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Autodesk Pixlr Express Is One Of The Most Powerful Android & iOS Photo Editors Around

Following the success of their maiden photo editing Android & iOS app, Pixlr-o-matic, the folks over at Autodesk Inc. have just released another remarkable tool by the name of Pixlr Express. Effectively, Pixlr Express can be cited as an advanced version of its predecessor, with quite a few additional photo editing & beautifying features, lighting and vintage effects, picture frames and image correction tools. Besides these basic improvements, Pixlr Express brings to the table several advanced features, including the denoise (noise reduction) effect, DSLR-like circular and linear focus blur, auto-fixation, red eye removal, whitening tool, and the best of all, a color splash (selective color) tool. Each effect or tool is further adjustable in multiple ways to help you with finding the perfect picture output you’re looking for.

Pixlr-Express-Android-Home Pixlr-Express-Android-Adjustments

With Pixlr Express, you get to select from more than 600 different effects and other photo tweaking tools. As with Pixlr-o-matic, most of the effects are readily available, whereas some of them have to be downloaded from within the app. You can add your most frequently-used effects to the app’s Favorite list to access them repeatedly with ease.

Pixlr-Express-Android-More Pixlr-Express-Android-Overlay

By default, the app welcomes you to a screen containing the option to grab a new photo or work on an existing one. However, it can be set to launch directly into the shooting mode. All the features on offer can be accessed from under four main tabs: Adjustment, Effect, Overlay and Border. You’ll find all basic image editing and some retouching tools under the Adjustment tab.

Pixlr-Express-Android-Creative Pixlr-Express-Android-Borders

As mentioned earlier, each tab is further divided into numerous other categories, and each category has its own subcategories. It won’t be possible to mention each and every available option here, but there are certain tools that deserve being highlighted, such as the Color Splash tool, the Touch Up tool, the Focal Blur feature (with color boost & glow effects), ‘Creative Effects’, ‘Flame & Firework’ overlays and the ‘Ripped & Grunge’ border effects.

Pixlr-Express-Android-Focal-Blur Pixlr-Express-Android-Color-Splash

As always, once you’re done with editing, you may share the result over the web or social media, or save it to your device in one of three different sizes: Small, Medium and Original. All saved photos can be found in the ‘Pixlr Express’ folder on your SD card.

In a nutshell, Pixlr Express supports way more features, and is much simpler to use compared to most of its competitors. While the Android variant is ad-free, the iOS variant of the app has an ad-supported free version that has to be upgraded to Pixlr Express PLUS to remove ads.

Download Pixlr Express For Android

Download Pixlr Express For iOS

Download Pixlr Express PLUS For iOS

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