOS version, which supports displaying all your photos as well as videos from both social networks, the Android client of Pixable currently only shows Facebook photos. On the whole, the app follows the same conventional style of ranking, organizing and displaying your photos, for which Pixable is adored by users world over.Read More

MoPic For iPhone/ iPad: Create GIF Animations From Videos & Photos

If you are a fan of GIF animations, then iOS is a pretty good platform to be on, owing to the number of GIF creating apps available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. A few months back we covered GifBoom, which allows its users to create GIFs by stitching together as many photos as they want. The output provided by the newly released MoPic is pretty similar, but it comes with the ability to use a video for creating animations, rather than just photos. Most of the times GIF creators are used just for fun, but even if you need an animation for your important presentation, the results delivered by MoPic are good enough.Read More

Cloudy Exporter For iPhone: Sync Photos To iCloud From Any Album

Once you master its use completely, iCloud is an amazingly useful feature for iOS devices. Of all the areas handled by iPhone’s cloud service, Photo Stream is the most popular. If you own more than one Apple device, it really is convenient to have every picture you take with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch available across all your iDevices immediately. There is a slight catch though; Photo Stream only syncs photos from the Camera Roll of an iDevice. If you are used to having photos in albums other than the native Camera Roll, those pictures will just be ignored by Photo Stream. That’s where the free app, Cloudy Exporter, can come in handy, as using it, you can sync photos to iCloud from any album.Read More

Storytree For iPhone Makes It Easy To Start Writing A Story & Share It

Every person who is even remotely related to writing, or just likes to take notes for fun, is sure to have run into a writer’s block on one or more occasions. Once you have a grasp over the main idea of anything you have to write about, and you get the first few words out, it is relatively easy to proceed with the creation of your masterpiece. Storytree is an iOS app that gives you a lot of ideas on what to write about, and you can also use this app to save and share your memories in the form of photos, videos and audio recordings using your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.Read More

InstaFlow For iPhone/iPad Adds Gesture Control To Instagram

Instagram is the insanely popular photo-sharing app for iOS, and has amassed a lot of users in a rather short span of time. The app is great if you want to make slight changes to your pics before you show them to the world, but if you just want to view your feeds and see the photos shared by other users, then using Instagram is not too convenient. Enter InstaFlow, a third-party client for Instagram, which will let you view photos in Instagram using simple gestures on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.Read More

PicYou For iPhone: Apply Effects & Share Photos Over Facebook & Twitter

A few months back, we covered a web service named PicYou, which promised to be the Instagram for web. Now, however, the service is no longer web-only and has gone a step further. The developers have launched an iOS app for it as well. Not only does the app come with a respectable quantity and quality of filters, linking up with your friends on Facebook and Twitter is also very fast and convenient. PicYou for iOS offers photo effects, some basic editing options and decent integration with social networks. It has the edge over Instagram because of its web client that is sure to attract a lot of users.Read More

Pho.to Lab: An iOS App With An Insanely Huge Photo Effects Collection

We cover a lot of photo editors for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and most of the time, they have some features which make them different from their competitors. However, Pho.to Lab is an iOS app which is really a cut above the rest. Admittedly, the app does not have a lot of editing features, but there are more than 450 photo effects & filters that you can apply to any photo using the app. The app's ample filter and effect collection is neatly categorized, and most of them could be applied to photos with a single touch. The listed filter categories in Pho.to Lab include everything from cartoon effects to photo frames and collage filters.Read More