How To Use Google Translate As A Proxy Service

Workplaces and schools tend to bar certain useful websites from being accessible because they can (and often do) lead to hours of procrastination. That said, sometimes you need to genuinely access a blocked website and not everyone has a go-to solution on hand that they can use to circumvent their network restrictions. At times like these, it's good to have a quick work-around that won't require you to download and install anything on your system (cause that too might be blocked). Your quick work-around comes in the form of Google Translate. Here's how you can use it to access a website blocked on your network.Read More

Freegate Lets You Access Blocked Websites At Optimal Speed

Internet censorship is becoming more serious an issue every day. On a lot of forums, you can read people discussing internet censorship bills, such as PIPA and SOPA, aimed at taking away the internet freedom of users by introducing censorship, as well as anti-privacy laws. Other than this, some websites are not offered in certain regions. Same is the case with some of the videos hosted on YouTube. Sometimes, when you click a YouTube video link, you are greeted with a message that the selected video is not available in your region. Today, we have a portable anti-censorship application called Freegate, which lets you access websites blocked in your region. While most VPN applications affect the browsing speed, Freegate provides as fast a connection to websites that are not available in your country as you'd get for local domains. Moreover, if anyone tries to access a website containing adult material, Freegate detects the adult material, denies the user’s request and does not allow passage. Keep reading to find out more about Freegate.Read More

X-Proxy: One-Click Way To Fake Your IP Address & Access Blocked Web Content

While surfing the internet, your IP address is your unique identifier, which can reveal sensitive information about you, including geographical location. This is how Geo-restricted websites determine our actual location and deny access in some countries. Nowadays, VPNs are used to avoid getting blocked in certain regions. For example, you are at times unable to view some YouTube videos because of them not being made available in your region by the uploader. Using a VPN application, you can bypass this barrier and view unavailable content, and/or visit blocked domains. Moreover, you are also prone to attacks by hackers and malicious codes, if they know your real IP address, and find any gaps in your computer's security. We've covered some very useful applications that allow you to browse the internet without revealing your real IP. Today, we have another application, called X-Proxy, that lets you surf anonymously, access blocked content and prevent attacks from hackers. Keep reading to find out about X-Proxy.Read More

Proxy + Privacy Browser: Anonymously Surf Blocked Websites On Android

Developed by XDA member, smart_desk, Proxy + Privacy Browser is an Android web browser that lets you access all such websites that are either blocked using a firewall, or have been banned in your country altogether. This may include several social networking and media sharing sites, entertainment-oriented sites, blogging platforms, web hosting services or virtually any website that is blocked in either just your premises, or the entire region. Apart from letting you bypass all sorts of proxy barriers, the app maintains your privacy by letting you surf the web anonymously, lets you chose the user agent to browse a device/OS-specific variant of a website, and provides you with several other customizable settings to give you a secure and liberated web browsing experience. The app sports a simple web browser interface with just a minimal set of features; however, it does its job of letting users anonymously browse blocked websites quite effectively. In doing so, the app utilizes several IP addresses as well as proxy servers to bear the amount of load that might be laid on it by worldwide users (many of whom are likely to be students).Read More

ST Proxy Switcher: Switch Between Proxies From Several Countries

ST Proxy Switcher is a free application that provides a wide range of free proxy servers and allows switching between them in a click. This enables surfing the web anonymously by switching between servers of different proxy services from around the world, thereby disguising your real IP address and location. ST Proxy Switcher comes with an integrated download tool, which helps you obtain proxy servers from all over the world. You can mark selected servers as favorites for instant access from the system tray, and customize the list by adding or removing proxy servers from numerous countries around the world.Read More

Mask Surf Lite: Surf With Anonymous Credentials To Protect Privacy

We have previously explained the benefits of anonymous browsing in a number of our posts. Concealing your actual credentials is a much safer way to browse the internet, rather than exposing your actual IP address and other information across the web. This is because, phishing websites and hackers attempt to log your location and online credentials for malicious purposes, and spyware, applications and harmful codes require personal IP addresses to initiate attacks. Therefore, using an anonymous proxy can protect you against such malicious agents by providing them with alternative credentials. Mask Surf Lite is an anonymous web browsing application that cloaks your identity from and enables you to browse the internet by concealing your location and other login credentials.Read More

Advanced Onion Router: A Client For TOR Network To Enable Proxy

Onion routing is an anonymous communication technique, where message are encrypted and sent through several network nodes called onion routers. The idea behind onion routing is to protect the privacy of the sender and recipient of a message, as well as securing messages across a network. Advanced Onion Router is a portable client for the onion routing network, which is able to force applications and plugins to use the TOR proxy, even if the network is using a separate proxy. It is meant to be an alternative to TOR, Vidalia and Privoxy bundle. Before reading the functionality of the Advanced Onion Router, you can also check out information about TOR and onion routing, in our guide here.Read More

Surf Anonymous Free: Hide Online Credentials To Protect Privacy

Using anonymous surfing by concealing your actual credentials is a much safer way to browse the internet, rather than using your actual information. This is because, phishing websites and hackers attempt to log IP addresses for malicious purposes, as certain spyware applications and harmful codes require personal IP addresses to initiate attacks. Similarly, hackers try to use IP information in order to obtain home addresses, credit card information, social security numbers and bank account credentials. For this reason, using an anonymous proxy can trick such malicious sources by providing them with alternative, dummy credentials. Surf Anonymous Free is an application that adds a browser extension (on installed browsers) to provide you with alternative credentials. Moreover, it also provides a US-based IP, which enables non US users to access location restricted websites. While another application, Tunnel Bear, provides similar functionality, unlike Surf Anonymous Free, it restricted by bandwidth limitations.Read More

Sync Files & Folders Between Multiple PCs In Real Time: SYNCING.NET

Files and folders can be shared with other users on the network by the native windows sharing options, but sending and receiving files that way can be a little inefficient if you need to constantly share files with multiple users. SYNCING.NET is a file and folder syncing application for PC’s that syncs selected folders in real-time within the network. It allows user to access emails, contacts, calendars and documents anywhere, just by syncing through the application. You can access the synced data even when you are offline. You can control bandwidth that SYNCING.NET uses and set folder size limits. It is completely compatible with proxy servers, and needs no additional hardware or software.Read More

Some 5 Handy Tools For Network Monitoring [Windows]

We have covered some network related applications which are capable of providing convenience for not just network and system admins, but also for beginners. In this post, we will provide a comparison of some of the useful network monitoring apps which can make your network monitoring and management tasks easy. Read More

Enjoy Secure, Unrestricted Internet Access With SSH Tunnel For Android

Does the network on your Android device have highly restricted and/or monitored internet access? Looking for a simple and easy solution to your deprivation or lack of online privacy? SSH Tunnel for Android is a free, simple tool that provides secure, encrypted web access on your device via SSH (Secure Shell) tunneling. The app allows you to enable SSH tunneling selectively as well as globally, that is, you can enable tunneling for individual apps of your choice or for every app on your device with a single tap. The latter provision, however, requires root access. More after the break.Read More

Access Location Restricted Websites In Firefox With Blue Box Proxy

There are websites that are blocked outside a country or region due to copyright issues and some are blocked in certain countries for political reasons. This is a common annoyance that leaves many users stranded and deprived of access to quality content and web platforms. Blue Box Proxy is a Firefox extension that allows instantly accessing blocked websites in your area. All you need to do is to choose the Open With Blue Box Proxy option from right-click context menu, in order to gain access to a blocked website.Read More