Alpha Build Of Social Photo Aggregator Pixable Released For Android

The crowd-favorite web-based social photo aggregator Pixable needs no long introduction. The service is popularly known for its elegant interface, and the way in which it gathers and displays all photos on your Facebook Wall and Twitter timeline. While the official Pixable client for iOS has been around for quite some time now, an alpha build of its Android variant has just surfaced on the Android Market. Unlike its iOS version, which supports displaying all your photos as well as videos from both social networks, the Android client of Pixable currently only shows Facebook photos. On the whole, the app follows the same conventional style of ranking, organizing and displaying your photos, for which Pixable is adored by users world over. Read More

MoPic For iPhone/ iPad: Create GIF Animations From Videos & Photos

If you are a fan of GIF animations, then iOS is a pretty good platform to be on, owing to the number of GIF creating apps available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. A few months back we covered GifBoom, which allows its users to create GIFs by stitching together as many photos as they want. The output provided by the newly released MoPic is pretty similar, but it comes with the ability to use a video for creating animations, rather than just photos. Most of the times GIF creators are used just for fun, but even if you need an animation for your important presentation, the results delivered by MoPic are good enough. Read More

Cloudy Exporter For iPhone: Sync Photos To iCloud From Any Album

Once you master its use completely, iCloud is an amazingly useful feature for iOS devices. Of all the areas handled by iPhone’s cloud service, Photo Stream is the most popular. If you own more than one Apple device, it really is convenient to have every picture you take with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch available across all your iDevices immediately. There is a slight catch though; Photo Stream only syncs photos from the Camera Roll of an iDevice. If you are used to having photos in albums other than the native Camera Roll, those pictures will just be ignored by Photo Stream. That’s where the free app, Cloudy Exporter, can come in handy, as using it, you can sync photos to iCloud from any album. Read More

Storytree For iPhone Makes It Easy To Start Writing A Story & Share It

Every person who is even remotely related to writing, or just likes to take notes for fun, is sure to have run into a writer’s block on one or more occasions. Once you have a grasp over the main idea of anything you have to write about, and you get the first few words out, it is relatively easy to proceed with the creation of your masterpiece. Storytree is an iOS app that gives you a lot of ideas on what to write about, and you can also use this app to save and share your memories in the form of photos, videos and audio recordings using your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Read More

InstaFlow For iPhone/iPad Adds Gesture Control To Instagram

Instagram is the insanely popular photo-sharing app for iOS, and has amassed a lot of users in a rather short span of time. The app is great if you want to make slight changes to your pics before you show them to the world, but if you just want to view your feeds and see the photos shared by other users, then using Instagram is not too convenient. Enter InstaFlow, a third-party client for Instagram, which will let you view photos in Instagram using simple gestures on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Read More

PicYou For iPhone: Apply Effects & Share Photos Over Facebook & Twitter

A few months back, we covered a web service named PicYou, which promised to be the Instagram for web. Now, however, the service is no longer web-only and has gone a step further. The developers have launched an iOS app for it as well. Not only does the app come with a respectable quantity and quality of filters, linking up with your friends on Facebook and Twitter is also very fast and convenient. PicYou for iOS offers photo effects, some basic editing options and decent integration with social networks. It has the edge over Instagram because of its web client that is sure to attract a lot of users. Read More Lab: An iOS App With An Insanely Huge Photo Effects Collection

We cover a lot of photo editors for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and most of the time, they have some features which make them different from their competitors. However, Lab is an iOS app which is really a cut above the rest. Admittedly, the app does not have a lot of editing features, but there are more than 450 photo effects & filters that you can apply to any photo using the app. The app's ample filter and effect collection is neatly categorized, and most of them could be applied to photos with a single touch. The listed filter categories in Lab include everything from cartoon effects to photo frames and collage filters. Read More

King Camera Is A Free Replacement App For Stock iPhone Camera

The stock iOS camera app is pretty quaint and has very few options, even with the iOS 5 updates. According to Apple, this is done for the purpose of keeping things simple in iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. However, in real life, you might be faced with a lot of scenarios where you need customizable settings in the camera. King Camera is an app that has a ton of camera features, including a timer and sound trigger, and unlike some of its competitors, you can get it for free. Read More

HalfCamera For iPhone: Stitch Two Photos And Apply Effects To Them

HalfCamera is an iOS app which is laid out to mimic a retro camera, with one roll having 12 slots, but that’s just its interface. Actually the app is a pretty useful photo editor for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Not only does it come with a lot of awesome photo effects, but it can also be used to merge two photos together. HalfCamera comes with all the options that make an app a good photo editor. Not only can you tinker with all the aspects of images using the app, it also lets its users apply frames to photos, add text to them and do a whole lot of other useful stuff as well. Read More

das Image: Download Photos From Instagram, Picasa, 500px & Flickr [WP7]

If you are an admirer of professional photography, or would just like to have some seriously amazing wallpapers on your Windows Phone 7, then das Image is just the app you need. It is a WP7 app which brings a collection of amazing images to your screen by scouring some of the best photo-related sources on the web. das Image pulls photos from services like Picasa, Bing, 500px, Flickr and even Instagram. Read on to learn how you can use this app to get amazing, high quality images on your WP7 device. Read More

Wikihood For Android: Location-Based Browsing Of Wikipedia Content

Wikipedia is arguably one of the most comprehensive online sources of information pertaining to any topic, person, place, event et al. Despite being hugely popular, and having official clients for Blackberry and iOS-powered devices, the service does not have an official client for Android as yet. Having said that, Android users have no shortage of alternative apps to access Wikipedia from their devices. Adding to the long list of such apps is Wikihood, which takes a slightly different route to presenting Wikipedia content, arranging it in various categories, and in relevance to user-defined locations. Simply put, Wikihood allows you to explore places on a map, and view all the Wikipedia articles relevant to them. Read More

The Official 500px App: Enjoy Photography Wonders On Your iPad

A few days back, we covered ISO500, a third-party client for the popular photo hosting service, 500px. That app was specifically for the iPhone, but what’s better than viewing high quality, professionally shot photos on an iPad’s 10-inch screen? That’s what the official 500px app for the iPad lets you do. Looking at the photos in the app, you are sure to realize that the service has always been perfectly suited to iPad. Read on to know everything about this beautiful app. Read More

Instapad Is A Good-Looking Unofficial Instagram Browser For iPad

There is no point denying that photo galleries can best be enjoyed on the iPad, especially when it comes to photos from the popular (and still iOS-exclusive) Instagram network. For all those photo enthusiasts who love to marvel at the precious moments captured by the camera lens, we have another Instagram browser for iPad called Instapad. The app offers a well-crafted interface that is easy to navigate through. You can mark photos as favorite or comment on them from within the app. To find out more about Instagram, keep reading past the break. Read More

Color Splurge: Edit Photos & Post Them As Real Greeting Cards [iPhone]

Color Splurge is the perfect iOS app for the holiday season. There are many apps for creating greetings cards, and they might come with many default templates, but most of them just allow users to add a photo to the card before they can post it. Color Splurge, however, allows iPhone users to make a few changes to their photos before they post them. This app links up with many other services, so that you can post your cards online, or if you choose to do so, also allows users to post the cards in real life. Read on past the break for details and download link. Read More

Official Kicksend App For Android & iPhone Lets You Batch Share Files & Photos Of All Sizes

Sharing files via email from your iOS device isn't all that convenient. By default, there is no attach option in the iPhone or iPad native Mail client. You can only email files from within other apps. In addition, the stock Mail app places restrictions on the size and number of attached files (for instance, you can attach a maximum of five photos to a single mail). However, now that file sharing web service Kicksend has released its client to the iTunes App Store, users can enjoy sharing files and photos without any limitations on size and number. Kicksend already has a desktop client; it's about time it expanded to mobile platforms. Read on for more on the Kicksend app for iOS. Update: The Kicksend app is now available for Android as well. A link to its Google Play Store page has been added at the bottom of this post. Read More

Edit Photos, View EXIF Data & Apply Filters With Photo Light For WP7

Even a platform like Windows Phone 7 has no shortage of photo editing apps. There are apps for just about every aspect of image post-processing. However, there is still room for new apps in that category, apps that integrate most or all of the most popular features, as no one likes to use too many apps for editing one photo. Photo Light is a new, free addition to Mango’s photo editors, which really has the potential to become a one-stop shop for basic photo-editing on your WP7 device. Read More

Hipstamatic Disposable For iPhone: Share Camera Rolls With Facebook Friends

Back in the old days, it was exciting to wait for the whole film roll in a camera to develop to see a particular snapshot. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a taste of that again? From the team behind Hipstamatic and IncrediBooth comes Hipstamatic Disposable for iPhone, a free app that lets you choose from a collection of disposable cameras, each with a different filter and a capacity of twenty four photos. Once you have captured the twenty four shots, the app allows you to view them, share them in bulk or individually over Twitter and email. What makes Hipstamatic Disposable stand out from other apps of its genre is that you can invite Facebook friends to a camera you chose (provided they have the app too), allowing them to shoot photos with you until the roll runs out. The collective roll of resulting photos is automatically synced between all parties. Read More

How To Delete Individual Photos From iCloud Photo Stream In iOS 5.1 Beta 2

iCloud is a feature in iOS which Apple is really proud of, as is evident from the recent iPhone and iPad ads. Despite being such a useful service, iCloud has its drawbacks as well. There have been many horror stories of people unintentionally sharing personal photos over the cloud, which were meant to be kept private for good. This is for the sole reason that once you have Photo Stream turned on, every photo you snap using your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch will be automatically shared across all the devices where your iCloud account is set up. If you fall victim to such a scenario, there is no way of deleting individual photos in Photo Stream, and you will have to remove the whole collection to get rid of one photo. However, with the latest version of iOS in its second beta testing phase, things are looking positive, as now individual photos can be deleted in iOS 5.1 beta 2. Having said that, this does not mean that there is some plain Delete button in clear view in the Photo Stream, you still need to know exactly what you are doing in order to get rid of photos. Read More

ISO500 for 500px Brings Great Works Of Photography To Your iPhone

If you are a photography enthusiast who loves to look at rare scenes captured from the four corners of the world, then you should try ISO500 for 500px for iOS. An app that lets you view countless photos uploaded by professional and novice photographers from all over the globe. ISO500 for 500px is a third-party client of the popular image hosting website, which allows you to view photographs under various categories through a unique turn-wheel feature that is reminiscent of the dials found on old cameras. To find out more about this app, keep reading after the break. Read More

Fotopedia Wild Friends: Browse, Save & Share Wildlife Photos

Popular photo encyclopedia Fotopedia has added a new app to its long succession of photography apps for iOS which caters to the taste of wild life lovers. If you are a nature lover as well as a photo enthusiast, then Fotopedia Wild Friends is something you will enjoy. It offers a collection of over 2,400 photographs of wild life and visual stories from 48 countries around the world. Just sit back idly and marvel at the wonders of nature with a swipe of your finger. The app has variants for both iPhone and iPad. Read More