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Transfer Instagram Photos To Tumblr & Flickr, ZIP & Save Them With Recygram For iPhone

In addition to all the fancy photo effects and social sharing options offered by Instagram, the world’s most popular mobile photo app is also a huge repository of images. Everyone who has been using the service for a while is sure to have a decent collection of photos in their Instagram account. Most of the times, a picture that has been shared from Instagram remains there and we don’t give much thought to re-sharing it on other services. Recygram is an iOS app with the potential to change all that, by letting its users share photos from Instagram to Tumblr and Flickr in bulk. It is also possible to download these images to your device, or compress them into a ZIP file and send the archive to others via email.

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Since Recygram uses Instagram as its only source of photos, you have to associate your account with the app to get started. As soon as you do that, you’ll be ready to download images to your camera roll, or compress them for sharing. If you are looking to upload the images to Flickr or Tumblr though, you’ll need to link these accounts with Recygram as well. You can do so by tapping the names of these networks on the main screen, or by heading to the app’s settings menu.

You can choose as many photos as you want from your Instagram collection. To select all the images in the library at once, hit the button located in the bottom-right corner. For Tumblr and Flickr, the images are uploaded to your photo stream straight away. The camera roll option works pretty well too, and the selected images are downloaded for offline viewing straight to your device.

The most interesting part of Recygram is the ZIP section. You can pack any selection of photos into a ZIP archive with a single tap. This archive can then be saved, copied or shared using any app that can handle ZIP files. The most convenient option is to mail the file to someone, or save it in your Dropbox account.

The concept behind Recygram is certainly very good, but extending it beyond Instagram to include other services as image sources can make it immensely more useful. Though even in its current state, Recygram is great if you are an avid Instagram user. The app is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch, but works only on iOS 6. You can grab it for free by heading to the following link.

Download Recygram For iOS

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